Transcript for the Developer Meet & Greet – Legends 30Apr2014

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Mesanna: lets begin
EM Avalon: Arakad you there ?
Mesanna: hi Arakad
Arakad Thorn: hey!
Arakad Thorn: wow … ok
EM Avalon: *smile*
Arakad Thorn: Just a few questions about current content
Arakad Thorn: will there be any improvements or additions for the High Sea’s? customize ships, more deed areas etc?
Arakad Thorn: and the second question would be any new recipes for the distillery? Its been pretty lack in comparison to others of its like
Mesanna: as far as adding more ships
Mesanna: we are not looking at that at this time
Mesanna: sorry what do you mean by deed areas?
Arakad Thorn: what about improving the ones we have now? Such as armor additions [perhaps slows the ship but makes it stronger]
Arakad Thorn: Deed areas such as the Britanian ship, it has two areas and only one square each
Arakad Thorn: perhaps make the cannon slots also areas to place deeded items or able to lock items down on the surface of the ship?
Mesanna: We will add those to our future ideas
Mesanna: we do want to add to the high seas and make it better
Arakad Thorn: there was an ammo idea as well *actually from a free shard* – they made a Snare ammo – that slowed down ships such as a paralyze spell
Arakad Thorn: I don’t mean to babble a lot of questions, these have been on my mind for a while now. And appologize.
Mesanna: Thank you for your comments
Mesanna: thats what this is for
Mesanna: to listen to your ideas
Mesanna: what you would like to see
Arakad Thorn: and the distillery? is there any plans to add more recipes?
Mesanna: always possible
EM Avalon: *grins*
Mesanna: we all like to drink =P
EM Avalon: like Coffee?
Arakad Thorn: *laughs* I was thinking drinks similar to the fish pies
Arakad Thorn: and coffee .. we need coffee
EM Avalon: *smile*
Arakad Thorn: ok! well then … thank you for your time!
Kyronix : Thanks!
Vino Jack: greetings
Vino Jack: from the line cannot see/hear anything so not know what been aske/told so far
EM Avalon: sorry sleeping at the switch
Bleak: Hi
Mesanna: Greetings
Kyronix : Hello
Misk: Test!
Mesanna says: What is on your mind Vino
Vino Jack says: have 4 items on list from town and guild
Vino Jack: having mouse oproblems
EM Avalon: *hides the cat*
Vino Jack: Stackable cooking ingredients such as for fish pies Samuels Sauce and Mentos stuff
Vino Jack: *i resemble that remark*
EM Avalon: *smile*
Vino Jack: Any word on if MyUO being re-worked?
Mesanna: Yes MyUO is being worked on
Mesanna: finally!
Vino Jack: yeah
Vino Jack: Variable city trade deal costs perhaps based on number citizens of all city on shard
Kyronix : And we are adding new stackables to the list where we can
Kyronix : rather than lower the cost we are adding new ways for governors to organize so they can
Kyronix : raise funds
Kyronix : as well as taking some monies from the sales of banners and titles
Vino Jack: will stop there and allow others to speak
Vino Jack: thank you
Kyronix : and a new traders quest that is being worked on right now
Mesanna: thank you
Kyronix : Thanks for your qeustion!
Mesanna: Have a good evening
Vino Jack: Mesanna: yes sir
Mesanna: Hi Zath
Zath Stoneworker: Good evening.
Bleak: Hello
Zath Stoneworker: My question is regarding the new player experience.
Mesanna: The one we have not done yet?
Mesanna: or the current one?
Zath Stoneworker: As it stands now, it is quite dire on people who are trying to start the game for the first time.
Mesanna: agreed
Zath Stoneworker: They get very poor equipment, and there is no good hunting grounds to teach them the basics of the game while rewarding them.
You see: stone pavers
Zath Stoneworker: In a way to increase the attach rate of trial accounts. I’d like to know what is being planned to address this issue now that we will soon be at stean.
Mesanna: First let me say we can only do so much with the team we have
Mesanna: we do have a good plan for a new player experience but we have something in front of it first
Mesanna: UO is 17 years old
Mesanna: we might get a few new players but we will probably get returning players faster
Mesanna: either way they need to be re introduced to UO
Mesanna: Every year it changes
Mesanna: and seems to be a new game if you are away
Mesanna: we as a team have alot of good ideas
Mesanna: we want to do so much
Mesanna: and have some really good ideas
Mesanna: but we can only so so much at a time
Zath Stoneworker: I understand. I also manage projects, and I know that you have time limitations.
Mesanna: but a new player experience is on our list to do
Mesanna: We want new and returning players
Mesanna: trust me
Zath Stoneworker: I’d just like to see them having to rely less on veterans to equip them so they will have a good time when trying the game again.
Mesanna: We all know new players have no idea what to do next
Mesanna: how to get around
Mesanna: where to go
Mesanna: where to travel etc
Mesanna: our idea in this is to guide them around the world
Mesanna: not keep them in one area
Mesanna: then let them go
Mesanna: not baby them but let them earn what they need
Zath Stoneworker: I am glad to hear that it will be addressed. My next and last question is about resource gathering. I am a rather new player myself, being around for only almost 3 years, and in that time I had a very hard time gathering resources.
Zath Stoneworker: Ore and lumber, mostly. Mining seems to not pay the time you invest on it, and getting enough to fill BODS can prove to be a challenge.
