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Ancient Juka.

Elesil had important information and wanted to meet us again in the throne room of castle in Britain.

After welcoming us all she started to explain what she had discovered.

“Now that we have found the chronicles in the library, I was finally able to unveil the history behind the robbery from the Royal Chambers of Treasures!

The Chronicles tell of a time when Lord Blackthorn was still member of the Royal Guards.

It appears that the composition off which the armour is made plays a significant role.

It is a unique composition of very rare Black Endurium and an unidentified metal!

These red enclosings which i mistook for corrosion are supposed to be of a metal that was dispersed in very small amounts widely over Sosaria, during a gigantic explosion high in the skies.

Therefore Lord Blackthorn hired tribes  and peoples  – even entire races – to find him these tiny amount of that metal!

This makes up the root of all this!

He wanted this metal more over glory ,honour and above all wealth.

But when he finally got what he wanted, he was already too far into his chaotic philosophies that he felt  no need to fulfil his obligations.

Now – decades later – have the wise of the particular tribes decided to claim there share by themselves.

This has lead to the intrusion into the Royal Chambers of Treasures.

The Chronicles also mention the particular groups that were involved.

Apparently some were only tasked with the protection of the miners like the orcs and savagers.

Others were specialized in detection and digging of the tiniest amounts of ‘Skystones’ ,like elves and dwarfs.

I am uncertain to which race or tribe he refers  to.

There are also reports about their properties of the different metals.

The Black Endurium – also known as Black Steel – gave the composition strength without being too bulky.

The Skystone is supposed to be red metal, heavier and with higher density than lead.

It develops a magic power strong enough to cause fatality even when only around the metal.

Only in composition with the Endurium these threats seem to be contained.

It is being said that neither sword nor arrow were able to penetrate this metal!

No magic could penetrate the armour!

Unfortunately there seem to be side effects of both physical and psychological nature.

It is uncertain in which way these side effects occur.

But we should consider that even Lord Blackthorn has put this mighty armour away!

There were other hints  on properties associated with the armour, but nothing specific, I think herewith the facts are made clear!

Dear people of Drachenfels, we have to find the remaining parts of the armour!

In my opinion none of us wants to know such an outstanding dangerous artifact in the wrong hands.

Subsequently it is our duty to retake  the armour, and keep it in a safe place.

Because of the chronicles reporting profoundly about involved, i know now whom we should pay a visit.

This points towards a old Juka tribe.

A tribe of gargoyles and a race that i cannot associate correctly.

Their names is ‘Dwarfs’.

Unfortunately i could not find any information on these ‘Dwarfs’.

But there is still hope….Professor Grimm!

Meanwhile i gave him the antidote and his coma has turned into a very deep sleep.

Let’s hope  the Professor will not need too long to rejoin us.

At this point i wish to take the opportunity to thank all you brave warriors again, who fought so fierce against the army of Dark Angel.

Thank you for the defence of Drachental and  for obtaining the antidote!

Not only Drachental but the world – your world – Drachenfels owes you gratefulness!

We must retrieve the armour at all costs!

For today my plan is to go visit the Juka tribe, let see if we can claim a other part of the armour.

Please be careful, they seems to be very strong!”

Elesil opened a gate to the entrance of the town of Mistas in Ilshenar.

Only moments after we arrived several group of Juka’s attacked us.

They came in large number so we had to be very alert.

Even several paragons came to assist them.

And if things could not get worse, several Ancient Juka Warriors made there appearance.

We had our hands full on the ancient Juka’s.

They proofed to be very hard opponents.

But ones again great teamwork between the hero gained to upper hand on the Juka’s.

A Ancient Juka Warlord joined the fight and he had some stranger powers that he could call assistance from many strange and exotic creatures.

It was one of the hardest battles we had to fight.

The Warlord never had any intention to give up that easily.

It took all what we had to slay this Warlord.

After a search of his corpse, Elesil found another piece of Lord Blackthorn armour.

We are one step closer to full recover the stolen armour.

But now it was time to get a well deserved rest after a long and hard fight.

Elesil will call on us again if she needed our assistance again.

New Frarc, Drachenfels News reporter.

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