Controlled Towns

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The Faction System
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Controlled Towns

Town Stone and Monolith There are 8 cities that can fall under the control of a faction. The towns and the location of the townstones and monoliths which are used for controling the town are listed below:

  • Britain (located south of the mage shop on the east side of Britain)
  • Skara Brae (located north of the provisioner’s shop)
  • Magincia (located southwest of the tavern)
  • Minoc (located south of the tavern)
  • Moonglow (located east of the provisioner’s shop)
  • Trinsic (located east of the meeting hall)
  • Vesper (located west of the docks)
  • Yew (located west of the healer)


Town Conquest

How to capture a town:

  • A faction member with a stealing skill of at least 80 needs to steal the town sigil.
  • The person who holds the sigil turns purple as well as all equipped items on that player.

Stealing the Sigil

  • A sigil is “dropped” or “given” by double clicking the sigil, then targeting. A sigil cannot be “moved” by the normal means of dragging an item.
  • If a player with a town sigil logs out or their character for any reason leaves Ultima Online, the sigil will return to its last monolith location.
  • A player with a town sigil cannot:
    • Teleport
    • Gate
    • Recall
    • Cast Polymorph
    • Cast Incognito
    • Use a disguise kit
    • Place sigil in a container on the ground
    • “Give” the sigil to an enemy faction player
  • A player with a town sigil can:
    • Hide
    • Stealth
  • The sigil must be transported to a stronghold base and placed on it’s associated monolith within 30 minutes otherwise it returns to it’s last monolith location.

Faction Base Monolith

  • The sigil must remain on that stronghold monolith for at least 10 hours.
  • If the sigil is removed from the monolith before the 10 hour corruption timer is up, there is a 15 minute grace period during which it may be returned to the monolith without restarting the timer.
  • After being corrupted (10 hours), the sigil must be returned to its town monolith in order to capture the town.
  • The town falls under the control of the faction for a period of three days.  After that time period the town sigil once again becomes stealable.

Faction Office

Faction players are eligible for public office within their faction. The three eligible offices are:

  • Faction Commander
  • Town Sheriff
  • Town Finance Minister

While the office of Faction Commander is attained through an election process, the offices of Town Sheriff and Finance Minister are attained through appointment from the Faction Commander. There is only one Faction Commander per Faction, and only one Town Sheriff and one Finance Minister per Faction occupied town.

Faction Commander

Faction Commanders are elected to their position by the members of the Faction itself. Faction Commander abilities:

  • Determines the percentage of faction “tithes”. The tithing rate can be set anywhere from 0 to 100% in increments of 10%. The commander accesses this function by using the Stronghold Faction stone.

Commander Options 1

Commander Options 2

Commander Options 4

  • Determines the disbursement of the faction’s treasury to cities under the control of the faction.

Commander Options 3

  • Appoint or remove the sheriff and finance minister for each town that a faction controls. The commander accesses these functions by using the townstone within the controlled town.

Commander Options 5

  • Ability to send speech messages to all online players within a faction by saying; “Message faction“.
  • Faction Commanders can use the remove trap skill (without having the skill), on traps created and placed by members of his/her own faction.

Faction Sheriff

Each town under the control of a faction may have one sheriff appointed to it by the faction Commander. The Sheriff abilities are as follows:

  • Hire Faction Guards by saying “I am Sheriff” within the town you are sheriff of.

Sheriff 1

Sheriff 3

  • Each faction may purchase 4 different guard types, 2 generic types (Henchman, Mercenary) and 2 specific types (described below)


Faction Guards
Minax Council of Mages True Britannians Shadowlords Cost
Henchman Henchman Henchman Henchman 5,000 credits
Mercenary Mercenary Mercenary Mercenary 6,000 credits
Berserker Sorcerer Knight Death Knight 7,000 credits
Dragoon Wizard Paladin Shadow Mage 8,000 credits
  • A maximum of 10 of each guard type may be in service at a time in one city.

Sheriff 4

  • The Faction Sheriff may give the Faction Guards orders.
    • Orders Follow” the guard will follow the faction member
    • Orders Patrol” the guard will patrol the area he is in at that moment
    • You are fired” this command will dismiss the selected guard

A Faction Sheriff may also view the finances in the town treasury. This allows for them to plan for the distribution and expenditure of the silver available. The Faction Sheriff and Faction finance Minister both are able to allocate this town treasury for the various Faction activities.

Sheriff 2

Faction Finance Minister

Each town under the control of a faction may have one finance minister appointed to it. The finance minister abilities are as follows:

  • The Finance Minister may view the city treasury, purchase faction shopkeepers, or set the town’s taxation rate. By saying “I wish to access the city treasury” The taxation rate can be set from 1/3 normal price to 3x normal price in increments of thirds.

Finance Minister 1

  • In a town that has a taxation rate other then 0 (normal price), the NPC vendor (faction and non-faction) prices will reflect the increased or decreased prices.
  • Increased or decreased prices affect all players, whether they are in a faction or not.

Finance Minister 4

  • Purchase additional NPC vendors for the town. These vendors include Horse Breeders (who sell “war horses”), reagent vendors, ore vendors, and lumber vendors. The NPC vendors will appear at the location where the vendor is purchased.

Finance minister 2


Faction Shopkeepers
Shopkeeper Type Cost Maximum
Reagent Vendor 5000 credits 10
Ore Vendor 3000 credits 10
Wood Vendor 3000 credits 10
Stablemaster 5000 credits 1

Finance Minister 3

Note: War horses have additional amounts of strength and stamina and can be reserrected by it’s owner without using the Vet skill.



Faction Floor Traps

Floor traps can be created by Faction members with the proper tinkering skill amount. There are four different types of floor traps: Spike, Saw, Gas, and Explosion Trap.

The Faction member must have at least 90 skill points in tinkering to create a faction trap.

A maximum of 15 traps can be placed at any given time.

Traps can only be placed in Faction-controllable cities or within Faction strongholds.


Faction Floor Traps
Trap Type Usable in
Gas trap Faction stronghold only
Explosion trap Any faction town
Saw trap Faction town under control of your faction
Spike trap Faction town under control of your faction

Traps will only affect opposing Faction members, not members within the same faction as the trap creator. The traps cannot be set to selectively ignore any other faction.

Traps will be visible for one full minute if someone in a faction uses the “detect hidden” skill on the trap. This will reveal the trap for one full minute globally, so that anyone within range can see the trap during that minute. This allows for faction members using a trap they own to have the opportunity to show their fellow faction mates the location of the trap.

Those faction members with the detect hidden skill will get a display message alerting them to a trap in the area.  They can then attempt to reveal the trap.

Traps can be removed by opposing Faction members through the use of the “remove trap” skill.  The faction Commander can also use the remove trap skill (without having the skill), but only on traps created and placed by members of his/her own faction.

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