[News] An Introduction and Future Plans

November 12, 2012 By: Adrianas Category: Siege Perilous News

Greetings to the shard!  Some of you know me, but I’m sure a few of you don’t.  I have a bit of experience in professional writing and have decided to volunteer to be a part of our shard’s reporting team.  First, I actually have some big plans.  But I will need the help of many on the shard to carry them out.  I will do my best to report on the important happenings – events and such – but I would also like to do some interviews – first with each of the guild leaders of the shard, and then perhaps with some of our more solo or loner players who are well known.  This will take some time, so I hope you will be patient as I tackle this goal.  Events will always take precedence over interviews, but I will work on the interviews in between events.

I will be up front here and state that yes, I am a member of GIL.  *spits for Nightstalker*  But I am here for all of our shard – not just the players who are in GIL.  My goal is to be an unbiased reporter and I think I can actually pull that off.  My experience with Siege is that we are not just unique, but generally a bit older and more mature.  From I4NI to O-S and ARR to GIL and NEW to NEW2, we’ve done some amazing things on our shard – and lived (or died) to tell of it.  So I hope that as I cover events and request interviews, you will be willing to participate.  Oh, and since I am a member of GIL, they will get to go last, but I think they understand.  When I say unbiased, I truly mean it!

If you have any news, are planning a player run event, have a new player run establishment or museum, please message me.

In service to our great shard – Adrianas

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