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Becoming a Trader

July 30, 2014 By: petra Category: Community News


In the first of our pages pertaining to Publish 86 we cordially present:

The Trader’s Quest 

Written by our Ace Reporter from Drachenfels, Frarc. Our thanks for his sterling effort.

Also updated for your convenience our Clean Up Britannia listing

and Clean Up Pigments page

More pages to follow after publish day.


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One For The Sailors

July 23, 2014 By: petra Category: Community News


Our esteemed assistant administrator, Tazar has kindly shared his research with us. May we present, an addition to our Ship’s Guide information:

Sailing Times Between Sosarian Cities

We hope this will prove useful in planning your journeys.


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The Results Are In!

June 15, 2014 By: petra Category: Community News

communityDid your candidate win?

Global results for this term’s elections have now been collated and can be viewed

Here Britannian Election Results


Here Britannian Election Results – Asia

With profound thanks to Tazar for his able assistance.


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UO in the News

June 14, 2014 By: petra Category: Community News

communityThis week Brianna Royce of ‘Massively’ waxes lyrical in her article Working As Intended: The forgotten fields of Green Acres

Personally I feel she’s under something of a misapprehension. The contact she’s regretting the loss of is still very much there in our game with our active EMs, frequent visits from Mesanna and the recent in game ‘meet the devs’ events.




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Transcript of Developer Meet & Greet 04June2014 – Atlantic Shard

