(EM Event/Sakura) Sachi’s Hinamatsuri Day’ Sunday Mar.11,9PM JST(7AM EST)

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Old guy sat down and was drinking tea.
His grand daughter was absence between winter for his health,however she is snow lady.

One day
He had asked for girl’s nursing.
Her name is Sachi,about 10 years old lovely girl.
Her parents are working away from home to Trammel.
He repented for nursing.
” I’m very tired….I am old.”

Sachi come back home
“I’m back”
“Welcome back,Sachi.Do you want drink tea?”
“Thank you” she sat on his knee and drink tea.
Since she did not have slight energy, he tried to ask.
Howevere,she told before his asking
“Grampa,there is a wish. I….I want Hina doll!”
“Hina doll?!”
“My friend boasted of gorgeous dolls ”

He was troubled.
Poor old guy and her parents can not buy for gorgeous dolls.
But Sachi the child can not understand it.
“hmm,its difficult”
She cry.
Old guy thinking.
“Let’s go to Zento on the day of the next rest. ”
“Where is Zento?”
“Zento is very big beautiful city.I’ll buy itme for you.”
“really?! but grampa is poor?”
“The same thing as a friend is impossible, however I’ll buy itme for you.I’ll sell fish.So don’t cry”
“Yep!” she laughing.

And he He do preparation which goes out

Hinamaturi is seasonal festival on March 3. Also it is considered as a day for girls, most families with girls celebrate it for praying their health and happiness.).

Meeting place: Suteki na craftworks (34o 44’N, 41o 45’W),Zento,Tokuno Makoto-shima.
A moongate will be provided in Sakura EM hall (37o 32′N, 172o 32′E ),Nujel’m,Trammel.

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