The Faction System

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The Faction System

Faction Introduction

The Faction System is designed to promote organized player conflict within the Felucca society of Britannia and encourage the inclusion of a wide array of play-styles.

The Factions

There are four factions:


Minax Council of Mages
True Britannians (TB) The Shadowlords (SL)



Each faction has their own stronghold and ranking system.

All factions are aggressive towards each other (in Felucca only).

Strongholds of Factions

Each Faction has its own stronghold, a place where their Faction stone resides and where the members of that faction are to take any sigil they might obtain. The stronghold is the base of operations. Faction strongholds are currently located at the following locations:

Minax – The stone fortress lies deep within the mountains that give access to dungeon Destard. The entrance to the fortress can be found on the north side of the mountains, almost opposite to the entrance to Destard.

Minax Base Location

Council of Mages– Off the southern tip of Moonglow a strange starfield encloses the base except for a narrow bridge from the island.

COM Base Location

Shadowlord– Located in the unused crypts in the Yew forest, a fair distance in a direct line northeast from the east Yew Healer’s Shop named “Deep Forest Healing”. This is not the Yew Graveyard, but instead the haunted crypts east of the Yew moongate within the woods.

SL base Location

True Britannians – Located within Lord British’s Castle, in the town of Britain.

TB Base Location

Joining a Faction

Players who join factions will be able to participate in the combat, politics, and trade within the Faction system.

Note – You may join multiple characters on the same account into the same faction.

Non-guilded players:
Double click the Faction Stone, and select the “join” option.  You will be able to join as long as the following conditions are met:

  • The player must not have any other character on the same account in a different faction.
  • The player’s account cannot be a “young” account (have young account status) or be less than 30 days old.

Guilded players:
If you are in a non-faction guild, you must resign from the guild before you can join factions.

Before you can join a faction guild, you must first join the same faction as the guild.  You will then be able to be guilded.  

Joining a guild to a faction:
Only the Guildmaster of a guild can use the “join” option on a Faction stone for that guild.  When the Guildmaster for a guild joins the Faction, all players are added to the Faction whether online or offline.  The guild is checked for the following:

  • The guild cannot be allied with another guild.
  • If a member has another character on that same account and same shard in a different Faction.
  • If a guildmember has “young” status.

Non Participants

Characters who are not in a faction will not be able to perform beneficial acts (such as healing, curing, etc.) on any character in a faction in Felucca.  This rule applies to pets as well.

Quitting a Faction

Unguilded players are able to resign from a Faction by resigning at the Faction stone.  This is not the same stone as that at which the faction is joined, but the stone that is found in the stronghold itself – pictures below.

The player will remain in the Faction for three (3) days. After three days, the player will be removed upon the next login.

Guilded members (where the guild is a part of a Faction) cannot resign from a Faction.  To leave the faction, members must first resign from their guild, then from the faction.

A Guildmaster may resign his or her guild from the Faction system.  All players in the guild will remain within the Faction for three more days.  After three days, the guildmembers will be removed from the Faction upon their next login.

During this three day resignation process, players resigning from the Faction will not be able to use the faction stone or steal sigils but will still be eligible to attacks from opposing Faction members.

Resigning players can find out how much time they have left in the faction by saying in game:

What is my faction term status

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