June 05, 2014 By: Flair Category: Atlantic News, Community News


[14/06/04][17:57:57] [Mesanna]: Good evening Atlantic
[14/06/04][17:58:17] [Kyronix]: Good evening everyone!
[14/06/04][17:58:49] [Mesanna]: ok if you have a question line up
[14/06/04][17:59:03] [Mesanna]: once it is answered please step on the teleport tile to leave
[14/06/04][17:59:16] [Mesanna]: one question per person please
[14/06/04][17:59:20] [Mesanna]: Shall we start?
[14/06/04][17:59:43] [Mesanna]: Bennu start please
[14/06/04][17:59:58] [Mesanna]: Greetings Nythrax
[14/06/04][18:00:01] [Nythrax]: Hello!
[14/06/04][18:00:05] [Kyronix]: Hello!
[14/06/04][18:00:20] [Nythrax]: So I wanted to ask a question about Armor Refinement.
[14/06/04][18:00:50] [Mesanna]: ok
[14/06/04][18:00:53] [Nythrax]: Right, so you guys came up with this system, and the forum…
[14/06/04][18:01:04] [Nythrax]: …went pretty much insane crapping on it. Huge negative feedback.
[14/06/04][18:01:23] [Nythrax]: But you guys pressed ahead anyway, and to date I’ve never seen a person wearing refined armor.
[14/06/04][18:01:55] [Nythrax]: A) Why did you press ahead despite the feedback and B) do you consider this a mistake now?
[14/06/04][18:02:31] [Kyronix]: Well firstly, we don’t consider it a mistake now. You may not see people wearing it, but there
[14/06/04][18:02:39] [Kyronix]: Are those that take advantage of what armor refining offers
[14/06/04][18:03:00] [Nythrax]: Like who? I’ve been looking at people in the room this whole time looking for some.
[14/06/04][18:03:18] [Kyronix]: And we take feedback from a number of sources, and one of the major concerns was that
[14/06/04][18:03:25] [Mesanna]: *counts number of people in this room*
[14/06/04][18:03:26] [Kyronix]: Storage was an issue, so we introduced the almagamator
[14/06/04][18:03:50] [Nythrax]: What level of negative feedback would be required for you to scrap an idea?
[14/06/04][18:03:54] [Nythrax]: Does such a threshold exist?
[14/06/04][18:04:13] [Mesanna]: I am sorry you have answered and we have answered
[14/06/04][18:04:22] [Nythrax]: Well anyway thanks for the answer
[14/06/04][18:04:26] [Mesanna]: Thank you
[14/06/04][18:04:29] [Kyronix]: Thank you
[14/06/04][18:04:40] [Abra-Kadabra]: Hello all
[14/06/04][18:04:42] [Mesanna]: Hi Abra
[14/06/04][18:04:45] [Abra-Kadabra]: What are the plans to fix the legit items that have become unvendorable due to transfering shards
[14/06/04][18:04:45] [Kyronix]: Hello
[14/06/04][18:05:03] [Mesanna]: email me and I will review them one on one
[14/06/04][18:05:08] [Abra-Kadabra]: ok
[14/06/04][18:05:09] [Abra-Kadabra]: (I have a bag full of items on me if you need to see them)
[14/06/04][18:05:25] [Mesanna]: [email protected]
[14/06/04][18:05:36] [Abra-Kadabra]: kk, also, we need more colored mesanna pies
[14/06/04][18:05:39] [Abra-Kadabra]: just sayin
[14/06/04][18:05:43] [Mesanna]: lol =P
[14/06/04][18:05:46] [Abra-Kadabra]: :)
[14/06/04][18:05:48] [Mesanna]: pies rotted
[14/06/04][18:05:52] [Abra-Kadabra]: nooooo
[14/06/04][18:05:52] [Mesanna]: no more pie makers
[14/06/04][18:05:59] [Abra-Kadabra]: ok, that is all
[14/06/04][18:06:00] [Abra-Kadabra]: ty
[14/06/04][18:06:01] [Mesanna]: Thank you Abra =)
[14/06/04][18:06:22] [Mesanna]: Bennu
[14/06/04][18:06:23] [Mesanna]: pull
[14/06/04][18:06:26] [Mesanna]: please
[14/06/04][18:06:30] [Mesanna]: no
[14/06/04][18:06:35] [Real Talk]: hello
[14/06/04][18:06:36] [Mesanna]: you skipped charlie
[14/06/04][18:06:41] [Mesanna]: Hello
[14/06/04][18:06:54] [Kyronix]: Hello
[14/06/04][18:07:00] [Mesanna]: Hi Real talk
[14/06/04][18:07:06] [Misk]: hello
[14/06/04][18:07:12] [Real Talk]: i was wondering if there was any thought to add town buffs to fel towns or maybe a buff for
[14/06/04][18:07:15] [Real Talk]: bucs den
[14/06/04][18:08:04] [Mesanna]: you mean with the gov system?
[14/06/04][18:08:31] [Mesanna]: or are you speaking of the new VvsV system being worked on?
[14/06/04][18:08:32] [Real Talk]: yes the buff they provide are quite good in pvp is there any thought to allow reds to use them
[14/06/04][18:09:00] [Mesanna]: nothing in the plans right now but not totally out of the system
[14/06/04][18:09:14] [Real Talk]: ah ok thanks
[14/06/04][18:09:19] [Mesanna]: your welcome
[14/06/04][18:09:21] [Real Talk]: :)
[14/06/04][18:09:32] [Zeijah]: hello
[14/06/04][18:09:32] [Crystal] Zeijah says: hello
[14/06/04][18:09:47] [Kyronix]: Hello
[14/06/04][18:09:47] [Crystal] Lord Kyronix says: Hello
[14/06/04][18:09:51] [Zeijah]: i have a silly question but i need an anwser
[14/06/04][18:09:51] [Crystal] Zeijah says: i have a silly question but i need an anwser
[14/06/04][18:10:10] [Zeijah]: will UO ever be free to play MMO?
[14/06/04][18:10:10] [Crystal] Zeijah says: will UO ever be free to play MMO?
[14/06/04][18:10:36] [Mesanna]: not going to discuss that at this time.. but you never know
[14/06/04][18:10:36] [Crystal] Mesanna says: not going to discuss that at this time.. but you never know
[14/06/04][18:10:50] [Zeijah]: darn ok thank you
[14/06/04][18:10:50] [Crystal] Zeijah says: darn ok thank you
[14/06/04][18:11:01] [Mesanna]: that was not a yes or no
[14/06/04][18:11:01] [Crystal] Mesanna says: that was not a yes or no
[14/06/04][18:11:18] [Mesanna]: hi SunWolf
[14/06/04][18:11:33] [SunWolf]: was going to ask, for you to check certain areas of the lands again
[14/06/04][18:11:43] [SunWolf]: like santuary dungeon, and several of the islhnar
[14/06/04][18:11:59] [SunWolf]: the respawn rates and mobs, makes them unplayable for anyone who is new or casual
[14/06/04][18:12:07] [SunWolf]: and flair wants pink underwear
[14/06/04][18:12:37] [Mesanna]: If you feel the spawn rates are bad then send us a bug so we can look at those areas
[14/06/04][18:12:38] [SunWolf]: sorry, hi mesanna
[14/06/04][18:12:49] [Mesanna]: and Flair will never get pink underware
[14/06/04][18:12:49] [SunWolf]: ok, thanks
[14/06/04][18:13:03] [SunWolf]: well, it was really for tazar but still.
[14/06/04][18:13:06] [SunWolf]: thanks though
[14/06/04][18:13:11] [Mesanna]: not touching that
[14/06/04][18:13:14] [EM Bennu]: hawt
[14/06/04][18:13:18] [Naraku]: Greeting!
[14/06/04][18:13:21] [Kyronix]: Hello!
[14/06/04][18:13:23] [Misk]: hello
[14/06/04][18:13:24] [Mesanna]: Greetings Naraku
[14/06/04][18:13:29] [Naraku]: Can you look into ther timer on smoke bombs? I belive that it is way too low. Smoke bombs should be an emergancy use item, the fact that someone can pvp with no way to heal other then potions and still never die is crazy to me.
[14/06/04][18:13:43] [Naraku]: Can you look into ther timer on smoke bombs? I belive that it is way too low. Smoke bombs should be an emergancy use item, the fact that someone can pvp with no way to heal other then potions and still never die is crazy to me.
[14/06/04][18:13:53] [Naraku]: sry
[14/06/04][18:13:57] [Misk]: we can look into that
[14/06/04][18:13:58] [Naraku]: didnt mean to do that 2x
[14/06/04][18:14:05] [Naraku]: With the time it takes me to throw a conflag on the ground and it finally reveals them, they take 3 steps and smoke bomb again, and the fact that they can go animal form while stealth, makes it nearly impossible to kill anyone with pract
[14/06/04][18:14:05] [Misk]: we can look into that
[14/06/04][18:14:08] [Misk]: we can look into that
[14/06/04][18:14:20] [Mesanna]: you are going to make me squelch you
[14/06/04][18:14:27] [Mesanna]: lol
[14/06/04][18:14:29] [Naraku]: i had all that ready
[14/06/04][18:14:39] [Mesanna]: ok stop
[14/06/04][18:14:44] [Mesanna]: lol
[14/06/04][18:15:19] [Mesanna]: Is that all Narku?
[14/06/04][18:15:24] [Misk]: we can check into the delay and see if it is appropriate
[14/06/04][18:15:24] [Naraku]: on last thing
[14/06/04][18:15:33] [Naraku]: on ec with spell triggers
[14/06/04][18:15:40] [Naraku]: it get stuck
[14/06/04][18:15:47] [Naraku]: and wont allow mt to use it
[14/06/04][18:15:50] [Naraku]: gets*
[14/06/04][18:16:01] [Naraku]: ive paged a few times, and no real answers
[14/06/04][18:16:03] [Mesanna]: stuck?
[14/06/04][18:16:05] [Misk]: do you mean that you cannot cast another spell trigger?
[14/06/04][18:16:07] [Mesanna]: oh I can fix that
[14/06/04][18:16:16] [Mesanna]: email and with a time to meet you
[14/06/04][18:16:19] [Mesanna]: quick fix
[14/06/04][18:16:22] [Naraku]: yeah, its stuck now, i have one in my backpack, and it wont let me use it
[14/06/04][18:16:32] [Mesanna]: after this I will look at you
[14/06/04][18:16:36] [Naraku]: ok
[14/06/04][18:16:36] [Mesanna]: little busy right now
[14/06/04][18:16:37] [Naraku]: ty
[14/06/04][18:16:40] [Mesanna]: welcome
[14/06/04][18:16:54] [Mesanna]: Hi Summer
[14/06/04][18:16:57] [Summer]: what an honor to be standing here
[14/06/04][18:17:01] [Summer]: meeting you all
[14/06/04][18:17:05] [Summer]: TY mesanna
[14/06/04][18:17:07] [Mesanna]: Nice to meet you also
[14/06/04][18:17:07] [Summer]: and devs
[14/06/04][18:17:12] [Summer]: all follow me
[14/06/04][18:17:13] [Summer]: i have 2 questions
[14/06/04][18:17:24] [Summer]: I am the governor of Moonglow
[14/06/04][18:17:33] [Summer]: you guys gave us an awesome house to use
[14/06/04][18:17:42] [Summer]: is it possible
[14/06/04][18:17:46] [Summer]: during our terms
[14/06/04][18:17:51] [Summer]: we can lock things down
[14/06/04][18:17:54] [Summer]: and decorate it
[14/06/04][18:17:58] [Summer]: just for our terms?
[14/06/04][18:18:06] [Mesanna]: sorry its not a real house
[14/06/04][18:18:08] [Mesanna]: thats not possible
[14/06/04][18:18:23] [Summer]: understadable
[14/06/04][18:18:31] [Summer]: the next question i have
[14/06/04][18:18:33] [Summer]: in febuary
[14/06/04][18:18:49] [Summer]: you posted about bringing back somthing I been wanting to see come back for ages
[14/06/04][18:18:56] [Summer]: Counselors
[14/06/04][18:18:58] [Mesanna]: counselors?
[14/06/04][18:19:00] [Mesanna]: yep
[14/06/04][18:19:03] [Summer]: how is the progress going?
[14/06/04][18:19:06] [Mesanna]: going to call them Advisors this time
[14/06/04][18:19:26] [Mesanna]: I am waiting on the procedure that the Eng is using for the tool they will use
[14/06/04][18:19:41] [Mesanna]: I am starting with 50
[14/06/04][18:19:44] [Summer]: thats awesome
[14/06/04][18:19:56] [Summer]: and
[14/06/04][18:19:58] [Summer]: i wanna say
[14/06/04][18:20:00] [Mesanna]: and hopefully I will be emailing everyone in a few weeks
[14/06/04][18:20:04] [Summer]: these EMs
[14/06/04][18:20:06] [Mesanna]: so you can learn the powers
[14/06/04][18:20:09] [Mesanna]: yes?
[14/06/04][18:20:11] [Summer]: thats awesome
[14/06/04][18:20:13] [Summer]: !!!
[14/06/04][18:20:16] [Summer]: these EMS
