[EM Event] 12 days of Christmas EM style

December 14, 2011 By: Larisa Category: Origin News



[EM Event]Take Two… 12 days of Christmas EM Style

Sorry about the Delay folks!! But we’re raring and ready to go this weekend!!

Hi there Origin and Happy Holidays!! Faine and I have been coming up with fun ideas for this crazy season and decided instead of keeping up with story lines this month we’d keep it a bit more light. But still we love this season.(Notice Luna bank and the Counselors Hall? lol) And as such want to enjoy it with you guys. So our first endeavor of the month will be an interesting twist on a scavenger hunt crossed with an old favorite seasonal song… The Twelve Days of Christmas.

So Bring your holiday cheer and sense of humor to the Awards House in Malas this Saturday December [email protected] 6pm PST (9pm est)

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