Mesanna: Then you are going to love what Kyronix is going to tell you
Kyronix : Well you’ll be able to get some much better equipment compared to what is out there now
Kyronix : Right now, in development, we have changes that remove the old loot generation
Kyronix : And replace it with what many refer to as “Shame Style” loo t
Kyronix : And rolling that out globally
EM Avalon: *smile*
Zath Stoneworker: That will be nice indeed.
Kyronix : We are very excited for it
Kyronix : *grins*
Mesanna: thank you Zath
Bleak: great questions
Zath Stoneworker: One very last thing that came in general chat. Is there a chance to see a gather all button for botanny? It takes 225 clicks to empty a 3×3 raised bed.
Mesanna: that is a pain in the butt isn’t it
Mesanna: we will look into it
EM Avalon: oh on so many levels its a pain
Zath Stoneworker: A simple for loop at the gather seed and gather resource would solve that. :)
Mesanna: Are you an engineer?
Zath Stoneworker: And with this, I take my leave. Thanks for hosting this meeting.
Zath Stoneworker: I have a bachelor in computer science, so, sorta.
Mesanna: Thank you Zath
Zath Stoneworker: Nice to have you around. I will leave the spot for the next in line.
Kyronix : Thank you for your question!
Mesanna: Thank you
Mesanna: Hi Raven
Kyronix : Hello Raven
Raven Hawk: Can we have coffee beans? The cooks can brew it and the tinkers can make the coffee machines
Raven Hawk: Hello all
Bleak: Hi Raven
Mesanna: we need big coffee pots
EM Avalon: yes we do!
Mesanna: I will add that to our wish list
Mesanna: how about that
Raven Hawk: thank you
EM Avalon: *moves it to the top of the wish list*
EM Avalon: *grins*
Mesanna: coffee beans to grow and coffee pots to brew
Mesanna: your next xmas present
Mesanna: a coffee pot
Mesanna: lol
Kyronix : *chuckles*
Raven Hawk: I have another question:
Raven Hawk: Could you please change the default llocation changing to “nothing” after having been on a boat?
Raven Hawk: Did I word that right?
Kyronix : Could you be more specific?
Mesanna: do you mean if you get kicked off?
Raven Hawk: Okay
Raven Hawk: Maybe it’s just in EC
Raven Hawk: I set a default location on my rune book
Raven Hawk: I can use it over and over again as long as I don’t go on a ship
Raven Hawk: After I go on a ship, the default is set back to nothing
Mesanna: that is a bug
Bleak: I will look into this
Raven Hawk: and I have to reset the default location
Misk: that should be pretty simple to fix!
Raven Hawk: thanks
Kyronix : Thanks for your questions!
Raven Hawk: That’s all I have
Mesanna: thats for the bug also =)
Raven Hawk: thanks
Mesanna: thank you Raven
Tika W Majere: Hi! <3 I’m so glad you came to visit! It’s really nice to see you in game form!
Mesanna: hi Tika
Kyronix : Hello!
Tika W Majere: Okay so like…
Bleak: Hey
Misk: sup
Tika W Majere: I wanna say that all of the holiday deco and recent packs have been much appreciated…
Tika W Majere: Atleast in my castle. 😉
Tika W Majere: However…
Tika W Majere: Our clothing, while classic… is… lacking…
Tika W Majere: Any plans for future fashions?
Mesanna: Clothing is alot more detailed to put in
Tika W Majere: *puss in boots eyes*
Mesanna: it takes the artist alot longer so we have to plan
EM Avalon: oh geesh
Mesanna: Oh I want new clothes
Mesanna: New female clothes first!!!
Tika W Majere: hehe Right on! YAY!
Mesanna: cause WE rule
Tika W Majere: *confetti*
Mesanna: ROFL
Tika W Majere: And lastly… undie dye tub?
Mesanna: rofl
Mesanna: I wish
Tika W Majere: haha
Tika W Majere: Lastly! LASTLY!
EM Avalon: *chuckle*
Tika W Majere: Mesanna Lanturn for Legends.
Tika W Majere: Pllleeeaaazzzeee
EM Avalon: !!
EM Avalon: ooh
Mesanna: I will do one
Tika W Majere: YAY!
Mesanna: I promise
Tika W Majere: Like right now?
EM Avalon: haha
Mesanna: I will come kill you all soon
EM Avalon: eek
Tika W Majere: Had to ask. <3 Much love to y’all. Thank you for your hard work!
Mesanna: Thank you
EM Avalon: oh my
Kyronix : Thank You!
lil Ray: Grettings I have several questions to ask.
Mesanna: hi Lil Ray
Bleak: Hi Ray
Kyronix : Greetings!
lil Ray: Will you in the future allow crafting of raised garden beds and planters
Mesanna: planters maybe but not garden beds
lil Ray: not even the small version
Mesanna: we sell those
lil Ray: i need more for free
Mesanna: LOL
lil Ray: lol
EM Avalon: dont we all
lil Ray: last question
Mesanna: nice try though
EM Avalon: haha
lil Ray: back in the day at crhistmas time we had a raindeer vs santa vs elfs any chance we can do that
Mesanna: I remember those shards
Mesanna: Bleak can we get those back?
lil Ray: Last thought more items to steal is good for more
Bleak: I will check and see if we still have this code
Bleak: : )
lil Ray: thx
lil Ray: have a good day
Mesanna: hi Sakura
Sakura-X: hi
You see: stone pavers
Kyronix : Hello
Sakura-X: sorry I cant face to face…
Sakura-X: ok
Mesanna: its ok
Bleak: Hey
Sakura-X: I did
Sakura-X: And sorry, my English is not good
Mesanna: thats ok
Sakura-X: Question
Sakura-X: Will Skill Cap will be araised from 120 ?
