[EM News] “Monthly Fishing Tales.”

January 24, 2013 By: WarderDragon Category: Baja News

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…this *spreads hands 2 foot apart* ….big I tell ya!

“Arggh me landlubbers! After considerin’ ye can cast a rod very well,here be the low down on the monthly fishin jamboree!

1) Each month 2 types fish will be chosen to fish for.

2) From 1st of month-thru end of the month is when you will fish. Fish Caught must have the correct date on them.

3) The largest fish of both fish will be declared winners.

4) The Largest fish of the two will be on display and a recognition given to both fish.

5) We will meet the last day of each month at New Mag Docks for Weigh-in and Turn ins.

6) If the end of the month day interferes with a player event it will be moved forward or back a day depending on circumstance.

7) At the weigh in..the next months fish will be announced.

Get ye rods out and start casting me hearties!

The Fish for Febuary are:

Bull Fish and Giant Koi

After each weigh in we will also have a white net toss!

See you Feb 28th

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