Ask & Answer No. 10

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Ask & Answer No. 10

Posted by Tim Chappell | 2012 Nov 12 14:02 -0500 GMT

It is time for another Ask and Answer. This week we received a lot of questions regarding adding features and items to the game. Here are the answers to your questions:

UO Auctions
From Purple Pixie, Atlantic
I totally think the bag with 3 snow and 3 grass tiles will be a miracle to those of us who love to decorate for the seasons and don’t want to go into construction mode and destroy our establishments. I just have one small request of wish for an addition… or even divide it 2x, 2x, and 2x… with sand tiles. We don’t have sand tiles in our house construction AND these could be used for “festive reasons”… not to mention in gardens to show off fancy cacti. Could you please consider adding them? Thanks (Lady Frany Flame)

Mesanna: Currently there are not any sand tiles in the same tile format as the grass and snow but I hope to get some good ones in the future *makes note*

Question: Have the Dev team ever considered adding Fossils to the game? it seems an angle that could be added to luck based mining that the art is already in place to add. something that would also expand saltpeter mining as its also luck based. could create some nice decoration just outta shell and skull n bone art already in the game. with the possibility of a very rare fossil finds and getting your name attached to the find? (Treasure Seeker)

Mesanna: Hrm interesting idea but no we have not thought about adding fossils to mining. We have been talking about how to make resource gathering more exciting though.

UO Mania
It would be nice to be able to receive a “secure shard transfer crate” from a character on some other player’s account, that only the characters of that account on the destination shard can open. In this way we could securely organize shard transfer shipments for third parties (clorenz )

Mesanna: This would be a very difficult thing to put in the game, the risk is way to high for us to address this type of transfer.

UO Japan
Certain pet seems to have skills which can’t be shown by Animal Lore skill. Could you tell us what those “hidden” skills are? Is it possible for pets once being resurrected to reach skill cap again? (Nickname: kann)

Mesanna: There are the basic set of 8 skills that show up in the pet’s Animal Lore skills gump. We will put it on our list to review this and update the list in a future publish. As far as the pet reaching skill cap after resurrecting there is no reason why they should not do that, if you are having issues please let us know.

The color of antique wedding dress is very nice. Is it possible to add dyes of the same color or similar white color as a Clean Up Britannia reward?(Nickname: Tru)
SIDE NOTE: The hue# is 2953.

Mesanna: We are always looking to add new dyes, at this time I will only say its possible.

When going from the Abyss to one of the Abyss Champ (who are on the Feluca facet), one gets a PvP Warning that can be switched off through the context menu. Could you include into this system the PvP Warnings when going through house teleporters? I own two houses, one of them in Felucca and the constant warnings get old fast. Any possibility to switch them off would be appreciated. (Merion)

Phoenix: We would like to research this before making any commitments but it’s a reasonable request.

High Seas was a big hit when it came out. Even tho still played to a degree, alot of folk wanted to play “Land & Sea” fights, where a ship can fire its cannons on shore in an attack mode. ( of course this would mean the cannons on the fortress would take damage or even some of the structure). Maybe have it like damage to a ship where you have to repair and attack the structure when defense is lowered like a ship…. Question is: Will the opportunity ever arise for the chance to have “Land Cannons” that fire in order to build Fortress’s and have the chance for land and sea conflicts? That way someone can attack a fortress and the Fortress can fire back in defense. (Eyes of Sosaria)

When we were doing High Seas we talked about Land Cannons and came up with a lot of ways to exploit them, We figured it was best to not put them in the game.

Ultima Online Bibliothek
Hello again, recently I remembered the thing about the gypsy camps and the moonstone jewelry. Is it possible to get the camps back to get a chance for it to drop again? Or maybe you could add the jewelry to another monster or another mini-boss? (Medea,)

Mesanna: The gypsy camps were causing some side issues in the game so Phoenix added the chance for the moon jewelry to drop on the Cook in Wrong.

Now I’m really curious – is it really true that no one on the production shard has managed to fetch a Void Lobster yet? After 3 years it should be possible to get one of those bloody critters, right? Can you give us a hint (even a small one will do) how to catch one of those? Thanks! (Medea, )

Mesanna: Funny you should ask this question now, Bleak just fixed this bug for Pub 80. And yes no one to my knowledge has fished up a Void Lobster.

The Epiphany armor that dropped from Blackrock Golems states to grant a ‘mana burst’ effect. To my knowledge that ability is not active at the moment. Since the armor is marked ‘exceptional’ and has 255 durability I assume it is meant for imbuing und wearing this armor. Is the effect simply undiscovered as of now or not yet implemented? (Pcuvush, )

Misk: Both the epiphany set (mana burst) and the regeneration set (health burst) effects are active and do function in game. The virtuous pieces are aligned to positive karma players and the villainous pieces are aligned to negative karma players. Both sets can be imbued, however they cannot be enhanced. The burst occurrence rate scales based on the number of pieces you are wearing (up to a maximum value of 5) and the power of the burst scales based on your karma level. The burst effects are triggered by being attacked. Currently the regeneration set spawns on Charybdis and the epiphany spawns on Niporailem.

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