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The Faction System
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Combat Related Interactions

The unique Faction combat conditions:

  • Players in the faction system are able to freely attack any opposing faction member in Felucca only.
  • Players cannot be in a party with opposing faction members.
  • Pets will not attack players or pets within the same faction.

Faction Scoring and Rank

Getting Kill points
Kill points are earned when opposing Faction members successfully kill someone in an opposing Faction. The amount of kill points taken from the victim is 10% of the total kill points on the victim. (Percentages are rounded down.)

  • For example, assume the victim had 100 kill points and the winner of the fight had zero. 10% goes to the winner. The victim drops to 90 kill points and the winner of the fight now has 10 kill points.

When the victim’s kill point total is 19 or lower, the winner will receive 1 kill point.

When a Faction player reaches a deficit of 6 kill points, the winner will receive 0 kill points.

Note: Kill points decay over time.

This means you have died more than you’ve killed and are now in the hole so to speak.  The most deficit points any faction member can have are 6.

Point transfer
Once a day players can transfer kill points. Both parties must be members of the same faction, and the one who is giving the points must have at least 10 kill points. Once transferred, player A (giver) loses 5 points and player B (receiver) gets 4 points (1 point is lost in the trade).

To transfer kill points, say “I honor your leadership” and a target cursor will appear that can be used to select the player the kill points are to be transferred to.

Once per day, all faction player scores are recalculated in order to assign faction rank. Titles vary within each faction as described below. (note: faction titles aren’t always accurate.)


Faction Titles
Rank Score Minax Council of Mages True Britannians Shadowlords
1 Below 20% Defiler Mystic Defender Servant
2 20% – 39% Defiler Mystic Defender Servant
3 40% – 49% Defiler Mystic Defender Servant
4 50% – 59% Executioner Diviner Sentinel Keeper of Lies
5 60% – 69% Executioner Diviner Sentinel Keeper of Lies
6 70% – 79% Executioner Diviner Sentinel Keeper of Lies
7 80% – 89% Warlord Luminary Crusader Bringer of Sorrow
8 90% – 94% Warlord Luminary Crusader Bringer of Sorrow
9 95% – 99% Dread Knight Archon of Principle Knight of Virtue Agent of Evil
10 99.1% – 100% Avenger of
Inquisitor of
the Council
Knight of
the Codex
Purveyor of

Death at the hands of a Faction Enemy = Stat Loss

Faction players are subject to a temporary skill loss of 33% when slain by a faction opponent. This penalty lasts 20 minutes – and is also applied if a faction character commits “suicide” or is killed by an opposing faction monster.Note: This penalty is not applied when a faction player is killed by a non-faction player, faction mate, or non-enemy faction monster.

Looting Interactions

Looting Rules:

  • Players will not be able to loot each other while in Trammel.
  • An innocent faction member (blue) cannot be freely looted, however a fellow faction member who is a criminal (gray) or murderer (red) can be freely looted.
  • Damage done to an enemy faction member by a placed faction trap will add the trapper to list of people that can freely loot the enemies body.

Getting Silver

To get silver:

  • Slay faction enemies. (Players will not be able to get silver from the same opponent multiple times over a short period of time.)
  • Place a faction trap.  The player who placed the trap will receive silver when those from an opposing faction set it off.
  • Slay faction monsters:
    • Minax: Ogre Lords
    • Council of Mages: Wisps
    • True Britannians: Silver Serpents
    • Shadowlords: Daemons (not summoned daemons)

To get Silver for the Faction:

  • Player Tithes are 0 – 100% of all faction player silver income. This is set by Faction Commander in increments of 10%, with no more then one change every 24 hours of real time.

Silver Use

Faction Players: Silver can be used by Faction members to obtain the following: (Note: Faction craftable items currently cannot be created other than traps.)

  • Horse: 500 silver (must be rank 2 or higher to ride)
  • Faction Items may be purchased within each stronghold.


Silver is taken from the player tithes and is placed into the Faction Treasury. The finance minister and Sheriff for that town can use these credits for various expenditures, such as Faction vendors and/or guards.

Faction Floor Traps

Floor traps are created by players in the faction system with the tinkering skill.

  • The tinker must have at least 90 skill to attempt to create a floor trap.
  • A faction may have a maximum of 15 traps placed at any given time (total).
  • Traps can only be placed in cities and/or faction strongholds.
  • Traps will only affect opposing faction members.
  • Traps can only be removed by opposing faction members through the use of the remove trap skill.

Faction-Allied Monsters

Faction-allied monsters are:Minax: Ogre Lords
Council of Mages: Wisps
True Britannian: Silver Serpents
Shadowlords: Daemons

  • Faction monsters only spawn on the Felucca facet.
  • Faction monsters will highlight orange (using the cursor) to opposing Faction members and be aggressive.
  • They will highlight blue and be non-aggressive to members within their associated Faction.
  • Faction monsters will be attacked on sight by guards.

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