[EM Fiction] A Blacksmith’s Journal

March 09, 2012 By: WarderDragon Category: Baja News

A Blacksmiths Journal
Ren of J’helom

The Warrior’s Bounty is thriving! Someone came in today and asked for fifty full plate suits. He even offered to pay me an additional 100,000 gold if I would set my other work aside until his order was completed. I thought he was joking until he laid a check down on the counter. It looks like some people still appreciate the personal touch of a lone blacksmith. I cannot wait for those arrogant jerks over at the J’helom Armory to hear about this.

I wonder what he wants with fifty full plate suits. The man stops in every day but there is something about him that is very unsettling. I cannot bring myself to ask what they are for. Perhaps I am better off not knowing.

The man stops in more frequently now but he still barely speaks. When I asked him his name, he just smiled. So, I call him “Sir.” I cannot figure out what it is about him that bothers me so.

Word came in that a caravan from Minoc was raided. The men were assaulted and their goods were stolen. After Sir heard about this, he informed me that he will be staying in the shop with me until his order is completed. He says it is safer. The whole thing makes me uneasy.

Sir speaks even less now. We sit in silence most of the day as I work and he watches me. That blank stare of his makes my skin crawl. I hope to finish his order soon.

I feel his eyes on me even when we are not in the same room. Whenever I take a break from work, he gives me a look that genuinely frightens me. I never see him sleep or ear. I wish I had never taken this job.

The J’helom armory was attacked today. Fortuno was still inside when the firebombs hit. The healers did all they could for him, but it was too late. Now “Sir” insists the door to the Warrior’s Bounty is to be locked at all times. I feel like a prisoner in my own home.

As the only smith in town while the Armory is under repairs, people are constantly showing up, but “Sir” keeps turning away would-be customers. I am surprised to admit that I am a bit relieved when he does.

Sir has stopped speaking altogether. No one bothers coming to the shop anymore. They still do not know who is responsible for the attack on the Armory. I am seriously considering early retirement.

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