[EM Announcement] Catskills Archery League ~ Final Rankings and Championship Seeding

January 24, 2013 By: Dayton Category: Catskills News

The following was posted on Stratics Catskills EM Forum  and on EM Barnaby’s Website

by Barnaby

After seven competitions and thousands of arrows fired, the regular season of the Catskills Archery League has come to a close. Congratulations to Adrian Monk, who finished atop the standings with 48.6 points, including two impressive victories during the season. For the complete final standings, please visit this page.

The CAL Championship Tournament will be held in February, with the top archers from the regular season being invited. Thank you to all the participants this season, and congratulations to the invitees.

CAL Championship Roster:

Adrian Monk

Kyrnia Lathiari

Lil Ernie

Balerion Drogon


Jonah Black Heart

Lora DeBlood

pk ghost


Dr. Sucio


Irulia D’Arkaith



CAL Championship Alternates:




If your name is on this list and you did not fill out a registration book during the season, please contact me with your character name and email.

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