Mesanna: We do not have any plans to raise it higher than that
Mesanna: at this time
Sakura-X: But, Power Scroll is no value now
Mesanna: so we need to come up with a trade in system
Sakura-X: I think it is not good situation
Mesanna: like tokuno dyes system for scrolls =)
Misk: you can turn them into points with Cleanup Britannia…
Mesanna: we are always adding new items to the clean up
Sakura-X: Is there any change of skill cap?
Mesanna: total skill cap?
Mesanna: I would like to bump it a little
Mesanna: maybe just a little bit =)
Sakura-X: not total
Sakura-X: I wish change from 120 to 125
Mesanna: no
Mesanna: we are not going to change that
Sakura-X: I see
Sakura-X: OK, thank you
Mesanna: thank you
Kyronix : Thanks for your questions
ANDROMEDA: hiya guys…good times 😉
Mesanna: hi Andrp,eda
Kyronix : Hello
Mesanna: wow
Bleak: hi
Mesanna: Andromeda too
ANDROMEDA: prob the dumbest asked here
ANDROMEDA: is there a possibility of change in the runebook area
ANDROMEDA: i wish to secure this
ANDROMEDA: 16 isnt enough
Misk: more entries in the book?
Mesanna: more locations?
ANDROMEDA: i wish to secure this
ANDROMEDA: i wish to release this
ANDROMEDA: more entries…im carring 13 in my pack atm
Mesanna: I actually agree with you
ANDROMEDA: maybe multi pages
Mesanna: it was fine when they were first put in the game
Mesanna: but we need bigger better ones
EM Avalon: *nods*
Mesanna: good suggestion
Mesanna: thank you
ANDROMEDA: tyvm hun
Kyronix : Thanks!
Mesanna: hi Furley
Furley’s: greetings all
Kyronix : Greetings!
Furley’s: I was wondering how is the new Counselor program coming along?
Mesanna: I have over 250 applications
Mesanna: going thru them
Furley’s: omg
EM Avalon: wow
Mesanna: please keep in mind we have to get Bleak to write a new system for us
Furley’s: when do you plan on getting it going?
Mesanna: we are not going to be using the old system
Furley’s: Thanks all for coming out, and gnite
Mesanna: I will be getting all the letters out probably around May
Mesanna: I will be getting them robed on TC1 so they can learn they powers in June
Mesanna: hi Aragorn
Kyronix : Hello!
ARAGORN: hi all its an honor to meet yall :)
Mesanna: Nice to meet you also
ARAGORN: I did finally get to see your state of uo address on youtube..very nicely done
Mesanna: we plan to have those more often
ARAGORN: you mentioned on there about gold going away and going to a ledger system?
ARAGORN: can u explain that in more detail plz?
Mesanna: Actually not yet
Mesanna: we do not have it all figured out in detail yet
Mesanna: but as soon as we do you guys will know
Mesanna: I hate to say something and it be untrue
ARAGORN: can it be summarized at all? maybe concept?
You see: stone pavers
Kyronix : Our high level goals are to basically make large amounts of gold easier to store
Kyronix : trade
Kyronix : and so on
Mesanna: it would be account tracked
Mesanna: gold will still be in the game but not in the large quanities like it is now
Mesanna: no checks
Mesanna: which frees up so much space
ARAGORN: very interesting idea
Mesanna: and look at all the atm vendors we will do away with =P
Misk: you will still be able to have gold for deco purposes
ARAGORN: oh my bank manager will have to go on unemployment..darn
Mesanna: lol
EM Avalon: haha
Mesanna: we hate to put anything out of business
EM Avalon: unless its a lawyer
ARAGORN: hehe she’ll get over it..thats the price of business
ARAGORN: one more question is any future plans for invasions? like the one that happened back in 2004?
ARAGORN: in britain
Mesanna: Kyronix
You see: stone pavers
Kyronix : Never know what nefarious types will spring up in an effort to disrupt our peaceful cities
EM Avalon: *chuckle*
Kyronix : We definitely want to add a little flair to invasions like we did with the Minax invasions
Kyronix : Make them more fun and dynamic
ARAGORN: :) i look forward to it thank yall for your time :) *bows*
Kyronix : Thank you
Kyronix : *grins*
Mesanna: Our time is coming to an end we will answer one question from each person in line
DevilsOwn: evenin all and thanks for coming to Legends!
Mesanna: Greetings
Kyronix : Hello!
Bleak: Hello
DevilsOwn: my question is about high res art project – it was slated for possibly this year
DevilsOwn: how is it going?
Mesanna: we are working on it
Mesanna: we hope to have our first pass out later this year
DevilsOwn: housing tiles slowing you down, yes?