[14/06/04][18:20:18] [Summer]: we have
[14/06/04][18:20:20] [Mesanna]: SHH please
[14/06/04][18:20:21] [EM Bennu]: uh oh
[14/06/04][18:20:21] [Summer]: are Fantastic
[14/06/04][18:20:26] [Mesanna]: Bennu’s head will crack
[14/06/04][18:20:26] [Summer]: ty
[14/06/04][18:20:35] [Summer]: and can I have your autograph
[14/06/04][18:20:37] [Mesanna]: *winks*
[14/06/04][18:20:38] [Summer]: mesanna
[14/06/04][18:20:40] [EM Bennu]: *needs more ego, inflate me!*
[14/06/04][18:20:47] [Summer]: lol
[14/06/04][18:20:48] [Mesanna]: lol umm after
[14/06/04][18:20:59] [Summer]: ty everyone
[14/06/04][18:21:03] [Summer]: for the great job
[14/06/04][18:21:03] [Mesanna]: thank you
[14/06/04][18:21:03] [Kyronix]: Thanks!
[14/06/04][18:21:08] [Summer]: you all do
[14/06/04][18:21:13] [Mesanna]: we appreciate it
[14/06/04][18:21:17] [Summer]: bennu
[14/06/04][18:21:21] [Summer]: that 5 buycks you gave me
[14/06/04][18:21:25] [Summer]: to kiill mesanna
[14/06/04][18:21:27] [Mesanna]: LOL
[14/06/04][18:21:28] [Summer]: im not doing it
[14/06/04][18:21:33] [Summer]: lol
[14/06/04][18:21:35] [EM Bennu]: I dyed her pink once…
[14/06/04][18:21:38] [Summer]: i seen
[14/06/04][18:21:45] [Mesanna]: hi Malik
[14/06/04][18:21:47] [Malik]: Hello, nice to meet you all!
[14/06/04][18:21:50] [Kyronix]: Hello!
[14/06/04][18:21:56] [Mesanna]: you also
[14/06/04][18:21:58] [Malik]: loved this game since I was a kid, fantastic work!
[14/06/04][18:21:59] [Misk]: hello
[14/06/04][18:22:12] [Malik]: I want to address alliance theivery.
[14/06/04][18:22:35] [Malik]: Several times I’ve built up new players, gotten them in my guild/alliance to kill the “big” stuff
[14/06/04][18:22:53] [Malik]: and that is what alot of us love to do in UO.
[14/06/04][18:23:11] [Malik]: However, everytime we get a force large enough to kill monsters such as Scalis etc
[14/06/04][18:23:26] [Malik]: somebody infiltrates our guild, robs our members blind, and everyone quits and we are back to
[14/06/04][18:23:48] [Malik]: square one. countless new players have quit the game over this. My question is… .why is it allowed?
[14/06/04][18:24:07] [Mesanna]: You have controll over who is and is not in your guild
[14/06/04][18:24:17] [Mesanna]: my question to you is what would you expect us to do?
[14/06/04][18:24:34] [Mesanna]: We do not govern who you add
[14/06/04][18:24:45] [Malik]: a guild option that says simply: once in VK you may not join thieves guild, do you accept?
[14/06/04][18:24:52] [Malik]: or any guild for that matter.
[14/06/04][18:25:14] [Mesanna]: you let me make sure I understand
[14/06/04][18:25:15] [Malik]: there is no way for us to identify the thief with disguise kits or forensics or any of that
[14/06/04][18:25:32] [Mesanna]: You want us to give guilds the ability to set rules
[14/06/04][18:25:53] [Malik]: pretty much yes.
[14/06/04][18:25:53] [Mesanna]: Actually
[14/06/04][18:26:28] [Mesanna]: It would be easy to make sure someone can not join a guild if they are disguised
[14/06/04][18:26:50] [Mesanna]: so you know the true nature of each member
[14/06/04][18:27:00] [Malik]: they never join while disguised. they soulstone off stealing and stuff when they join, and arent in
[14/06/04][18:27:40] [Malik]: thieves guild, so forensics doesn’t show they’re a thief.
[14/06/04][18:27:55] [Malik]: then they disguise themselves, join guild, soulstone on stealing….
[14/06/04][18:28:01] [Malik]: join thieves guild*
[14/06/04][18:28:20] [Mesanna]: thats a hard one that we would have to talk about
[14/06/04][18:28:26] [Mesanna]: not a really easy solution there
[14/06/04][18:28:30] [Mesanna]: to be honest
[14/06/04][18:28:42] [Mesanna]: we will talk about it when the team is back from vacation
[14/06/04][18:28:46] [Mesanna]: as you see Bleak is not here
[14/06/04][18:28:59] [Mesanna]: but we will talk about it
[14/06/04][18:29:05] [Malik]: that’s all I can ask for, just wanted to let u know it’s a big problem for some of us.
[14/06/04][18:29:09] [Mesanna]: about giving guilds more options
[14/06/04][18:29:29] [Malik]: Thank you for your time!
[14/06/04][18:29:38] [Mesanna]: you’re welcome
[14/06/04][18:29:48] [SCORPION]: [Is there anything being done about the welcome back to brit houses that never decay?
[14/06/04][18:29:50] [Mesanna]: hi Scorpion
[14/06/04][18:29:54] [SCORPION]: sry hi
[14/06/04][18:30:02] [Mesanna]: yes email me the locations
[14/06/04][18:30:11] [Mesanna]: I have been deleting those dang houses for over a year now
[14/06/04][18:30:26] [Mesanna]: I promise I will delete them
[14/06/04][18:30:27] [Mesanna]: email me
[14/06/04][18:30:31] [Mesanna]: the locations
[14/06/04][18:30:35] [SCORPION]: on the next free cycle can you turn all houses on
[14/06/04][18:30:53] [Mesanna]: sorry what do you mean?
[14/06/04][18:30:53] [SCORPION]: so they will decay at the end
[14/06/04][18:31:06] [Mesanna]: no trial account will never be able to place a house
[14/06/04][18:31:10] [SCORPION]: if you have a free month
[14/06/04][18:31:19] [SCORPION]: welcome back to brit
[14/06/04][18:31:25] [SCORPION]: all account go on
[14/06/04][18:31:36] [Mesanna]: yes I know
[14/06/04][18:31:38] [SCORPION]: then if not being paid the houses fall
[14/06/04][18:31:50] [Mesanna]: email me any houses with that issue
[14/06/04][18:31:55] [Mesanna]: we still have bugged vendor hosues
[14/06/04][18:31:57] [Mesanna]: houses
[14/06/04][18:32:02] [Mesanna]: so just email me those
[14/06/04][18:32:06] [Mesanna]: and I will delete them
[14/06/04][18:32:20] [SCORPION]: ok thank you very much
[14/06/04][18:32:27] [Mesanna]: they are bugged and have to be manually deleted
[14/06/04][18:32:29] [Mesanna]: thank you
[14/06/04][18:32:32] [SCORPION]: :)
[14/06/04][18:32:41] [Luc]: Hail, M’lady Mesanna and fellow devs team member..
[14/06/04][18:32:46] [Mesanna]: Greetings Luc
[14/06/04][18:32:55] [Luc]: i have 1 question and 1 request
[14/06/04][18:33:04] [Kyronix]: Hello!
[14/06/04][18:33:16] [Luc]: my question is When or if ever will Gary the dungeon master in doom be fixed?
[14/06/04][18:33:27] [Luc]: he went walk about and never return
[14/06/04][18:33:35] [Mesanna]: Yes he did
[14/06/04][18:33:44] [Luc]: i have sent bug emails
[14/06/04][18:33:56] [Mesanna]: we will try to find him and super glue him back
[14/06/04][18:34:03] [Luc]: okay ty
[14/06/04][18:34:15] [Luc]: my 2nd is request for after the M&G
[14/06/04][18:34:32] [Luc]: i am actaully from legend and wonder if you could sneak over and fix my sea herder title
[14/06/04][18:34:46] [Luc]: i am the sea dragon tail 😀
[14/06/04][18:34:51] [Mesanna]: lol you are 3rd in line
[14/06/04][18:35:00] [Mesanna]: but yes
[14/06/04][18:35:11] [Luc]: okay ty 😀 so much. same name on legends 😀 Luc
[14/06/04][18:35:17] [Mesanna]: ok
[14/06/04][18:35:19] [Mesanna]: thank you
[14/06/04][18:35:31] [Lauralanthalasa]: Hail
[14/06/04][18:35:31] [Crystal] Lauralanthalasa says: Hail
[14/06/04][18:35:38] [Misk]: hello
[14/06/04][18:35:40] [Lauralanthalasa]: I am a returning player, from long ago
[14/06/04][18:35:49] [Mesanna]: welcome back and greetings
[14/06/04][18:35:54] [Lauralanthalasa]: is there a way i can get my account age back?
[14/06/04][18:36:04] [Lauralanthalasa]: i am far older than 3 months
[14/06/04][18:36:07] [Mesanna]: what
[14/06/04][18:36:11] [Mesanna]: we can look at it
[14/06/04][18:36:20] [Mesanna]: again send me an email with the information
[14/06/04][18:36:24] [Mesanna]: including your account name
[14/06/04][18:36:38] [Lauralanthalasa]: and quickly, are you planning to do any events for mid level players, or do they get overrun with h
[14/06/04][18:37:17] [Mesanna]: are you talking about us as devs or the EM?
[14/06/04][18:37:20] [Mesanna]: nm
[14/06/04][18:37:27] [Mr Eko]: hello
[14/06/04][18:37:28] [Mesanna]: hi Mr Eko
[14/06/04][18:37:29] [Kyronix]: Hello Mr Eko
[14/06/04][18:37:40] [Mr Eko]: treasure chest loot
[14/06/04][18:37:49] [Mr Eko]: 99 % trash
[14/06/04][18:37:57] [Mr Eko]: can you revamp it
[14/06/04][18:37:59] [Mesanna]: then you are in luck
[14/06/04][18:38:06] [Mesanna]: stay tuned to the next publish
[14/06/04][18:38:10] [Misk]: not for long….
[14/06/04][18:38:11] [Mesanna]: already changed =)
[14/06/04][18:38:17] [Mr Eko]: awesome
[14/06/04][18:38:20] [Mr Eko]: :)
[14/06/04][18:38:22] [Kyronix]: The revamp train is a….coommmin!
[14/06/04][18:38:23] [Mr Eko]: sos too?
[14/06/04][18:38:24] [Mesanna]: *grins*
[14/06/04][18:38:28] [Mesanna]: yes
[14/06/04][18:38:31] [EM Bennu]: *cheers*
[14/06/04][18:38:37] [Mr Eko]: you read my mind
[14/06/04][18:38:43] [Mr Eko]: good skill
[14/06/04][18:38:45] [Mesanna]: lol got lucky
[14/06/04][18:38:51] [Mr Eko]: hehe
[14/06/04][18:38:53] [Mr Eko]: ty
[14/06/04][18:38:57] [Mesanna]: see we do listen =)
[14/06/04][18:39:00] [Mr Eko]: goodnight
[14/06/04][18:39:03] [Mesanna]: you’re welcome
[14/06/04][18:39:10] [Kyronix]: *waves*
[14/06/04][18:39:14] [Mesanna]: Hi Llewen
[14/06/04][18:39:17] [Llewen Faerlyght]: Will Steam be mandatory and include VAC?
[14/06/04][18:39:29] [Mesanna]: no steam is not mandatory
[14/06/04][18:39:33] [Mesanna]: its an option
[14/06/04][18:39:39] [Llewen Faerlyght]: Ok thank you. All I wanted to know.
[14/06/04][18:39:40] [Mesanna]: what is VAC?
[14/06/04][18:39:47] [Llewen Faerlyght]: Valve Anti-Cheat….
[14/06/04][18:39:53] [Llewen Faerlyght]: Can come with Steam
[14/06/04][18:39:56] [Mesanna]: ahh
[14/06/04][18:40:11] [Llewen Faerlyght]: But Steam would need to be mandatory.
[14/06/04][18:40:15] [Mesanna]: we are just trying to give more options
[14/06/04][18:40:22] [Llewen Faerlyght]: Yes, I understand.
[14/06/04][18:40:28] [Mesanna]: thank you
[14/06/04][18:40:29] [Llewen Faerlyght]: It was just a thought… :)
[14/06/04][18:40:40] [Mesanna]: Greetings Phage
[14/06/04][18:40:42] [Phage]: hello all
[14/06/04][18:40:49] [Misk]: hi
[14/06/04][18:41:01] [Phage]: let me address malik real fast. i”ve probably done some unsavory thing to his guild and uwf
[14/06/04][18:41:06] [Phage]: if you guys need an example of how its done
[14/06/04][18:41:09] [Phage]: get with me after this
[14/06/04][18:41:18] [Phage]: but now as to the question
[14/06/04][18:41:34] [Phage]: do you guys have any plans to breath new life into fel
[14/06/04][18:41:41] [Phage]: or any other future non con pvp lands
[14/06/04][18:41:46] [Phage]: its basically been untouch since pub 16
[14/06/04][18:41:50] [Phage]: and hasnt recieved anythign unique
[14/06/04][18:42:02] [Mesanna]: yes we hope to give PVP a big boost
[14/06/04][18:42:15] [Mesanna]: with the new VvsV system you can actually fight in Tram
[14/06/04][18:42:23] [Mesanna]: if you joined
[14/06/04][18:42:43] [Phage]: do you have a release date for that
