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November 12, 2012 By: Dayton Category: Catskills News

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by Barnaby


Howdy folks.


Please note that additional information will be released as we near the date of each event.


Thursday, the 15th ~ 10pm EST – A Problem With Pests, Part II

The efforts of Thorpe’s detectives has yielded the potion needed to deal  with the pests that are plaguing the fields of Skara Brae and limiting  the production of food. Meet Lady Aila at the docks on the mainland of  Skara Brae.


Sunday, the 18th ~ Early afternoon (exact time TBD) – Yew Community Day

Recognizing a lack of skilled farmers, ranchers, and crafters in the  city of Yew, King Blackthorn has decreed a “Community Day” to be held  there. This will largely be a “role playing” opportunity, but mini  competitions will also be held, including the next match in the ongoing  Catskills Archery League.


Friday, the 23rd ~ 8:30pm EST – Black Friday

You’ll have to wait and see on this one, although I can tell you the  wheels are already in motion, so keep an eye peeled for anything out of  the ordinary.


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