Misk: it has not made it to QA yet, so not super quick
Mesanna: so many tiles
DevilsOwn: thank you for your time, I look forward to it,, and possibly new housing tiles
Kyronix : Thanks for the question!
Mesanna: Hi Arakad
Arakad Thorn: Lo’ I tremble before the dark lady … I risk my life again
Mesanna: lol
Arakad Thorn: I am in contact via ICQ to some who couldn’t make it tonight
Arakad Thorn: one of them wants to know about Morph earrings, they allow humans to wear / use elf items. Any plans on including gargoyles to that list?
Misk: not at this time, and honestly probably not ever
Arakad Thorn: Another asks a good question about Magery spell: Polymorph. Every magic brought out gives alternate forms special abilities
Arakad Thorn: Why not improve Polymorph, as Magery seems to be falling behind
Misk: magery offers diversity
Mesanna: We have been looking at so many other things we have not even though about updating magery
Mesanna: to be honest with you
Arakad Thorn: true, Necromancy has alternate forms that allow different advantages/disadvantages. I believe the question is – will you improve on that spell with the new content? New forms to chose from. And give those forms the appropriate updates
Mesanna: we should do a magery mastery
Mesanna: and you are asking more than 1 question
Arakad Thorn: *sorry – you can kill me for free later*
Mesanna: but I can kill you for free now =P
EM Avalon: eek
EM Avalon: quick run
Mesanna: lol
Arakad Thorn: *laughs*
Kyronix : Thanks!
Caelyr: hello!
Mesanna: hi Caelyr
Kyronix : Greetings!
Bleak: Hi Caelyr
Caelyr: you’ve mentioned at times that you all have a lot on your plates
Mesanna: always
Caelyr: and recently asked for ideas on new rewards, etc
Mesanna: yes sir
Caelyr: would you consider broadening that to allow for user generated content?
Mesanna: define that
Caelyr: such as art assets and other things which would consume precious hours
Caelyr: perhaps ideas or content could be voted for democratically
Caelyr: steam, for example, has its workshops
Mesanna: this is true
Mesanna: its something that we can look into
Mesanna: since we are Broadsword and not EA
Mesanna: that option is actually open to us
Mesanna: so I will not say no
Caelyr: congratulations, by the way
Mesanna: thank you
Caelyr: here’s to the future, eh
EM Avalon: here here!
Kyronix : Huzzah!
Caelyr: thanks for your time
Mesanna: thank you
EM Avalon: haha
Mesanna: hi Nazoc
Kyronix : Greetings!
Bleak: Hello
Nazoc: Hi, just one quick question
Nazoc: Why is house placement disabled on TC ? When will it be back up ?
Mesanna: Bleak is working on it
Mesanna: so he can answer it
Bleak: I will be working to get housing back up and running soon on TC1
Mesanna: we have alot of people asking the same question
Bleak: The plan is to have it up by tomorrow.
Nazoc: oh ok thank you very much
Kyronix : Thanks for the question!
Mesanna: hi Athena
Athena Rage: hello
Kyronix : Greetings!
Athena Rage: im not sure which chat to talk in sorry
Misk: this one is fine
Mesanna: ?
Athena Rage: i had 3 questions but will ask 1
Athena Rage: ive read on web page bout the shroud of the avatar, but im confused, is that part of uo, or all
Athena Rage: together different game?
Misk: altogether different game
Mesanna: It is not UO
Athena Rage: so its not part of uo?
Mesanna: Nope
Mesanna: Different game
Athena Rage: ok tyvm for your time Great ones
Athena Rage: bows
Mesanna: You are most welcome
Kyronix : Thanks for your question!
Mesanna: Thank you Athena
Savoua Fair: Eavning
Mesanna: hi Savova
Kyronix : Hello!
Savoua Fair: Will Factions continue as a lead for PvP in Felluccua?
Kyronix : We are in the process of replacing factions with a more agile PvP experience
Savoua Fair: So wait to restart in it?
Mesanna: We will be getting together a player group
Mesanna: to give us input
Savoua Fair: Ill keep an eye out.
Savoua Fair: Thank you
Mesanna: please do
Kyronix : Thank you for your question!
Seledor: Greetings and well met all
Mesanna: hi Seledor
Kyronix : Hello!
Bleak: Hi
Seledor: I hav greatly enjoyed the presence of the Sea Dragons over the yrs
EM Avalon: *smiles*
Seledor: I was just wondering if they could b made more interactive to attract more interest in them
Mesanna: I personally would love to see more sea creatures
Kyronix : Hear Hear!
EM Avalon: *hides glee*
Mesanna: so I guess our answer is its very much possible
Seledor: it would giv us players who r not able todo the major battles something to do
EM Avalon: *grins*
Seledor: Ty for ur time
Mesanna: dragon turtles!!
EM Avalon: haha!
Alice Wonderland: *Cheshire Cat Grin*
EM Avalon: wooo
Alice Wonderland: *HUMS*
Mesanna: hi
Bleak: Hello
Alice Wonderland: Hail my UO Gods and Goddess
Mesanna: How are you Alice
Alice Wonderland: well my dark lady
Alice Wonderland: My question is related to being able to use the house art for castles
Alice Wonderland: and make them more customizable
Alice Wonderland: stained glass windows, get rid of barrier at the front entrance
Misk: meaning customizable castles or using the existing wall art to decorate casles?