[14/06/04][18:42:52] [Phage]: and what seperates it from simple guild wars
[14/06/04][18:42:53] [Mesanna]: next publish
[14/06/04][18:43:04] [Kyronix]: It’s objective based
[14/06/04][18:43:11] [Phage]: along with that
[14/06/04][18:43:26] [Phage]: do you guys have any plans to reinstate
[14/06/04][18:43:32] [Phage]: an old tourny of champions type event
[14/06/04][18:43:37] [Phage]: that gave special titles to the winners
[14/06/04][18:43:47] [Phage]: the last one was about 13 years ago
[14/06/04][18:43:58] [Phage]: and i didnt win because i was on dialup at the time
[14/06/04][18:43:59] [Mesanna]: the ladder type event?
[14/06/04][18:44:11] [Phage]: are you aware of the toons with
[14/06/04][18:44:15] [Phage]: “the master duelist” title
[14/06/04][18:44:20] [Mesanna]: yes I am
[14/06/04][18:44:26] [Mesanna]: not many left
[14/06/04][18:44:30] [Phage]: those were the winner of the toc
[14/06/04][18:44:37] [Phage]: a bracketed sanctioned mage tourny
[14/06/04][18:44:43] [Mesanna]: right
[14/06/04][18:44:45] [Phage]: that could garner alot of intrest witht he test center
[14/06/04][18:44:53] [Phage]: if youg uys had any plans of doing something like that
[14/06/04][18:45:00] [Phage]: where it wasnt just shard based but all of uo
[14/06/04][18:45:02] [Mesanna]: Phage email me this and maybe we can work on this for the future
[14/06/04][18:45:08] [Mesanna]: when we redo UO.Com
[14/06/04][18:45:13] [Phage]: ok
[14/06/04][18:45:16] [Mesanna]: we will be able to post winners etc
[14/06/04][18:45:16] [Phage]: thannks for the time
[14/06/04][18:45:22] [Mesanna]: automatically that is
[14/06/04][18:45:28] [Mesanna]: welcome
[14/06/04][18:45:43] [Mesanna]: Greetings Coco
[14/06/04][18:45:45] [Coco Zamis]: Hello my Dark Lady, hello to the Lords and Ladies of the code and envrionment
[14/06/04][18:45:52] [Kyronix]: Hello Coco
[14/06/04][18:46:10] [Coco Zamis]: first question is about return to britannia program. Any release date?
[14/06/04][18:46:22] [Mesanna]: Hoping its in July with the next publish
[14/06/04][18:46:28] [Mesanna]: release everything together
[14/06/04][18:46:33] [Coco Zamis]: fine
[14/06/04][18:46:44] [Coco Zamis]: second is about personal attendant token
[14/06/04][18:46:58] [Coco Zamis]: i “open” two of them
[14/06/04][18:47:03] [Coco Zamis]: but can use only one
[14/06/04][18:47:06] [Coco Zamis]: at a time
[14/06/04][18:47:18] [Coco Zamis]: i cannot put the deed into a token
[14/06/04][18:47:23] [Coco Zamis]: again to handle it over
[14/06/04][18:47:26] [Coco Zamis]: to another char
[14/06/04][18:47:55] [Coco Zamis]: only one PA can be active
[14/06/04][18:47:59] [Mesanna]: right
[14/06/04][18:48:17] [Mesanna]: umm I can tell you I can take the deed and give you a token
[14/06/04][18:48:22] [Coco Zamis]: *begins to sweat*
[14/06/04][18:48:23] [Mesanna]: and ask you not to open two at a time again
[14/06/04][18:48:47] [Mesanna]: see me after
[14/06/04][18:48:48] [Phage]: Consecrus Arma
[14/06/04][18:48:51] [Mesanna]: 4th in line
[14/06/04][18:48:55] [Mesanna]: have the deed
[14/06/04][18:49:06] [Mesanna]: I will do this once for you
[14/06/04][18:49:16] [Coco Zamis]: sorry i am from DF
[14/06/04][18:49:24] [Coco Zamis]: *sweats more*
[14/06/04][18:49:27] [Mesanna]: email me a time
[14/06/04][18:49:31] [Mesanna]: *shakes head*
[14/06/04][18:49:33] [Coco Zamis]: ok thanks a lot
[14/06/04][18:49:37] [Mesanna]: welcome
[14/06/04][18:49:48] [Mesanna]: have a good evening
[14/06/04][18:49:52] [Soul.Train]: Hello MyLady and MyLords..Greetings from Europe
[14/06/04][18:49:55] [Mesanna]: Hi Soul
[14/06/04][18:50:00] [Kyronix]: Hiyas
[14/06/04][18:50:06] [Soul.Train]: First the info
[14/06/04][18:50:16] [Soul.Train]: Your Speaker wont work excactly
[14/06/04][18:50:20] [Soul.Train]: 😉
[14/06/04][18:50:44] [Mesanna]: ok
[14/06/04][18:50:45] [Soul.Train]: My first question is an old Question
[14/06/04][18:51:03] [Soul.Train]: How about a new Gold System
[14/06/04][18:51:16] [Mesanna]: how about taking out checks and having a conversion system
[14/06/04][18:51:23] [Mesanna]: we are talking about it already
[14/06/04][18:51:27] [Mesanna]: trying to work out a good system
[14/06/04][18:51:30] [Soul.Train]: that would be nice
[14/06/04][18:51:35] [Soul.Train]: cause
[14/06/04][18:51:38] [Mesanna]: I think so
[14/06/04][18:51:43] [Soul.Train]: u walready got the power
[14/06/04][18:51:48] [Soul.Train]: to do this
[14/06/04][18:51:54] [Soul.Train]: putting gold
[14/06/04][18:51:59] [Soul.Train]: in the casino
[14/06/04][18:52:12] [Soul.Train]: is a system like that we need
[14/06/04][18:52:28] [Mesanna]: right
[14/06/04][18:52:32] [Soul.Train]: why u dont use it
[14/06/04][18:52:48] [Mesanna]: its alot more complicated than that
[14/06/04][18:52:53] [Soul.Train]: ok
[14/06/04][18:52:54] [Mesanna]: also there is a limit
[14/06/04][18:53:04] [Soul.Train]: its a limit
[14/06/04][18:53:04] [Mesanna]: and alot of people have over 2 billion
[14/06/04][18:53:06] [Soul.Train]: ?
[14/06/04][18:53:10] [Soul.Train]: yes
[14/06/04][18:53:25] [Soul.Train]: i knew
[14/06/04][18:53:38] [Soul.Train]: so the next question
[14/06/04][18:53:48] [Soul.Train]: How about a reward trader
[14/06/04][18:53:57] [Mesanna]: not in the cards at this time
[14/06/04][18:54:03] [Mesanna]: like a vet reward trader?
[14/06/04][18:54:13] [Soul.Train]: sorry
[14/06/04][18:54:14] [Mesanna]: and if we did it would not be a one for one =)
[14/06/04][18:54:15] [Soul.Train]: i ment
[14/06/04][18:54:22] [Soul.Train]: a Vet trader
[14/06/04][18:54:44] [Soul.Train]: so u r working oin it ?
[14/06/04][18:54:47] [Mesanna]: no
[14/06/04][18:54:48] [Mesanna]: we are not
[14/06/04][18:54:51] [Soul.Train]: or thinkong about it ?
[14/06/04][18:54:54] [Mesanna]: we have talked about it
[14/06/04][18:55:09] [Mesanna]: but used vet rewards
[14/06/04][18:55:19] [Mesanna]: and we took the age limit off them
[14/06/04][18:55:27] [Soul.Train]: yes that was grate
[14/06/04][18:55:32] [Soul.Train]: great
[14/06/04][18:55:35] [Soul.Train]: but
[14/06/04][18:55:43] [Soul.Train]: theire are manyrewards
[14/06/04][18:55:58] [Soul.Train]: they are out of use
[14/06/04][18:56:02] [Mesanna]: how is that fair
[14/06/04][18:56:05] [Soul.Train]: or sometimes
[14/06/04][18:56:08] [Mesanna]: If you have money
[14/06/04][18:56:13] [Mesanna]: you can buy vet rewards
[14/06/04][18:56:26] [Soul.Train]: notall people
[14/06/04][18:56:28] [Mesanna]: always things to think about
[14/06/04][18:56:38] [Soul.Train]: got like 2 b ingame
[14/06/04][18:56:43] [Mesanna]: but you have to look at the whole picture
[14/06/04][18:56:47] [Mesanna]: not just a piece of it
[14/06/04][18:56:53] [Mesanna]: it has to be fair to all
[14/06/04][18:56:55] [Soul.Train]: i did
[14/06/04][18:56:59] [Soul.Train]: so i asked
[14/06/04][18:57:03] [Soul.Train]: cause
[14/06/04][18:57:10] [Soul.Train]: to bring new players
[14/06/04][18:57:18] [Soul.Train]: they need to get a chance
[14/06/04][18:57:27] [Soul.Train]: and
[14/06/04][18:57:37] [Soul.Train]: do hold the Old Players to
[14/06/04][18:57:39] [Mesanna]: Soul we are not working on that at this time
[14/06/04][18:57:43] [Soul.Train]: ok
[14/06/04][18:57:48] [Soul.Train]: anyway
[14/06/04][18:57:54] [Soul.Train]: thx for your time
[14/06/04][18:57:58] [Mesanna]: thank you
[14/06/04][18:57:58] [Soul.Train]: *bows
[14/06/04][18:57:58] [Kyronix]: Thanks!
[14/06/04][18:58:05] [Mesanna]: Have a good evening
[14/06/04][18:58:11] [Akron]: hellow
[14/06/04][18:58:15] [Mesanna]: Greetings Akron
[14/06/04][18:58:17] [Kyronix]: Hiya
[14/06/04][18:58:27] [Akron]: my questions is about my beloved blackthorn dungeon under our feet
[14/06/04][18:58:38] [Akron]: first. AFK arti farmers
[14/06/04][18:58:49] [Akron]: i will be in stealth for 2 hours
[14/06/04][18:58:57] [Akron]: seeing dragons and sampires not moving
[14/06/04][18:59:05] [Akron]: taking up hunting grounds
[14/06/04][18:59:09] [Akron]: not even looting corpses
[14/06/04][18:59:21] [Akron]: are you aware of this and willing to do somthing about it
[14/06/04][18:59:24] [Akron]: 2
[14/06/04][18:59:28] [Akron]: the invasion room
[14/06/04][18:59:40] [Mesanna]: We have heard it alot
[14/06/04][18:59:44] [Akron]: im unclear about how the minax items decide what bag t ogo to
[14/06/04][18:59:52] [Akron]: sorry go ahead lady mesanna
[14/06/04][18:59:59] [Mesanna]: but if you feel someone is cheating then please page
[14/06/04][19:00:05] [Mesanna]: thats why we have GM’s
[14/06/04][19:00:13] [Akron]: well Lady mesanna
[14/06/04][19:00:17] [Akron]: thats the thing
[14/06/04][19:00:18] [Mesanna]: K will answer about the loot
[14/06/04][19:00:38] [Mesanna]: GM’s coming while they are there?
[14/06/04][19:00:45] [Akron]: i sit there in stealth they dont move or even attempt to heal pets
[14/06/04][19:01:00] [Akron]: soon as i come out of stealth they move or say somthing
[14/06/04][19:01:10] [Akron]: i lure mobs away form the area lock them in rooms
[14/06/04][19:01:14] [Akron]: they are still there
[14/06/04][19:01:23] [Akron]: its like they script for character awareness
[14/06/04][19:01:32] [Akron]: no way to detect it if your character is visible
[14/06/04][19:01:32] [Mesanna]: I know there is one
[14/06/04][19:01:37] [Akron]: i know of 5
[14/06/04][19:01:43] [Akron]: but i will not call them out
[14/06/04][19:01:44] [Mesanna]: but a GM can talk to them without going visible
[14/06/04][19:01:50] [Mesanna]: to see if they respond
[14/06/04][19:01:52] [Akron]: k
[14/06/04][19:01:57] [Akron]: invasion loot
[14/06/04][19:02:24] [Akron]: is it just a damage on general to decide where the minax arti goes most just damage and dont help
[14/06/04][19:02:31] [Akron]: are a big part of that fight
[14/06/04][19:02:41] [Akron]: and get nothing when people are allways doing damage and not assisting others
[14/06/04][19:02:48] [Kyronix]: It’s all based on a combination of damage dealt, damage recieved, and damage healed
[14/06/04][19:03:09] [Akron]: is there a way to increase more then 2 drops per boss
[14/06/04][19:03:16] [Akron]: and make helping more viable then just damage
[14/06/04][19:03:29] [Akron]: food for thought
[14/06/04][19:03:37] [Kyronix]: Yes it is, thank you
[14/06/04][19:03:39] [Akron]: also last i dont know what this is about
[14/06/04][19:03:48] [Akron]: but flair said somthing about pink underwear?
[14/06/04][19:04:13] [Mesanna]: Thats a personal question you should ask Flair on the side
[14/06/04][19:04:14] [Akron]: thank you
[14/06/04][19:04:19] [Mesanna]: =)
[14/06/04][19:04:22] [Mesanna]: Thank you
[14/06/04][19:04:27] [Clara Codstongue]: Hiya all.
[14/06/04][19:04:32] [Mesanna]: Greetings Clara
