[News] Happy Easter 2013 Drachenfels!

March 25, 2013 By: Frarc Category: Drachenfels News

Happy Easter 2013 Drachenfels!

The town crier had some important news to announce!


The Easter Bunny has been seen!

After a little bit of searching i found him hiding behind some walls south of Luna.


I said hello to the Easter Bunny!

-“Oh Hello,  I wish you a Happy Easter! How did you find me?

“Happy Easter”, i said , “the town crier told us you where around!”

I asked if he had a gift for us.

-“hmm… What kind of gift? *broods* ahh the Easter gift you mean?”

Now I was  curious what kind of gift he had for us.

-“Yes there is a gift, but its hidden at a very beautiful location! The hiding place is at a idyllic waterfall!”


-“Seek and you shall find! Happy Easter!”

I only knew one beautiful waterfall and that was the one north of the shrine of Justice.

I headed to the waterfall and saw a big blue magical statue.


After touching the statue i received a golden Easter goose.


I saw a small button on the golden Easter goose and pressed it.

It opened!


Inside i found a Easter egg!


Drachenfels thanks the UO Team and EM Team for this lovely gift.

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