[EM Event] Campaigns, Voting & Results – Round 3 (Monday 28th to Tuesday 5th)

November 28, 2011 By: Kayne Category: Europa News

Note the changes to some dates.


Monday 28th to Friday 2nd
The two remaining candidates campaign.


Thursday 1st of December at 8pm
A debate between the two remaining candidates.


Saturday 3rd to Monday 5th (9pm cut-off)
Third and final round of voting for the position of Lord Protector. Everybody will be able to cast their vote at the voting booth at Castle British. Simply pick up a ballot from the stack and deposit it in the box corresponding with the runner you want to vote for.

Announcement of winner and party!

Tuesday 5th at 8pm
A meeting at Castle British where the results of the final poll are announced and the Lord Protector will be inaugurated. There will be some time for both the winner and looser to speak (if they so wish).
The winner will be paraded through the city of Britain and there will be a party afterwards.

Source: Elections

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