[14/06/04][19:04:37] [Kyronix]: Hello
[14/06/04][19:04:38] [Clara Codstongue]: I have no complaining, just a few ideas.
[14/06/04][19:04:49] [Clara Codstongue]: First off, I know you are looking for ideas for new items for anny rewards and whatnot
[14/06/04][19:04:55] [Clara Codstongue]: I am sick of pooping outside.
[14/06/04][19:04:57] [Mesanna]: of course I am always
[14/06/04][19:05:03] [Clara Codstongue]: Can we have a toilet to go with out bathtub?
[14/06/04][19:05:07] [Mesanna]: you are in luck
[14/06/04][19:05:28] [Mesanna]: I asked for a toilet this year
[14/06/04][19:05:33] [EM Taweret]: yay!
[14/06/04][19:05:39] [Clara Codstongue]: Haha, nice thank you 😀
[14/06/04][19:05:47] [Mesanna]: *smiles*
[14/06/04][19:05:48] [Clara Codstongue]: Okay, for our Em’s, just a quick idea.
[14/06/04][19:06:12] [Clara Codstongue]: I know a lot of events have drops based on whoever did the moste damage and healing or whatever
[14/06/04][19:06:29] [Clara Codstongue]: but once in a blue moon, wouldn’t it be cool for a clicky to spawn when the big boss dies
[14/06/04][19:06:35] [Clara Codstongue]: with like a 60 second life span
[14/06/04][19:06:37] [Mesanna]: no
[14/06/04][19:06:41] [Clara Codstongue]: One click per account, get a treat?
[14/06/04][19:06:45] [Mesanna]: we changed the top attacker
[14/06/04][19:06:59] [Mesanna]: top attacker is now random
[14/06/04][19:07:08] [Clara Codstongue]: Could you explain that real quick?
[14/06/04][19:07:10] [Mesanna]: its not based just on damage or healing
[14/06/04][19:07:12] [Mesanna]: yes I am
[14/06/04][19:07:15] [Clara Codstongue]: If someone gets looting rights on the mob
[14/06/04][19:07:18] [Clara Codstongue]: Do they have a chance?
[14/06/04][19:07:20] [Mesanna]: so if you have done damage or healed
[14/06/04][19:07:29] [Mesanna]: we set a number of rewards to give out per boss
[14/06/04][19:07:37] [Mesanna]: it will give out that number now
[14/06/04][19:07:44] [Mesanna]: but you can not stand to the side
[14/06/04][19:07:44] [Clara Codstongue]: Cool, I enjoy those.
[14/06/04][19:07:49] [Mesanna]: and wait for a clicky to appear
[14/06/04][19:07:55] [Clara Codstongue]: That makes sense.
[14/06/04][19:07:56] [Mesanna]: thats why I am against them
[14/06/04][19:08:06] [Clara Codstongue]: Finally.
[14/06/04][19:08:06] [Mesanna]: I wanted it to often
[14/06/04][19:08:14] [Clara Codstongue]: Going with what the last person said
[14/06/04][19:08:21] [Clara Codstongue]: To combat AFK farming in BT’s…
[14/06/04][19:08:30] [Mesanna]: we are aware I promise
[14/06/04][19:08:34] [Clara Codstongue]: Removing the drops from the non invasion spawning mobs..
[14/06/04][19:08:38] [Clara Codstongue]: is possible..
[14/06/04][19:08:54] [Clara Codstongue]: But that’s all I got
[14/06/04][19:08:56] [Clara Codstongue]: Thanks for you time 😀
[14/06/04][19:08:58] [Mesanna]: thank you
[14/06/04][19:09:00] [Kyronix]: Thank you
[14/06/04][19:09:07] [Scribbles]: hello all
[14/06/04][19:09:07] [Mesanna]: Hi Scribbles
[14/06/04][19:09:17] [Kyronix]: Hello there
[14/06/04][19:09:25] [Scribbles]: So first. any chance for a sandstone foundation
[14/06/04][19:09:38] [Scribbles]: i cant find a foundation that matches sandstone walls
[14/06/04][19:09:42] [Scribbles]: thickness or color
[14/06/04][19:09:42] [Mesanna]: I will add it to the art list
[14/06/04][19:09:45] [Scribbles]: ty
[14/06/04][19:09:56] [Scribbles]: second. any chance for gms to be around more?
[14/06/04][19:10:13] [Mesanna]: we are working on it
[14/06/04][19:10:29] [Scribbles]: ty, third and chance reds will be able to get a city bonus?
[14/06/04][19:10:31] [Mesanna]: we are aware there are some issues
[14/06/04][19:10:56] [Kyronix]: That would require reds going into Trammel Cities
[14/06/04][19:11:07] [Kyronix]: Which isn’t going to happen. A buff for reds would be more feasible in our upcoming
[14/06/04][19:11:14] [Scribbles]: can we make the city bonus go away in fel then? for the blues?
[14/06/04][19:11:17] [Kyronix]: Vice vs Virtue system so stay tuned for updates as we roll that out
[14/06/04][19:11:30] [Scribbles]: its a little unfair that blues come into fell with a bonus reds cant have.
[14/06/04][19:12:02] [Scribbles]: 4th ever thought about putting a timer on 120 scrolls to reduce the farming and improve the econ
[14/06/04][19:12:13] [Scribbles]: same with minax arties
[14/06/04][19:12:26] [Mesanna]: so they decay after x amount of time of receiving them?
[14/06/04][19:12:30] [Scribbles]: yep
[14/06/04][19:12:33] [Scribbles]: so you cant stock pile them
[14/06/04][19:12:35] [Mesanna]: wow
[14/06/04][19:12:41] [Scribbles]: and get rid of data in your servers
[14/06/04][19:12:42] [Mesanna]: we would be skinned and fried
[14/06/04][19:13:09] [Mesanna]: that is a huge step
[14/06/04][19:13:23] [Scribbles]: much in UO is a huge step. :)
[14/06/04][19:13:24] [Mesanna]: one I do not feel would be taken lightly
[14/06/04][19:13:30] [Scribbles]: agreed
[14/06/04][19:13:49] [Scribbles]: just tired of the dead shard farming ruining the marketplace. thank you for your time.
[14/06/04][19:13:58] [Scribbles]: have a wonderful night.
[14/06/04][19:13:59] [Mesanna]: thank you
[14/06/04][19:14:03] [Kyronix]: See ya!
[14/06/04][19:14:06] [Leo]: Hiya guys.
[14/06/04][19:14:10] [Mesanna]: hi
[14/06/04][19:14:12] [Kyronix]: Hello!
[14/06/04][19:14:19] [Mesanna]: Leo how are you
[14/06/04][19:14:19] [Leo]: Scribbles already answered 2 of my questions
[14/06/04][19:14:26] [Mesanna]: ok
[14/06/04][19:14:26] [Leo]: I am well, how are you?
[14/06/04][19:14:33] [Mesanna]: not bad =)
[14/06/04][19:14:36] [Leo]: 😀
[14/06/04][19:14:44] [Leo]: But my one question is
[14/06/04][19:14:47] [Misk]: was that your question?
[14/06/04][19:14:49] [Misk]: oh, nm
[14/06/04][19:14:51] [Leo]: hehe
[14/06/04][19:15:01] [Leo]: Is there any way to recover lost whispering roses
[14/06/04][19:15:07] [Leo]: and personal bless deeds
[14/06/04][19:15:10] [Mesanna]: no I am afraid not
[14/06/04][19:15:20] [Mesanna]: personal bless deeds?
[14/06/04][19:15:24] [Leo]: Yes
[14/06/04][19:15:30] [Mesanna]: as in when you transferred it did not work again?
[14/06/04][19:15:39] [Mesanna]: or work period
[14/06/04][19:15:46] [Mesanna]: that we can fix
[14/06/04][19:15:50] [Leo]: Oh no, i meant a way to recover them
[14/06/04][19:15:55] [Mesanna]: nope sorry
[14/06/04][19:15:56] [Mesanna]: I wish
[14/06/04][19:16:04] [Leo]: As do I, Thanks guys!
[14/06/04][19:16:09] [Mesanna]: Thank you
[14/06/04][19:16:12] [Kyronix]: See ya
[14/06/04][19:16:17] [Kyronix]: Hello!
[14/06/04][19:16:17] [Tatiana Thorn]: *Curtsies*
[14/06/04][19:16:18] [Tatiana Thorn]: Good Evening
[14/06/04][19:16:24] [Mesanna]: Greetings Taliana
[14/06/04][19:16:26] [Tatiana Thorn]: i just had one small thought for an item
[14/06/04][19:16:29] [Tatiana Thorn]: *giggles*
[14/06/04][19:16:32] [Mesanna]: great
[14/06/04][19:16:35] [Mesanna]: I love ideas
[14/06/04][19:16:38] [Tatiana Thorn]: and most know it is sort of my pet project
[14/06/04][19:16:43] [Tatiana Thorn]: but an item
[14/06/04][19:16:51] [Tatiana Thorn]: that generates one random repair deed
[14/06/04][19:16:56] [Tatiana Thorn]: oh say once a week
[14/06/04][19:17:02] [Tatiana Thorn]: drop in a blank scroll
[14/06/04][19:17:05] [Tatiana Thorn]: maybe a tool
[14/06/04][19:17:09] [Tatiana Thorn]: get that repair……..
[14/06/04][19:17:12] [Mesanna]: like the bandages?
[14/06/04][19:17:13] [Tatiana Thorn]: just a thought
[14/06/04][19:17:22] [Mesanna]: but doesn’t that take away from Blacksmiths?
[14/06/04][19:17:25] [Tatiana Thorn]: a fountain of sorts
[14/06/04][19:17:35] [Tatiana Thorn]: *taps chin thinking*
[14/06/04][19:17:38] [Mesanna]: it removes a reason for the skill
[14/06/04][19:17:51] [Tatiana Thorn]: true……it could lead folks away from interacting…..
[14/06/04][19:17:55] [Mesanna]: true
[14/06/04][19:18:03] [Tatiana Thorn]: it was just a random thought
[14/06/04][19:18:06] [Tatiana Thorn]: *Curtsies*
[14/06/04][19:18:08] [Mesanna]: no I appreciate it
[14/06/04][19:18:09] [Tatiana Thorn]: thank you for your time
[14/06/04][19:18:16] [Mesanna]: keep thinking and give us your ideas
[14/06/04][19:18:20] [Xanadu]: Greetings
[14/06/04][19:18:28] [Mesanna]: Greetings Xanadu
[14/06/04][19:18:30] [Xanadu]: Mesanna, are you aware of the fact that certain players
[14/06/04][19:18:42] [Xanadu]: have chars with extra long names
[14/06/04][19:18:54] [Xanadu]: not attainable by normal players
[14/06/04][19:19:03] [Xanadu]: renamed by gm’s or something?
[14/06/04][19:19:12] [Xanadu]: and If so..are these legal?
[14/06/04][19:19:21] [Xanadu]: Cause to me its not really fair
[14/06/04][19:19:29] [Xanadu]: to everyone else that cant get that
[14/06/04][19:19:39] [Mesanna]: Well if they were renamed by old Seers or GM’s we are not going to fault the player
[14/06/04][19:19:44] [Mesanna]: that would not be fair
[14/06/04][19:19:45] [Xanadu]: *nods*
[14/06/04][19:19:51] [Mesanna]: I know the current GM’s will not do that
[14/06/04][19:19:56] [Mesanna]: they rename to SUE
[14/06/04][19:20:00] [Mesanna]: or something like that
[14/06/04][19:20:06] [Xanadu]: hehe
[14/06/04][19:20:19] [Xanadu]: Also..for a vet reward…we need rideable dragons 😛
[14/06/04][19:20:27] [Mesanna]: especially when they find a Mesanna
[14/06/04][19:20:39] [Xanadu]: *nods*
[14/06/04][19:20:42] [Mesanna]: there is actually an art conflict with that
[14/06/04][19:20:48] [Mesanna]: we would love to have big dragons
[14/06/04][19:20:55] [Xanadu]: ok ..bulls then..Yehaw!
[14/06/04][19:21:10] [Xanadu]: and thank you for your time :) We appreciate all you do
[14/06/04][19:21:16] [Mesanna]: thank you
[14/06/04][19:21:33] [Mesanna]: Greetings Dendi
[14/06/04][19:21:34] [Dendi]: Hello My lady and Lord of UO
[14/06/04][19:21:51] [Dendi]: i just wondering
[14/06/04][19:22:01] [Dendi]: is the email for V vs V
[14/06/04][19:22:08] [Dendi]: sent out
[14/06/04][19:22:13] [Dendi]: to those who is selected?
[14/06/04][19:22:25] [Dendi]: if not
[14/06/04][19:22:30] [Dendi]: any date on that?
[14/06/04][19:22:51] [Kyronix]: Yes, we’ve sent them all out. We are in the process of getting everyone signed up
[14/06/04][19:23:03] [Dendi]: ahh
[14/06/04][19:23:23] [Kyronix]: We only had a limited number of spots but that doesn’t mean we won’t need replacements
[14/06/04][19:23:24] [Dendi]: for japanese shard the GM support timezone is ?
[14/06/04][19:23:31] [Kyronix]: Whether people can’t participate for whatever reason
[14/06/04][19:23:42] [Dendi]: ahh cool
[14/06/04][19:23:48] [Dendi]: i did try to apply
[14/06/04][19:23:49] [Kyronix]: So we’ll keep all applications and if we need additional we’ll let you know!
