(EM Event/Yamato)The Cursed Doll Festival” – 3/10/2012, Saturday 9:00pm JST(7:00 am EST )

March 08, 2012 By: semmerset Category: Asian News

Princess Sakuya smiled seeing a her boy baby’s sleeping face.
Since the inheritor son was born, she was glad.
She want one more boy,but today Doll Festival.

” I want next girl’s baby”

She remembered the child’s time.
Young Sakuya and Nadeshiko carried out the doll and folded the head of two dolls(husband and wife).
She fell from intense giddiness, when trying to remember a thing when Nadeshiko was finally met.
When she noticed, her body was tinged with heat and felt the pain.
She stood up and went to the warehouse.
She felt the very bad premonition.

Japanese Doll Festival (Hina-Matsuri)” story event

Come and meet Princess Sakuya at the Sekitei Garden at west side of Isamu-Jima (Sextant Location: 60o 23’N, 18o 54’W):-
* Gates to the locations will be provided from Nujelm EM hall.

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