Mesanna: we have had many discussions about making castles customizable
Alice Wonderland: either and perferable both
Alice Wonderland: wonderful! hopfully very soon!
Alice Wonderland: *Cheshire Cat Grin*
EM Avalon: that smile scares me
Mesanna: I can say we are always talking about it
Alice Wonderland: *cackles*
Alice Wonderland: *nods*
Alice Wonderland: thank you Great ones
Mesanna: do you have a white rabbit in your pocket?
Kyronix : Thank you for the question!
EM Avalon: dont ask…
Alice Wonderland: close ….
Mesanna: sorry
EM Avalon: haha
Alice Wonderland: *winks*
EM Avalon: afraid to know
Mesanna: lol
Agatha: Hi. – With the upcoming Vice vs. Virture, are Faction “Arties” being kept? Or will players need to
Mesanna: hi Agatha
Agatha: adjust their suits in advance?
Misk: similar artifacts will be made available
Agatha: Some of the mods on faction artifacts can essentially make or break a suit, which is why I asked.
Misk: with identical or potentially better stats
Kyronix : We aren’t interested in forcing people to redo the hard work they put into their suits
Kyronix : That’s no fun :(
Agatha: Ah yes, that was my concern Kyronix.
Agatha: Thank you all for your time, have an excellent night!
Kyronix : Thanks!
Mesanna: I was on the team when they first put in Factions
Mesanna: it was broken then
Mesanna: I was on the team when they tried to fix factions
Mesanna: it was worse after that
Mesanna: everytime it just seems to get worse
Mesanna: time for a change
EM Avalon: *nods*
Tika W Majere: I couldn’t stay away!
Mesanna: Tika you have been here already
Tika W Majere: Okay
Tika W Majere: I just would like to say…
Mesanna: quickly then
Tika W Majere: You should come visit us more often!
Tika W Majere: That is all!
Mesanna: lol
EM Avalon: haha
Tika W Majere: 😀
Bleak: lol
Mesanna: I am coming to kill Legends please show up
Mesanna: lol
EM Avalon: hee hee hee
Tika W Majere: I’ll be near the front of the line! 😉
Tika W Majere: Thank you!
EM Avalon: they like to die
Mesanna: *hugs*
Tika W Majere: *hugs*
Tika W Majere: Thanks!
Mesanna: Thank you Legends for having us
EM Avalon: Thank you Mesanna and Devs for gracing us with your presence
EM Avalon: we have enjoyed having you
Mesanna: Again if you have any ideas for rewards or gifts we would love to hear them
Kyronix : Thanks for having us!
EM Avalon: *coffee pot!*
Bleak: Thanks for having us!
Mesanna: please email me with your ideas so I can get them on the list
Mesanna: Thank you!
Mesanna: Good night all
EM Avalon: good night!
Kyronix : Have a great night everyone!

Transcript of the Catskills Meeting with Mesanna and Kryonix

March 20, 2014 By: Flair Category: Community News

[19:04:04] [Crystal] Mesanna says: ok lets begin
[19:04:22] [Crystal] Mesanna says: Pandora welcome
[19:04:26] [Kyronix]: Good Evening Pandora
[19:04:32] [Pandora]: Hello my Dark one.
[19:04:42] [Mesanna]: Good evening
[19:05:06] [Pandora]: Well, my first feedback for you guys is that this system was a great idea….
[19:05:33] [Pandora]: I know Mes really wanted it to shine from her video at the 15th anniversary
[19:05:43] [Pandora]: But I think for some times now
[19:06:02] [Pandora]: you’ve been trying to mesh certain communities that do not traditionally mesh well
[19:06:23] [Pandora]: I felt this system was predominately created for RP’ers
[19:06:48] [Pandora]: but in adding the city buffs, it seemed to want to include the pvp’ers
[19:06:59] [Pandora]: and traditionally those two communities just do not get along
[19:07:07] [Pandora]: its the whole reason Trammel exists in the first place
[19:07:26] [Pandora]: I feel the governor system should be expanded to include Felucca
[19:07:34] [Pandora]: Let them have their own governor system
[19:07:42] [Pandora]: and let them have the city buffs
[19:07:53] [Pandora]: The two communities are just too basically different
[19:08:18] [Pandora]: We want to beautify the city, we want to have events that are based in the history of the cities
[19:08:28] [Pandora]: we want to expand the collections
[19:08:39] [Pandora]: like the zoo and the museum and the library
[19:08:44] [Pandora]: and none of those efforts
[19:08:46] [Pandora]: NONE
[19:09:02] [Pandora]: are taken into consideration by certain groups
[19:09:09] [Pandora]: all they want is their buff
[19:09:15] [Pandora]: because they create their templates
[19:09:16] [Pandora]: for pvp
[19:09:18] [Pandora]: based on them
[19:09:21] [Pandora]: period.