[14/06/04][19:23:57] [Dendi]: great thank you
[14/06/04][19:24:22] [Mesanna]: thank you
[14/06/04][19:24:23] [Kyronix]: Thanks you!
[14/06/04][19:24:32] [Dendi]: thank
[14/06/04][19:24:38] [Mesanna]: Greetings Nails
[14/06/04][19:24:43] [Nails Warstein]: Hail and well met Mesanna
[14/06/04][19:25:09] [Nails Warstein]: Many friends of mine were wondering if and when you would still have another world tour?
[14/06/04][19:25:42] [Mesanna]: I stopped because so many people showed up it lagged everyone out
[14/06/04][19:25:52] [Mesanna]: if I could figure out how to do it I will start again
[14/06/04][19:26:16] [Nails Warstein]: Excellent. There are still some shards that do not have their own lantern to represent them as well.
[14/06/04][19:26:31] [Nails Warstein]: Anyhow Bennu, could you pull Pfloyd?
[14/06/04][19:26:34] [Mesanna]: I know and I am doing those
[14/06/04][19:26:47] [Mesanna]: umm why
[14/06/04][19:27:00] [Pfloyd]: Thanks
[14/06/04][19:27:12] [Nails Warstein]: About a month ago or so Pfloyd and I solved a Mystery
[14/06/04][19:27:31] [Mesanna]: do tell
[14/06/04][19:27:40] [Nails Warstein]: Discovered the lost treasures of the Crux Ansata Knights in the underwolrd.
[14/06/04][19:28:11] [Nails Warstein]: It required decoding a cypher, and surviving riddles.
[14/06/04][19:28:13] [Mesanna]: If you are asking about titles
[14/06/04][19:28:16] [Mesanna]: get in line
[14/06/04][19:28:19] [Mesanna]: after this
[14/06/04][19:28:28] [Mesanna]: stand close
[14/06/04][19:28:33] [Mesanna]: 2 more questions
[14/06/04][19:28:36] [Mesanna]: and we are finished
[14/06/04][19:28:49] [Nails Warstein]: Alright just place us where you need us, and thank you!
[14/06/04][19:29:03] [Mesanna]: please move out via transporter
[14/06/04][19:29:08] [Mesanna]: thanks
[14/06/04][19:29:14] [Wraith]: Hail
[14/06/04][19:29:14] [Mesanna]: Hi Wraith
[14/06/04][19:29:15] [Kyronix]: Hello!
[14/06/04][19:29:26] [Wraith]: mine is kinda a 2 parter
[14/06/04][19:29:45] [Wraith]: Is there any future plans on making wrestling a viable combat skill?
[14/06/04][19:30:11] [Mesanna]: we have not started working on changing skills at this time
[14/06/04][19:30:23] [Mesanna]: when we will we will open it up to you guys
[14/06/04][19:30:26] [Mesanna]: for input
[14/06/04][19:30:38] [Mesanna]: if you want changes you should already have ideas right?
[14/06/04][19:31:01] [Wraith]: a few. Like a change to the horrific beast spell and the enchant type spells
[14/06/04][19:31:51] [Wraith]: second question would be, is there a way to remove the range part of the poison spell in pvm?
[14/06/04][19:32:12] [Mesanna]: you don’t want to give the mobs a chance?
[14/06/04][19:32:41] [Wraith]: well, we have the poison fields which do the same already, but removing the range would make
[14/06/04][19:33:00] [Wraith]: fire fields more viable for sustained damage
[14/06/04][19:33:41] [Mesanna]: I can see them backed on skill
[14/06/04][19:33:57] [Mesanna]: based
[14/06/04][19:33:59] [Mesanna]: but
[14/06/04][19:34:06] [Mesanna]: we can talk about it
[14/06/04][19:34:30] [Mesanna]: no promises
[14/06/04][19:34:34] [Mesanna]: we will discuss it
[14/06/04][19:34:42] [Wraith]: thank you
[14/06/04][19:34:47] [Mesanna]: thank you
[14/06/04][19:35:02] [Wraith]: *licks mesanna and runs off*
[14/06/04][19:35:09] [Desaa]: hello
[14/06/04][19:35:20] [Mesanna]: yuck
[14/06/04][19:35:21] [Kyronix]: Hello
[14/06/04][19:35:33] [Desaa]: i was wondering is there any thoughts of adding anti cheat?
[14/06/04][19:35:55] [Mesanna]: that is an ongoing battle
[14/06/04][19:36:09] [Mesanna]: as it is in every game
[14/06/04][19:36:13] [Mesanna]: we just have been around longer
[14/06/04][19:36:21] [Mesanna]: we are always trying to fix cheating
[14/06/04][19:36:21] [Desaa]: i dont much care for scriters that get all the loot, and aids them in pvp
[14/06/04][19:36:49] [Desaa]: ok and second
[14/06/04][19:37:17] [Desaa]: i was wondering has there ever been any talk to making a mod like mage weap for resists that dexers can use?
[14/06/04][19:37:25] [Mesanna]: Last person is Jody for the night
[14/06/04][19:37:31] [EM Bennu]: *nods*
[14/06/04][19:37:43] [Desaa]: seens kinda unfair mages get an item that adds 110 skill in defence
[14/06/04][19:37:53] [Desaa]: but dexers cant prevent mana vap or para
[14/06/04][19:38:00] [Desaa]: vamp*
[14/06/04][19:38:06] [Mesanna]: its an idea
[14/06/04][19:38:17] [Mesanna]: we will look at it for a future item
[14/06/04][19:38:25] [Desaa]: so never gonna happen then?
[14/06/04][19:38:34] [Mesanna]: did I just say we would talk about it
[14/06/04][19:38:43] [Mesanna]: I did not say it was not going to happen
[14/06/04][19:38:50] [Desaa]: im jsut being realistis, sry
[14/06/04][19:39:03] [Mesanna]: thank you
[14/06/04][19:39:05] [Desaa]: thats all, thanks
[14/06/04][19:39:08] [Kyronix]: Thanks
[14/06/04][19:39:20] [Mesanna]: Greetings Deathangel
[14/06/04][19:39:23] [Deathangel]: greetings all
[14/06/04][19:39:29] [Kyronix]: Hello!
[14/06/04][19:39:50] [Deathangel]: all of my questions have been answered thank you
[14/06/04][19:39:58] [Kyronix]: Welcome
[14/06/04][19:40:01] [Mesanna]: LOL thank you
[14/06/04][19:40:02] [Deathangel]: so i have two ideas
[14/06/04][19:40:07] [Mesanna]: great
[14/06/04][19:41:02] [Mesanna]: you want to share
[14/06/04][19:41:08] [Deathangel]: i played role playing games all my life and i love this one i would like you to concides adding two spells
[14/06/04][19:41:34] [Deathangel]: for the priest turning thr undead
[14/06/04][19:41:56] [Deathangel]: and flight tor the mage
[14/06/04][19:42:33] [Kyronix]: Like a person could…fly?
[14/06/04][19:42:36] [Mesanna]: you do mean fly right
[14/06/04][19:42:43] [Deathangel]: yes
[14/06/04][19:42:57] [Mesanna]: I highly doubt that would happen
[14/06/04][19:43:07] [Deathangel]: awww
[14/06/04][19:43:29] [Mesanna]: the art requirements alone would cause my Artist to quit
[14/06/04][19:43:35] [Mesanna]: lol
[14/06/04][19:43:49] [Deathangel]: how about turning the undead
[14/06/04][19:44:11] [Mesanna]: that is possible
[14/06/04][19:44:17] [Mesanna]: lot more than flight
[14/06/04][19:44:22] [Deathangel]: Awesome
[14/06/04][19:44:23] [Mesanna]: it would need a new circle
[14/06/04][19:44:30] [Mesanna]: but not out of the question
[14/06/04][19:44:41] [Deathangel]: thank you
[14/06/04][19:44:51] [Mesanna]: thank you
[14/06/04][19:45:09] [Deathangel]: will i see it
[14/06/04][19:45:15] [Mesanna]: a new circle?
[14/06/04][19:45:22] [Mesanna]: its possible
[14/06/04][19:45:32] [Mesanna]: we will not start working on it tomorrow
[14/06/04][19:45:34] [Deathangel]: great thank you
[14/06/04][19:45:38] [Mesanna]: welcome
[14/06/04][19:45:47] [Mesanna]: Greetings Jody
[14/06/04][19:45:49] [Jody Highroller]: Hello
[14/06/04][19:45:51] [Kyronix]: Hiya
[14/06/04][19:45:53] [Jody Highroller]: I have an in-depth question to ask you.
[14/06/04][19:46:23] [Jody Highroller]: Do you ever think a game build on so much corruption, will ever be appealing to new players?
[14/06/04][19:46:49] [Mesanna]: yes I do
[14/06/04][19:46:53] [Jody Highroller]: How so?
[14/06/04][19:47:06] [Mesanna]: why would we work like we do if we did not believe in the game
[14/06/04][19:47:19] [Mesanna]: why would we spend our evenings on our own time to talk to you guys
[14/06/04][19:47:38] [Mesanna]: We are coming up with ideas for improvements all the time
[14/06/04][19:47:39] [Jody Highroller]: Why would a new person want to play beside a person, whom does not work for their stuff
[14/06/04][19:48:00] [Jody Highroller]: with scripts
[14/06/04][19:48:01] [Jody Highroller]: etc
[14/06/04][19:48:31] [Mesanna]: look I am not going to sit here and argue this point with you
[14/06/04][19:48:38] [Mesanna]: I know for a fact we have no people all the time
[14/06/04][19:48:46] [Jody Highroller]: ok, ill just send money to your ems paypal
[14/06/04][19:48:46] [Mesanna]: and we have players that love to help new players
[14/06/04][19:48:48] [Jody Highroller]: enjoy!
[14/06/04][19:49:00] [EM Bennu]: *shakes his head*
[14/06/04][19:49:11] [Mesanna]: *bites tongue*
[14/06/04][19:49:28] [Mesanna]: last question Leo
[14/06/04][19:49:35] [Leo]: Heya sorry
[14/06/04][19:49:40] [Kyronix]: Hello Leo
[14/06/04][19:49:45] [Leo]: Hello again :)
[14/06/04][19:49:45] [Mesanna]: remembed another question?
[14/06/04][19:49:47] [Mesanna]: hi
[14/06/04][19:49:50] [Leo]: Hehe yes
[14/06/04][19:50:05] [Leo]: Is there any talk of any new land’s in coming expansions?
[14/06/04][19:50:12] [Mesanna]: no
[14/06/04][19:50:25] [Leo]: Ah mk, thank you :)
[14/06/04][19:50:27] [Mesanna]: we have lands that could use love
[14/06/04][19:50:31] [Mesanna]: to bring them there
[14/06/04][19:50:34] [Leo]: Indeed
[14/06/04][19:50:48] [Leo]: Thanks
[14/06/04][19:50:52] [Mesanna]: I would rather do that than create new ones
[14/06/04][19:50:57] [EM Bennu]: Can I ask a question?
[14/06/04][19:51:00] [Mesanna]: Ok Atlantic thank you
[14/06/04][19:51:04] [Mesanna]: No
[14/06/04][19:51:06] [Mesanna]: lol
[14/06/04][19:51:06] [EM Bennu]: :(
[14/06/04][19:51:12] [Mesanna]: what
[14/06/04][19:51:37] [EM Bennu]: I was just wondering, discounting the seahorse mount fiasco… if there was any possibility of a
[14/06/04][19:51:45] [EM Bennu]: Constructable Hot Air Balloon?
[14/06/04][19:51:52] [Mesanna]: Stop!
[14/06/04][19:51:54] [Kyronix]: That’s a fantastic idea
[14/06/04][19:52:02] [EM Bennu]: See! Kryonix agrees!
[14/06/04][19:52:03] [Mesanna]: Have you been talking to Kyronix
[14/06/04][19:52:11] [EM Bennu]: Hot Air Balloons are so very Ultima.
[14/06/04][19:52:13] [Mesanna]: CAuse he has wanted it for 2 years now
[14/06/04][19:52:13] [Kyronix]: Hot Air Balloons!
[14/06/04][19:52:16] [Kyronix]: Yipppeee!
[14/06/04][19:52:28] [EM Bennu]: They should take a LOT of effort to build…
[14/06/04][19:52:30] [EM Bennu]: Just sain.
[14/06/04][19:52:33] [EM Bennu]: Sayin.
[14/06/04][19:52:35] [Mesanna]: Bennu
[14/06/04][19:52:42] [EM Bennu]: *is in trouble*
[14/06/04][19:52:45] [Mesanna]: have I killed you lately?
[14/06/04][19:52:51] [EM Bennu]: yes, when I dyed you pink.
[14/06/04][19:52:55] [EM Bennu]: <3
[14/06/04][19:52:56] [Mesanna]: Anyways as I was saying
[14/06/04][19:53:05] [Mesanna]: Thank you for having us
[14/06/04][19:53:11] [Kyronix]: Thank you Atlantic!
[14/06/04][19:53:19] [Mesanna]: If you come up with any new ideas for rewards please email them to me
[14/06/04][19:53:33] [Mesanna]: See you guys in 2 weeks
[14/06/04][19:53:37] [Kyronix]: *waves*
[14/06/04][19:53:43] [Mesanna]: in our next Meet and Greet
[14/06/04][19:53:50] [Mesanna]: thank you

