[EM Event] Finding Callie

March 23, 2012 By: Larisa Category: Origin News

Taryn looked at Dacil who was eying a bottle of wine on the other side of the room. Sherry cleared her throat and Taryn began speaking again. Dacil turned his attention back to Taryn.

“Donal wants us to go see if we can find a way into those areas of Ilshenar. He wants samples and any information we can locate.” Taryn noticed the mouse moving closer to hear and see Donal’s note. Taryn  lowered it a bit for Sherry.

“A friend of mine was going in to explore some of those areas. She hasn’t been heard back from since the rock slides.” Dacil looked a bit concerned for a moment. “Maybe if we can find her and her guide we can get more information?”

“Assuming anyone survived that. From all reports… no one has been found alive yet.” Sherry said as she positioned herself between the two colleagues.

Dacil nodded sadly, “There has been a report though about someone that has been able to climb in and out of one of the affected areas., Perhaps…”

A man entered the Abbey and approached the group. He handed Dacil a note, bowed then left.

Dacil opened the note quickly, then smiled a cautious smile.

“There was a survivor!” he said.

“Do we know…” Taryn started to say as Dacil smiled and patted the note.

“I’m guessing Donal will want to know about this as well.” Dacil headed for his room to gather a few things. “You packed?”

“Of course,” Taryn grinned.


Meet Taryn and Dacil at the Yew Empath Abbey this Sunday, March 25th at 5 pm PST (8pm est). Let’s help them find Callie and maybe more clues as to what’s been going on.

[OOC] If you have been unable to complete the quest to enter the area with the grave robbers, we will be going to do that as one part of this event.

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