[19:09:37] [Pandora]: they dont care for any efforts that we do (the RP’ers) to bring that element to the city
[19:09:47] [Pandora]: and while all our events are open to all types of players
[19:09:54] [Pandora]: they just dont find that stuff fun
[19:09:57] [Pandora]: they want to go out and pvp
[19:10:03] [Pandora]: that’s their fun
[19:10:07] [Pandora]: so please
[19:10:13] [Pandora]: consider that
[19:10:20] [Pandora]: those two communities are DIFFERENT
[19:10:26] [Pandora]: they have different goals
[19:10:30] [Pandora]: different objectives
[19:10:35] [Pandora]: and i’d love to see Felucca be more
[19:10:43] [Pandora]: than just a place that we have exiled reds to
[19:10:49] [Pandora]: it should be FAR more than that
[19:10:56] [Pandora]: maybe I would enjoy pvp again
[19:11:00] [Pandora]: if there was more to it
[19:11:11] [Pandora]: but i urge to trhink about
[19:11:17] [Pandora]: giving felucca its own governor system
[19:11:28] [Pandora]: and letting trammel be more of the rp-focused governor system
[19:11:36] [Pandora]: will that stop griefers?
[19:11:45] [Pandora]: prob not… if someone REALLY wants to grief you
[19:11:47] [Pandora]: they will
[19:11:56] [Pandora]: but at least this separation will
[19:12:02] [Pandora]: not PROMOTE such things
[19:12:06] [Pandora]: the voting
[19:12:16] [Pandora]: should be 1 vote per account on ONE SHARD
[19:12:25] [Pandora]: the shard you have your house on
[19:12:33] [Pandora]: that’s your main shard
[19:12:40] [Pandora]: and if you play multiple shards
[19:12:43] [Pandora]: great
[19:12:57] [Pandora]: but to have it open up to x y z shards all over
[19:13:02] [Pandora]: just wasnt a good idea
[19:13:06] [Pandora]: it was far better before
[19:13:11] [Pandora]: when all my characters could vote
[19:13:15] [Pandora]: i feel the change was
[19:13:23] [Pandora]: too impulsive
[19:13:28] [Pandora]: because it actually promotes
[19:13:33] [Pandora]: people cross-shard voting
[19:13:40] [Pandora]: like we’re basically forced to do that
[19:13:44] [Pandora]: and what about ppl like me?
[19:13:52] [Pandora]: i have only ever played catskills
[19:13:55] [Pandora]: my whole UO life
[19:13:59] [Pandora]: I dont play other shard
[19:14:02] [Pandora]: therefore
[19:14:03] [Pandora]: guess what
[19:14:12] [Pandora]: I am not as popular as others that do
[19:14:25] [Pandora]: so its become a total popularity contest
[19:14:35] [Pandora]: its not about what you can do for your city
[19:14:39] [Pandora]: its about how many people you know
[19:14:40] [Pandora]: :(
[19:14:46] [Mesanna]: its politics
[19:15:05] [Pandora]: And that’s right… it is…
[19:15:18] [Pandora]: and if I paid $15/mo to be an US Citizen to vote
[19:15:30] [Pandora]: then that would be equivalent
[19:15:32] [Pandora]: but this is a game
[19:15:36] [Pandora]: that we all subscribe to
[19:15:40] [Pandora]: and pay for
[19:15:48] [Pandora]: we dont want to pay money to be griefed or
[19:15:52] [Pandora]: have it be unfair
[19:15:57] [Pandora]: or even percieved as unfair
[19:16:01] [Pandora]: again
[19:16:09] [Mesanna]: Ok Pandora how were you griefed
[19:16:09] [Pandora]: i think felucca should be looked at more
[19:16:31] [Pandora]: Well what I percieved as griefed is the personal attacks on my character
[19:16:37] [Pandora]: on my moral standing
[19:16:59] [Pandora]: being called names or being told that my only job is to PAY for a city buff
[19:17:07] [Pandora]: I see that as griefed
[19:17:19] [Pandora]: griefing is anything that makes you feel a certain way
[19:17:25] [Pandora]: it causes grief
[19:17:30] [Pandora]: i felt nothing I did
[19:17:36] [Pandora]: was worth anything
[19:17:48] [Pandora]: it was just about paying $2 mil a week for a buff
[19:17:54] [Pandora]: expected to pay that out of my own pocket
[19:18:15] [Pandora]: it was just my first term, i didnt know what it was going to be like…
[19:18:30] [Pandora]: hell for ever my friend was governor of another city and we didnt even know
[19:18:34] [Pandora]: a guideline
[19:18:44] [Pandora]: on what the EM’s could or could not provide
[19:18:50] [Pandora]: it was SOOOOOO drastically different
[19:18:56] [Pandora]: from one shard to the other
[19:19:05] [Mesanna]: ok
[19:19:14] [Pandora]: For the longest we didnt know what the system was really about
[19:19:15] [Mesanna]: lets stick to the topic on hand here please
[19:19:19] [Pandora]: k
[19:19:49] [Mesanna]: so to sum up your issues
[19:19:59] [Mesanna]: you want Fel incorportated
[19:20:14] [Pandora]: I do… with its own system, with the city buffs moved there
[19:20:35] [Mesanna]: well I was going to wait till the end but I will say this now
[19:20:57] [Mesanna]: fel is not even under Blackthorns ruling so thats going to be hard under the new PVP system …
[19:21:02] [Mesanna]: that will be in place in the future
[19:21:25] [Mesanna]: we want it out of towns not putting things back into the towns
[19:21:51] [Mesanna]: one vote per account per shard?
[19:22:17] [Mesanna]: Is that right?