UO Community & Fansite News

Would You Be a Governor?

June 03, 2014 By: petra Category: Community News


As the nominations begin to be recorded on the stones some people might be wondering what it’s like to be a governor of one of Britannia’s cities.

Our intrepid reporter, Frarc, current governor of Jhelom on Drachenfels, has been kind enough to share his knowledge with us.  We hope you will find The Governor  to be interesting and helpful.

UO Community & Fansite News

Calling all Citizens of Britannia – A Reminder

May 31, 2014 By: petra Category: Community News



Election time is upon us again, nominations will open tomorrow.

Who will stand to govern our cities on behalf of our ruler, King Blackthorn?

For any who have not taken part before, or who are unsure of their memory of the process involved, here is the information:

Britannia Loyalty Councils

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UO in the News

May 14, 2014 By: petra Category: Community News


Ultima Online, at its launch, was a groundbreaking pioneer in online game playing. It is still, today, a major influence on game developers everywhere as newer games attempt to capture the ambience that makes our much loved game special.

Recent references to UO have appeared in an article published by and in two articles from

UO’s pending addition to Steam was reported by,, and

UO Community & Fansite News

Transcript for the Developer Meet & Greet – Legends 30Apr2014

May 01, 2014 By: Flair Category: Community News, Legends News

Mesanna: lets begin
EM Avalon: Arakad you there ?
Mesanna: hi Arakad
Arakad Thorn: hey!
Arakad Thorn: wow … ok
EM Avalon: *smile*
Arakad Thorn: Just a few questions about current content
Arakad Thorn: will there be any improvements or additions for the High Sea’s? customize ships, more deed areas etc?
Arakad Thorn: and the second question would be any new recipes for the distillery? Its been pretty lack in comparison to others of its like
Mesanna: as far as adding more ships
Mesanna: we are not looking at that at this time
Mesanna: sorry what do you mean by deed areas?
Arakad Thorn: what about improving the ones we have now? Such as armor additions [perhaps slows the ship but makes it stronger]
Arakad Thorn: Deed areas such as the Britanian ship, it has two areas and only one square each
Arakad Thorn: perhaps make the cannon slots also areas to place deeded items or able to lock items down on the surface of the ship?
Mesanna: We will add those to our future ideas
Mesanna: we do want to add to the high seas and make it better
Arakad Thorn: there was an ammo idea as well *actually from a free shard* – they made a Snare ammo – that slowed down ships such as a paralyze spell
Arakad Thorn: I don’t mean to babble a lot of questions, these have been on my mind for a while now. And appologize.
Mesanna: Thank you for your comments
Mesanna: thats what this is for
Mesanna: to listen to your ideas
Mesanna: what you would like to see
Arakad Thorn: and the distillery? is there any plans to add more recipes?
Mesanna: always possible
EM Avalon: *grins*
Mesanna: we all like to drink =P
EM Avalon: like Coffee?
Arakad Thorn: *laughs* I was thinking drinks similar to the fish pies
Arakad Thorn: and coffee .. we need coffee
EM Avalon: *smile*
Arakad Thorn: ok! well then … thank you for your time!
Kyronix : Thanks!
Vino Jack: greetings
Vino Jack: from the line cannot see/hear anything so not know what been aske/told so far
EM Avalon: sorry sleeping at the switch
Bleak: Hi
Mesanna: Greetings
Kyronix : Hello
Misk: Test!
Mesanna says: What is on your mind Vino
Vino Jack says: have 4 items on list from town and guild
Vino Jack: having mouse oproblems
EM Avalon: *hides the cat*
Vino Jack: Stackable cooking ingredients such as for fish pies Samuels Sauce and Mentos stuff
Vino Jack: *i resemble that remark*
EM Avalon: *smile*
Vino Jack: Any word on if MyUO being re-worked?
Mesanna: Yes MyUO is being worked on
Mesanna: finally!
Vino Jack: yeah
Vino Jack: Variable city trade deal costs perhaps based on number citizens of all city on shard
Kyronix : And we are adding new stackables to the list where we can
Kyronix : rather than lower the cost we are adding new ways for governors to organize so they can
Kyronix : raise funds
Kyronix : as well as taking some monies from the sales of banners and titles
Vino Jack: will stop there and allow others to speak
Vino Jack: thank you
Kyronix : and a new traders quest that is being worked on right now
Mesanna: thank you
Kyronix : Thanks for your qeustion!
Mesanna: Have a good evening
Vino Jack: Mesanna: yes sir
Mesanna: Hi Zath
Zath Stoneworker: Good evening.
Bleak: Hello
Zath Stoneworker: My question is regarding the new player experience.
Mesanna: The one we have not done yet?
Mesanna: or the current one?
Zath Stoneworker: As it stands now, it is quite dire on people who are trying to start the game for the first time.
Mesanna: agreed
Zath Stoneworker: They get very poor equipment, and there is no good hunting grounds to teach them the basics of the game while rewarding them.
You see: stone pavers
Zath Stoneworker: In a way to increase the attach rate of trial accounts. I’d like to know what is being planned to address this issue now that we will soon be at stean.
Mesanna: First let me say we can only do so much with the team we have
Mesanna: we do have a good plan for a new player experience but we have something in front of it first
Mesanna: UO is 17 years old
Mesanna: we might get a few new players but we will probably get returning players faster
Mesanna: either way they need to be re introduced to UO
Mesanna: Every year it changes
Mesanna: and seems to be a new game if you are away
Mesanna: we as a team have alot of good ideas
Mesanna: we want to do so much
Mesanna: and have some really good ideas
Mesanna: but we can only so so much at a time
Zath Stoneworker: I understand. I also manage projects, and I know that you have time limitations.
Mesanna: but a new player experience is on our list to do
Mesanna: We want new and returning players
Mesanna: trust me
Zath Stoneworker: I’d just like to see them having to rely less on veterans to equip them so they will have a good time when trying the game again.
Mesanna: We all know new players have no idea what to do next
Mesanna: how to get around
Mesanna: where to go
Mesanna: where to travel etc
Mesanna: our idea in this is to guide them around the world
Mesanna: not keep them in one area
Mesanna: then let them go
Mesanna: not baby them but let them earn what they need
Zath Stoneworker: I am glad to hear that it will be addressed. My next and last question is about resource gathering. I am a rather new player myself, being around for only almost 3 years, and in that time I had a very hard time gathering resources.
Zath Stoneworker: Ore and lumber, mostly. Mining seems to not pay the time you invest on it, and getting enough to fill BODS can prove to be a challenge.
Mesanna: Then you are going to love what Kyronix is going to tell you
Kyronix : Well you’ll be able to get some much better equipment compared to what is out there now
Kyronix : Right now, in development, we have changes that remove the old loot generation
Kyronix : And replace it with what many refer to as “Shame Style” loo t
Kyronix : And rolling that out globally
EM Avalon: *smile*
Zath Stoneworker: That will be nice indeed.
Kyronix : We are very excited for it
Kyronix : *grins*
Mesanna: thank you Zath
Bleak: great questions
Zath Stoneworker: One very last thing that came in general chat. Is there a chance to see a gather all button for botanny? It takes 225 clicks to empty a 3×3 raised bed.
Mesanna: that is a pain in the butt isn’t it
Mesanna: we will look into it
EM Avalon: oh on so many levels its a pain
Zath Stoneworker: A simple for loop at the gather seed and gather resource would solve that. :)
Mesanna: Are you an engineer?
Zath Stoneworker: And with this, I take my leave. Thanks for hosting this meeting.
Zath Stoneworker: I have a bachelor in computer science, so, sorta.
Mesanna: Thank you Zath
Zath Stoneworker: Nice to have you around. I will leave the spot for the next in line.
Kyronix : Thank you for your question!
Mesanna: Thank you
Mesanna: Hi Raven
Kyronix : Hello Raven
Raven Hawk: Can we have coffee beans? The cooks can brew it and the tinkers can make the coffee machines
Raven Hawk: Hello all
Bleak: Hi Raven
Mesanna: we need big coffee pots
EM Avalon: yes we do!
Mesanna: I will add that to our wish list
Mesanna: how about that
Raven Hawk: thank you
EM Avalon: *moves it to the top of the wish list*
EM Avalon: *grins*
Mesanna: coffee beans to grow and coffee pots to brew
Mesanna: your next xmas present
Mesanna: a coffee pot
Mesanna: lol
Kyronix : *chuckles*
Raven Hawk: I have another question:
Raven Hawk: Could you please change the default llocation changing to “nothing” after having been on a boat?
Raven Hawk: Did I word that right?
Kyronix : Could you be more specific?
Mesanna: do you mean if you get kicked off?
Raven Hawk: Okay
Raven Hawk: Maybe it’s just in EC
Raven Hawk: I set a default location on my rune book
Raven Hawk: I can use it over and over again as long as I don’t go on a ship
Raven Hawk: After I go on a ship, the default is set back to nothing
Mesanna: that is a bug
Bleak: I will look into this
Raven Hawk: and I have to reset the default location
Misk: that should be pretty simple to fix!
Raven Hawk: thanks
Kyronix : Thanks for your questions!
Raven Hawk: That’s all I have
Mesanna: thats for the bug also =)
Raven Hawk: thanks
Mesanna: thank you Raven
Tika W Majere: Hi! <3 I’m so glad you came to visit! It’s really nice to see you in game form!
Mesanna: hi Tika
Kyronix : Hello!
Tika W Majere: Okay so like…
Bleak: Hey
Misk: sup
Tika W Majere: I wanna say that all of the holiday deco and recent packs have been much appreciated…
Tika W Majere: Atleast in my castle. 😉
Tika W Majere: However…
Tika W Majere: Our clothing, while classic… is… lacking…
Tika W Majere: Any plans for future fashions?
Mesanna: Clothing is alot more detailed to put in
Tika W Majere: *puss in boots eyes*
Mesanna: it takes the artist alot longer so we have to plan
EM Avalon: oh geesh
Mesanna: Oh I want new clothes
Mesanna: New female clothes first!!!
Tika W Majere: hehe Right on! YAY!
Mesanna: cause WE rule
Tika W Majere: *confetti*
Mesanna: ROFL
Tika W Majere: And lastly… undie dye tub?
Mesanna: rofl
Mesanna: I wish
Tika W Majere: haha
Tika W Majere: Lastly! LASTLY!
EM Avalon: *chuckle*
Tika W Majere: Mesanna Lanturn for Legends.
Tika W Majere: Pllleeeaaazzzeee
EM Avalon: !!
EM Avalon: ooh
Mesanna: I will do one
Tika W Majere: YAY!
Mesanna: I promise
Tika W Majere: Like right now?
EM Avalon: haha
Mesanna: I will come kill you all soon
EM Avalon: eek
Tika W Majere: Had to ask. <3 Much love to y’all. Thank you for your hard work!
Mesanna: Thank you
EM Avalon: oh my
Kyronix : Thank You!
lil Ray: Grettings I have several questions to ask.
Mesanna: hi Lil Ray
Bleak: Hi Ray
Kyronix : Greetings!
lil Ray: Will you in the future allow crafting of raised garden beds and planters
Mesanna: planters maybe but not garden beds
lil Ray: not even the small version
Mesanna: we sell those
lil Ray: i need more for free
Mesanna: LOL
lil Ray: lol
EM Avalon: dont we all
lil Ray: last question
Mesanna: nice try though
EM Avalon: haha
lil Ray: back in the day at crhistmas time we had a raindeer vs santa vs elfs any chance we can do that
Mesanna: I remember those shards
Mesanna: Bleak can we get those back?
lil Ray: Last thought more items to steal is good for more
Bleak: I will check and see if we still have this code
Bleak: : )
lil Ray: thx
lil Ray: have a good day
Mesanna: hi Sakura
Sakura-X: hi
You see: stone pavers
Kyronix : Hello
Sakura-X: sorry I cant face to face…
Sakura-X: ok
Mesanna: its ok
Bleak: Hey
Sakura-X: I did
Sakura-X: And sorry, my English is not good
Mesanna: thats ok
Sakura-X: Question
Sakura-X: Will Skill Cap will be araised from 120 ?
Mesanna: We do not have any plans to raise it higher than that
Mesanna: at this time
Sakura-X: But, Power Scroll is no value now
Mesanna: so we need to come up with a trade in system
Sakura-X: I think it is not good situation
Mesanna: like tokuno dyes system for scrolls =)
