[EM Event] Here Comes Peter Cottontail…and Ziggy?

March 25, 2013 By: Larisa Category: Origin News


“Hi Taryn!!!!!” Ziggy exclaimed as he hopped up on the counter and looked over Taryn’s list. “What ya doin? Wanna have some fun? Can we go explore? Can we blow something up? I helped the other day! Did you hear? What ya writing?”

Taryn pinched the bridge of her nose and took a deep breath before answering Ziggy, who she liked to refer to as the winged irritation from hell, as calmly as she could, “This is a list of things that I need to pick up from the market for our Easter Dinner.”

“Oh!! The Easter Bunny is coming! That’s right! I wonder what he’ll bring us! Do you think he needs any help? I bet I can help him!” Ziggy chattered excitedly as he bounced around the room knocking over books and papers and generally spreading chaos as he was so good at doing.

“Ziggy STOP!” Taryn shouted as she barely caught the lantern before it tipped over and set off a fire. “Ziggy, no, the Easter Bunny does NOT need your help. He needs to concentrate. He gets distracted and confused very easily. The past few years we’ve had to track down our Easter gifts because he got distracted and lost them. Please, Ziggy, PLEASE don’t try to help.”

“But Taryn, I can help. I helped Christoph. I can help the Easter Bunny and then he won’t get confused. It’ll be awesome super spectacular! Best Easter EVER!” Ziggy raced for the door leaving a scattered trail of debris behind him.

“NOOOOOO, Ziggy wa…” Taryn sputtered to a stop as the door slammed behind the little winged beast. Somehow she didn’t think this could possibly go well. Taryn began to softly bang her head on the desk as she heard Ziggy skipping off singing at the top of his lungs.

Here comes Peter Cottontail (and Ziggy)
Hoppin’ down the bunny trail
Hippity hoppin’, Easter’s on its way
(And it needs to hurry up)

Bringin’ ev’ry girl and boy
Baskets full of Easter joy
Things to make your Easter bright and gay
Come see what gifts the Easter Bunny is bringing this year! Meet at the West Britain Counselor’s Hall, Tuesday, March 26th at 6:30 p.m. Pacific Time.

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