[News] Zombie Epidemic Averted!

March 25, 2012 By: Faeryl Category: Atlantic News

For days the town criers had been warning everyone to be wary of infection, and on Friday night, a curious crowd had gathered at the House of Virtues for more information. We were soon greeted by Adamu Edom, who seemed pleased by the large crowd before him. However, his expression turned grim as he began to explain the situation…

“There is a great danger facing us…  And I do not mean disorder in the streets.” 

He quickly told us that he had received word from a man named Ende that there was a great evil growing in one of the dungeons, and it had to be taken care of before it before it became an epidemic. As he opened a gate, Adamu reminded us to be alert and check our surroundings for possible clues.

Upon entering the dungeon Deceit, we came across a man standing near a large stone warning of adventurers of the infection beyond that point. The man, whom Adamu addressed as Ende, frantically warned us to go no deeper as there were terrible things ahead. When asked what these ‘things’ were, he told us “They call themselves ‘the three” and are spreading infection and plague! All the adventurers that have come here have been turned into mindless thralls and zombies!” Many in the large crowd raced forward, not stopping to listen to Ende as he continued to plead with us. “Please, just seal the entrance!”

Descending to the second level, we discovered a torn page, but we were also assaulted by the usual undead inhabitants as well as several infected zombies. Having quickly dropped the zombies just by our overwhelming numbers, we examined the page.

The Three Plan To Infect All Of Sosaria, I Must Get News To The Crux… 

Who were ‘the Three’? And where were they? More information was needed. We continued down, dispatching more violet, bloody, infected zombies as we went. Partway through the third level, another torn page was discovered, this one mentioning a platform…

Some Sort Of Leveling Platform Is The Key… 

A leveling platform? Hadn’t we passed a room that had a sort of balancing mechanism the second level? Now fighting off alpha zombies and infected shadows along with more zombies similar to those of the second level, we trudged forward, passing another room with a balancing mechanism and eventually reaching the fourth floor. One last torn page was found on this floor, reading:

The Manufacture Of These Platforms Seems To Indicate Something Darkly Intelligent… 

There was one last room with a balancing mechanism at the very end… Taking a closer look, there seemed to be a message carved into the stone.

We Are The Three, Our Sickness Will Spread, The Infection Will Do What None Before Has Achieved!

Some were quick to figure out what needed to happen, others not so quick. The large crowd eventually broke into three smaller groups, spreading ourselves amongst the three rooms and bringing forth the Three from the depth of dungeon Deceit. The third room was faced with Princess Webberling, who was the first to be defeated. The adventurers in the third room rushed to join those in the second, who were faced with Brimley the Glutton. Brimley was tougher than Webberling, but with the arrival of reinforcements, he too was defeated in a timely manner. However, those in the first room were faced with seemingly the toughest challenge of the three. Wilford Dyiabeetusss had barely taken any damage by the time reinforcements arrived.  

Even with the full strength of the crowd the battle was long and hard. Poisonous clouds seemed to emanate from Wilford’s very skin, affecting all who came near. Warriors and mages alike were succumbing to their wounds as fast as others could be resurrected.  Finally, after what felt like an eternity, Wildford Dyiabeetusss fell. The moment seemed almost surreal as silence drowned out the sounds of battle. At the top of the steps, the soft glow of a moongate awaited to return us to Britain.

 Arriving through the gate into the noisy streets of Britain, I stopped and sighed. A possible epidemic had been averted, but the lands of Sosaria still weren’t safe. Not yet. A heavy darkness is settling on these lands, and I fear the worst is yet to come…

Faeryl Tyr’athem
Atlantic News Reporter
Knight Major of the Knights of the Crux Ansata

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