Misk: you can turn them into points with Cleanup Britannia…
Mesanna: we are always adding new items to the clean up
Sakura-X: Is there any change of skill cap?
Mesanna: total skill cap?
Mesanna: I would like to bump it a little
Mesanna: maybe just a little bit =)
Sakura-X: not total
Sakura-X: I wish change from 120 to 125
Mesanna: no
Mesanna: we are not going to change that
Sakura-X: I see
Sakura-X: OK, thank you
Mesanna: thank you
Kyronix : Thanks for your questions
ANDROMEDA: hiya guys…good times 😉
Mesanna: hi Andrp,eda
Kyronix : Hello
Mesanna: wow
Bleak: hi
Mesanna: Andromeda too
ANDROMEDA: prob the dumbest asked here
ANDROMEDA: is there a possibility of change in the runebook area
ANDROMEDA: i wish to secure this
ANDROMEDA: 16 isnt enough
Misk: more entries in the book?
Mesanna: more locations?
ANDROMEDA: i wish to secure this
ANDROMEDA: i wish to release this
ANDROMEDA: more entries…im carring 13 in my pack atm
Mesanna: I actually agree with you
ANDROMEDA: maybe multi pages
Mesanna: it was fine when they were first put in the game
Mesanna: but we need bigger better ones
EM Avalon: *nods*
Mesanna: good suggestion
Mesanna: thank you
ANDROMEDA: tyvm hun
Kyronix : Thanks!
Mesanna: hi Furley
Furley’s: greetings all
Kyronix : Greetings!
Furley’s: I was wondering how is the new Counselor program coming along?
Mesanna: I have over 250 applications
Mesanna: going thru them
Furley’s: omg
EM Avalon: wow
Mesanna: please keep in mind we have to get Bleak to write a new system for us
Furley’s: when do you plan on getting it going?
Mesanna: we are not going to be using the old system
Furley’s: Thanks all for coming out, and gnite
Mesanna: I will be getting all the letters out probably around May
Mesanna: I will be getting them robed on TC1 so they can learn they powers in June
Mesanna: hi Aragorn
Kyronix : Hello!
ARAGORN: hi all its an honor to meet yall :)
Mesanna: Nice to meet you also
ARAGORN: I did finally get to see your state of uo address on youtube..very nicely done
Mesanna: we plan to have those more often
ARAGORN: you mentioned on there about gold going away and going to a ledger system?
ARAGORN: can u explain that in more detail plz?
Mesanna: Actually not yet
Mesanna: we do not have it all figured out in detail yet
Mesanna: but as soon as we do you guys will know
Mesanna: I hate to say something and it be untrue
ARAGORN: can it be summarized at all? maybe concept?
You see: stone pavers
Kyronix : Our high level goals are to basically make large amounts of gold easier to store
Kyronix : trade
Kyronix : and so on
Mesanna: it would be account tracked
Mesanna: gold will still be in the game but not in the large quanities like it is now
Mesanna: no checks
Mesanna: which frees up so much space
ARAGORN: very interesting idea
Mesanna: and look at all the atm vendors we will do away with =P
Misk: you will still be able to have gold for deco purposes
ARAGORN: oh my bank manager will have to go on unemployment..darn
Mesanna: lol
EM Avalon: haha
Mesanna: we hate to put anything out of business
EM Avalon: unless its a lawyer
ARAGORN: hehe she’ll get over it..thats the price of business
ARAGORN: one more question is any future plans for invasions? like the one that happened back in 2004?
ARAGORN: in britain
Mesanna: Kyronix
You see: stone pavers
Kyronix : Never know what nefarious types will spring up in an effort to disrupt our peaceful cities
EM Avalon: *chuckle*
Kyronix : We definitely want to add a little flair to invasions like we did with the Minax invasions
Kyronix : Make them more fun and dynamic
ARAGORN: :) i look forward to it thank yall for your time :) *bows*
Kyronix : Thank you
Kyronix : *grins*
Mesanna: Our time is coming to an end we will answer one question from each person in line
DevilsOwn: evenin all and thanks for coming to Legends!
Mesanna: Greetings
Kyronix : Hello!
Bleak: Hello
DevilsOwn: my question is about high res art project – it was slated for possibly this year
DevilsOwn: how is it going?
Mesanna: we are working on it
Mesanna: we hope to have our first pass out later this year
DevilsOwn: housing tiles slowing you down, yes?
Misk: it has not made it to QA yet, so not super quick
Mesanna: so many tiles
DevilsOwn: thank you for your time, I look forward to it,, and possibly new housing tiles
Kyronix : Thanks for the question!
Mesanna: Hi Arakad
Arakad Thorn: Lo’ I tremble before the dark lady … I risk my life again
Mesanna: lol
Arakad Thorn: I am in contact via ICQ to some who couldn’t make it tonight
Arakad Thorn: one of them wants to know about Morph earrings, they allow humans to wear / use elf items. Any plans on including gargoyles to that list?
Misk: not at this time, and honestly probably not ever
Arakad Thorn: Another asks a good question about Magery spell: Polymorph. Every magic brought out gives alternate forms special abilities
Arakad Thorn: Why not improve Polymorph, as Magery seems to be falling behind
Misk: magery offers diversity
Mesanna: We have been looking at so many other things we have not even though about updating magery
Mesanna: to be honest with you
Arakad Thorn: true, Necromancy has alternate forms that allow different advantages/disadvantages. I believe the question is – will you improve on that spell with the new content? New forms to chose from. And give those forms the appropriate updates
Mesanna: we should do a magery mastery
Mesanna: and you are asking more than 1 question
Arakad Thorn: *sorry – you can kill me for free later*
Mesanna: but I can kill you for free now =P
EM Avalon: eek
EM Avalon: quick run
Mesanna: lol
Arakad Thorn: *laughs*
Kyronix : Thanks!
Caelyr: hello!
Mesanna: hi Caelyr
Kyronix : Greetings!
Bleak: Hi Caelyr
Caelyr: you’ve mentioned at times that you all have a lot on your plates
Mesanna: always
Caelyr: and recently asked for ideas on new rewards, etc
Mesanna: yes sir
Caelyr: would you consider broadening that to allow for user generated content?
Mesanna: define that
Caelyr: such as art assets and other things which would consume precious hours
Caelyr: perhaps ideas or content could be voted for democratically
Caelyr: steam, for example, has its workshops
Mesanna: this is true
Mesanna: its something that we can look into
Mesanna: since we are Broadsword and not EA
Mesanna: that option is actually open to us
Mesanna: so I will not say no
Caelyr: congratulations, by the way
Mesanna: thank you
Caelyr: here’s to the future, eh
EM Avalon: here here!
Kyronix : Huzzah!
Caelyr: thanks for your time
Mesanna: thank you
EM Avalon: haha
Mesanna: hi Nazoc
Kyronix : Greetings!
Bleak: Hello
Nazoc: Hi, just one quick question
Nazoc: Why is house placement disabled on TC ? When will it be back up ?
Mesanna: Bleak is working on it
Mesanna: so he can answer it
Bleak: I will be working to get housing back up and running soon on TC1
Mesanna: we have alot of people asking the same question
Bleak: The plan is to have it up by tomorrow.
Nazoc: oh ok thank you very much
Kyronix : Thanks for the question!
Mesanna: hi Athena
Athena Rage: hello
Kyronix : Greetings!
Athena Rage: im not sure which chat to talk in sorry
Misk: this one is fine
Mesanna: ?
Athena Rage: i had 3 questions but will ask 1
Athena Rage: ive read on web page bout the shroud of the avatar, but im confused, is that part of uo, or all
Athena Rage: together different game?
Misk: altogether different game
Mesanna: It is not UO
Athena Rage: so its not part of uo?
Mesanna: Nope
Mesanna: Different game
Athena Rage: ok tyvm for your time Great ones
Athena Rage: bows
Mesanna: You are most welcome
Kyronix : Thanks for your question!
Mesanna: Thank you Athena
Savoua Fair: Eavning
Mesanna: hi Savova
Kyronix : Hello!
Savoua Fair: Will Factions continue as a lead for PvP in Felluccua?
Kyronix : We are in the process of replacing factions with a more agile PvP experience
Savoua Fair: So wait to restart in it?
Mesanna: We will be getting together a player group
Mesanna: to give us input
Savoua Fair: Ill keep an eye out.
Savoua Fair: Thank you
Mesanna: please do
Kyronix : Thank you for your question!
Seledor: Greetings and well met all
Mesanna: hi Seledor
Kyronix : Hello!
Bleak: Hi
Seledor: I hav greatly enjoyed the presence of the Sea Dragons over the yrs
EM Avalon: *smiles*
Seledor: I was just wondering if they could b made more interactive to attract more interest in them
Mesanna: I personally would love to see more sea creatures
Kyronix : Hear Hear!
EM Avalon: *hides glee*
Mesanna: so I guess our answer is its very much possible
Seledor: it would giv us players who r not able todo the major battles something to do
EM Avalon: *grins*
Seledor: Ty for ur time
Mesanna: dragon turtles!!
EM Avalon: haha!
Alice Wonderland: *Cheshire Cat Grin*
EM Avalon: wooo
Alice Wonderland: *HUMS*
Mesanna: hi
Bleak: Hello
Alice Wonderland: Hail my UO Gods and Goddess
Mesanna: How are you Alice
Alice Wonderland: well my dark lady
Alice Wonderland: My question is related to being able to use the house art for castles
Alice Wonderland: and make them more customizable
Alice Wonderland: stained glass windows, get rid of barrier at the front entrance
Misk: meaning customizable castles or using the existing wall art to decorate casles?
Mesanna: we have had many discussions about making castles customizable
Alice Wonderland: either and perferable both
Alice Wonderland: wonderful! hopfully very soon!
Alice Wonderland: *Cheshire Cat Grin*
EM Avalon: that smile scares me
Mesanna: I can say we are always talking about it
Alice Wonderland: *cackles*
Alice Wonderland: *nods*
Alice Wonderland: thank you Great ones
Mesanna: do you have a white rabbit in your pocket?
Kyronix : Thank you for the question!
EM Avalon: dont ask…
Alice Wonderland: close ….
Mesanna: sorry
EM Avalon: haha
Alice Wonderland: *winks*
EM Avalon: afraid to know
Mesanna: lol
Agatha: Hi. – With the upcoming Vice vs. Virture, are Faction “Arties” being kept? Or will players need to
Mesanna: hi Agatha
Agatha: adjust their suits in advance?
Misk: similar artifacts will be made available
Agatha: Some of the mods on faction artifacts can essentially make or break a suit, which is why I asked.
Misk: with identical or potentially better stats
Kyronix : We aren’t interested in forcing people to redo the hard work they put into their suits
Kyronix : That’s no fun :(
Agatha: Ah yes, that was my concern Kyronix.
Agatha: Thank you all for your time, have an excellent night!
Kyronix : Thanks!
Mesanna: I was on the team when they first put in Factions
Mesanna: it was broken then
Mesanna: I was on the team when they tried to fix factions
Mesanna: it was worse after that
Mesanna: everytime it just seems to get worse
Mesanna: time for a change
EM Avalon: *nods*
Tika W Majere: I couldn’t stay away!
Mesanna: Tika you have been here already
Tika W Majere: Okay
Tika W Majere: I just would like to say…
Mesanna: quickly then
Tika W Majere: You should come visit us more often!
Tika W Majere: That is all!
Mesanna: lol
EM Avalon: haha
Tika W Majere: 😀
Bleak: lol
Mesanna: I am coming to kill Legends please show up
Mesanna: lol
EM Avalon: hee hee hee
Tika W Majere: I’ll be near the front of the line! 😉
Tika W Majere: Thank you!
EM Avalon: they like to die
Mesanna: *hugs*
Tika W Majere: *hugs*
Tika W Majere: Thanks!
Mesanna: Thank you Legends for having us
EM Avalon: Thank you Mesanna and Devs for gracing us with your presence
EM Avalon: we have enjoyed having you
Mesanna: Again if you have any ideas for rewards or gifts we would love to hear them
Kyronix : Thanks for having us!
EM Avalon: *coffee pot!*
Bleak: Thanks for having us!
Mesanna: please email me with your ideas so I can get them on the list
Mesanna: Thank you!
Mesanna: Good night all
EM Avalon: good night!
Kyronix : Have a great night everyone!

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As we at Stratics strive to support Ultima Online and its players we bring you our latest offerings relating to the contents of the most recent game publish, Publish 85.4

Our step by step guide to Vendor Search

With thanks to Lord Gareth, the latest additions to the collection of Holiday Gifts

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Small tweaks have also been made to our Discordance and Peacemaking pages

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