[19:22:22] [Mesanna]: sorry taking notes
[19:22:32] [Pandora]: more like lock an account once a vote is cast to that shard
[19:23:00] [Pandora]: or if it is as Kyronix mentioned before tied to the housing database
[19:23:08] [Pandora]: maybe that might be something to explore too
[19:23:16] [Pandora]: vote on the shard where your house is
[19:23:18] [Mesanna]: Different systems
[19:23:21] [Pandora]: ok
[19:23:49] [Pandora]: kyro mentioned something about it would have to be similar to that database (something to that
[19:23:53] [Pandora]: effect).
[19:24:01] [Pandora]: because housing is locked to 1 shard
[19:24:16] [Pandora]: not that they are same systems but that its similar in tha tsense
[19:24:27] [Mesanna]: Pandora please finish up
[19:24:31] [Pandora]: k
[19:24:36] [Mesanna]: no thats not going to work
[19:24:37] [Pandora]: Okay.
[19:24:47] [Crystal] Kyronix says: *nods*
[19:25:03] [Pandora]: Okay
[19:25:03] [Crystal] Pandora says: Okay
[19:25:35] [Crystal] Kyronix says: Thank you for your feedback
[19:25:52] [Mesanna]: Thanks sorry finishing the notes
[19:26:11] [Mesanna]: hi Timothy
[19:26:14] [Crystal] Timothy Taterson says: Greetings
[19:26:14] [Crystal] Kyronix says: Welcome Timothy
[19:26:22] [Mesanna]: lets keep this to a few minutes ok
[19:26:28] [Crystal] Timothy Taterson says: Governor Smoot has sent me on his behalf
[19:26:29] [Mesanna]: so everyone gets a chance to talk
[19:26:37] [Mesanna]: I saw him outside
[19:26:46] [Crystal] Timothy Taterson says: he welcomes everyone to the city of Britain, and extends
[19:27:01] [Crystal] Timothy Taterson says: the office of Britain to the Dark Lady
[19:27:14] [Crystal] Timothy Taterson says: you are at his disposal
[19:27:27] [Crystal] Timothy Taterson says: I will keep this brief
[19:27:34] [Timothy Taterson]: (OOC)
[19:27:45] [Timothy Taterson]: The system is popular with RPers
[19:28:02] [Timothy Taterson]: and to alot of RPers 2mil a week is alot
[19:28:11] [Timothy Taterson]: i see no reason for a gold charge for a city buff
[19:28:36] [Timothy Taterson]: smaller shards would make use of it more if it were no charge
[19:28:44] [Timothy Taterson]: in regards to voting
[19:28:55] [Timothy Taterson]: 1 voter per account or otherwise
[19:29:23] [Timothy Taterson]: please keep things simple. there are always people who will prepare, see what it takes to have an
[19:29:31] [Timothy Taterson]: advantage in any system
[19:30:00] [Timothy Taterson]: please keep in mind that any change, if there is any advatage, people will find it
[19:30:15] [Timothy Taterson]: just please keep the system open to all
[19:30:37] [Timothy Taterson]: and not just those with 20 -50 accounts who take advatage of any given voting changes
[19:30:48] [Timothy Taterson]: To conclude
[19:30:59] [Timothy Taterson]: Politics in a video game…
[19:31:12] [Timothy Taterson]: is sure to make many unhappy
[19:31:25] [Timothy Taterson]: its can be a brutal combo
[19:31:46] [Timothy Taterson]: i would expect those running for governor to accept this
[19:31:54] [Timothy Taterson]: a bit moreso than normal gameplay
[19:32:15] [Timothy Taterson]: Governor Smoot did everything in his power to run a clean campaign
[19:32:35] [Timothy Taterson]: And Commends all the Governors that try to do the same
[19:32:39] [Timothy Taterson]: that is all
[19:32:46] [Kyronix]: Thank you Timothy
[19:32:48] [Mesanna]: thank you
[19:32:51] [Crystal] Timothy Taterson says: *nods*
[19:32:56] [Mesanna]: Kyronix
[19:33:10] [Kyronix]: Yes?
[19:33:22] [Mesanna]: You want to say something before we pull more
[19:33:35] [Kyronix]: Ya sure, let me talk about the trade deal real quick
[19:33:45] [Kyronix]: To keep it short, because I know a lot of people want to have a chance to speak
[19:34:06] [Kyronix]: You have to examine the cost based on the reality of the economy as it is
[19:34:20] [Kyronix]: Is 2 mil a lot for one person? Some yes, some no – however it was never intended for one perso
[19:34:30] [Kyronix]: To carry that burden, and we’ve seen that has become the case in many instances
[19:34:44] [Kyronix]: So instead of just dropping the cost, what we’d rather do is provide more tools
[19:34:53] [Kyronix]: For Governors and their citizens to take advantage of so they can fund their cities
[19:35:00] [Kyronix]: and the treasuries in novel and exciting ways
[19:35:27] [Kyronix]: That’s about the jist of it
[19:35:28] [Mesanna]: thanks
[19:35:29] [Crystal] Kyronix says: *grins*
[19:35:37] [Mesanna]: nice and short I love it
[19:35:39] [Mesanna]: next
[19:35:49] [Kyronix]: Hello Jon
[19:35:51] [Jon Marcus]: Good evening Messana and Kyronix.Thank for for holding this meeting.
