Easter Is Around The Corner And It Is Time To Think Spring and Eggs

March 24, 2012 By: Lady Lava Category: Great Lakes News

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Easter Is Around The Corner And It Is Time To Think Spring and Eggs

It is that time of year when the cherry blossom trees and magnolias start to bloom and Easter is in the air. That means it is time to decorate for Spring/ Easter. Easter is just two weeks away and we in the realm have many an item to display to herald in the season.

The screenshot above shows old Lady Lava in her Luna Retirement Home showing off some of her Easter booty in hopes to inspire you new and experienced designers. Shown above are examples of a Dragon Easter Egg, Mature Battle Chicken Lizard Eggs which come in many colors and shades, Great Lakes 2009 Easter Eggs, Happy Easter 2010 Pastel Carrots, Easter Basket Grass, Princess Mirendrel’s Red Egg and Ginger Party eggs and Brightly Colored Eggs which come grouped in threes.

On the subject of Brightly Colored Eggs the High Council is hosting a Vorpal Bunny Bash at the Fairgrounds in Skara Brae Saturday April 7th at 2PM CST. For those that may not know the Brightly Colored Eggs come from those fast, fierce and cute Vorpals.

There are other items one can use for a Easter theme including Easter Baskets and Candy Coated Chocolate Rabbits. Let your imagination run wild and get those design tools busy!

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