Shiver me Timbers!

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Shiver Me Timbers
Brit Throne Room, Trammel


    Citizens gathered inside Castle Britannia’s throne room on Fridays eve answering the call of Commander Drake Foxx. Information was soon made public of the continued lawlessness around the realm. Foxx employed those in attendance to keep a watchful eye on things as these sense of chaos felt in the realm must be garnered under control with great haste.

    A messenger would soon arrive informing Foxx and the crowd that Jhelom had fallen under attack by Orcish forces on both land and sea. Mustering his forces with a spirited prebattle speech, the troop soon made way for Jhelom’s main island. There they found the main island in tact however, citizens frantically were scurring about as word had traveled the southern island was under siege by Orcs! Traveling via teleporter to the southern isle, players we met head on by the evil hordes of orc.
    The establishments ablaze as the orc run rampant through the city, Marauding Orc Pirates and Giant Orcish Brutes crsuhed those in thier path as they swarmed the island feasting on the blood of the innocents. Foxx’s troop soon battled back however, controlling the shores and cutting off reinforcements from the sea.



    Gaining control on land was quite costly as the bodies of those slain in battle had blood streaming through the semi paved streets of South Jhelom. Whilst the dust setttled and those still alive regained thier senses Thier sights were soon set on the Orcish Ship attempting escape from the shoreline. Field commanders quickly dispatched naval vessels to pursue the fleeing marauders. 


    Vessels from the cities of Guardians Gate, Nidaros, and Action along with the help of a privateers vessel soon managed to outsail thier Orcish foes and cornered them along the northern shores of the city. Making short work of the pirate vessel, forces were soon aboard the Orcish ship and demanind answers from two of the crew left living….


    With two marauders in capture, interrogation began as the Orcs attempted escape with one heavied Orc being tossed overboard. He was questioned as he struggled to stay afloat within his heavey armour. without any information given, he was retrieved from the drink and clinked over the head. Out cold on the deck the decision was made to transport the newly found prisoners back to Castle Britannia for Foxx to deal with them himself.


    Detained within the castle walls, orc Uruk Skullcrusher awaits questioning despite a massive headache. We shall look for further word or developements in this matter. With the forces of Chesapeake on duty, such acts of war will be not be tolerated!

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