[19:35:54] [Mesanna]: hi Jon
[19:36:02] [Jon Marcus]: Mine will also be short
[19:36:08] [Crystal] Mesanna says: *smiles*
[19:36:21] [Jon Marcus]: I would like to make a request that you change the “one accout–one vote+ rule
[19:36:46] [Mesanna]: do you mean make it so?
[19:36:51] [Jon Marcus]: I vote in Skara,but I also have another character that is very fond of Jhelom
[19:37:02] [Jon Marcus]: I had to make a decision on which city to vote in
[19:37:06] [Jon Marcus]: But…
[19:37:14] [Mesanna]: oh I see what you mean
[19:37:38] [Jon Marcus]: In allowing this,I would suggest that one account would be allowed to vote in the same city more t
[19:37:41] [Jon Marcus]: than pnce
[19:37:53] [Jon Marcus]: than once
[19:38:07] [Jon Marcus]: Thank you
[19:38:11] [Kyronix]: Thank you Jon
[19:38:17] [Mesanna]: your welcome thank you for coming
[19:38:28] [Jon Marcus]: thanks
[19:38:30] [Mesanna]: dbl click the bell
[19:38:46] [Mesanna]: Hi Bardo
[19:38:49] [Bardo]: Hi mesana
[19:38:54] [Kyronix]: Hello Bardo
[19:38:57] [Mesanna]: No one can spell my name!
[19:39:03] [Bardo]: I would like to say jsut 2 things please
[19:39:07] [Bardo]: o srry
[19:39:09] [Mesanna]: ok
[19:39:21] [Bardo]: First I agree with Jon
[19:39:39] [Bardo]: we could make its so one account could vote in 2 cities
[19:39:48] [Bardo]: that would be fair I think
[19:39:52] [Bardo]: and ..
[19:40:09] [Bardo]: I dont know what pandoras box said all of anyway
[19:40:18] [Bardo]: but not allowing pvprs to
[19:40:33] [Bardo]: get buffs.. I dont agree. some of us have pvpr
[19:40:42] [Bardo]: and play the rp side .,
[19:40:48] [Bardo]: so I dont find that fair
[19:40:54] [Bardo]: taht is all thank you
[19:40:58] [Mesanna]: Thank you
[19:41:00] [Kyronix]: Thank you Bardo
[19:41:22] [Aron Unrequited]: Thank you for your time
[19:41:23] [Kyronix]: Hello Aron
[19:41:29] [Mesanna]: hi Aron
[19:41:39] [Aron Unrequited]: I have one request, and one general comment
[19:42:03] [Aron Unrequited]: The request first, as it doesn’t need an answer as such
[19:42:25] [Aron Unrequited]: But the councils I attend tend to be well behaved, and you can see similar here tonight
[19:42:31] [Aron Unrequited]: Why, we even queue decently!
[19:43:07] [Aron Unrequited]: The fear of the Dark Lady perhaps; hence as a connected request, it would be nice to see that at wider events
[19:43:39] [Aron Unrequited]: Greater powers to squelch etc, I’m not sure, but the things that work for the Council have made roleplay in particular so much stronger
[19:44:03] [Aron Unrequited]: But, my question about it directly;
[19:44:30] [Aron Unrequited]: I play Europa, there’s a question on Stratics about running for a Governer spot that’s still open
[19:44:37] [Mesanna]: ok how is this related to the issue we are here tonight?
[19:44:47] [Aron Unrequited]: Could there be some clarification on how players can do that?
[19:45:19] [Mesanna]: is there is an opening
[19:45:28] [Aron Unrequited]: On Jhelom yes
[19:45:42] [Mesanna]: email me and I will discuss Europa with you
[19:45:51] [Mesanna]: this is not the place tonight
[19:45:55] [Aron Unrequited]: I ask because it will be open on many shards
[19:46:11] [Mesanna]: this is about an issue on Cats
[19:46:20] [Mesanna]: not an open forums for any issue
[19:46:21] [Mesanna]: sorry
[19:46:25] [Aron Unrequited]: Oh? I thought it was for Governors in general, I’m sorry
[19:46:30] [Mesanna]: no its not
[19:46:31] [Aron Unrequited]: Then I shall bell myself out
[19:46:36] [Aron Unrequited]: Thank you again
[19:46:37] [Mesanna]: no problem email me
[19:46:42] [Kyronix]: Thank You
[19:46:57] [Aornis of GL]: Good evening, Mesanna, Kyronix. Thank you for holding this open forum.
[19:47:01] [Mesanna]: Hi Aornix
[19:47:02] [Kyronix]: Hello!
[19:47:05] [Aornis of GL]: I am Aornis, also Alice, of Great Lakes, the current governor of Vesper.
[19:47:13] [Aornis of GL]: I came here tonight to discuss what happened during last week’s election on Great Lakes.
[19:47:25] [Aornis of GL]: Specifically, I want to discuss the Britain election.
[19:47:33] [Aornis of GL]: The current, and previous, governor of Brit was griefed, and I feel that the actions of
[19:47:43] [Aornis of GL]: the individual who did so should have ramifications.
[19:47:52] [Mesanna]: Stop guys
[19:47:56] [Mesanna]: I am sorry
[19:48:02] [Mesanna]: one second
[19:48:10] [Mesanna]: This meeting is about Catskills
[19:48:22] [Mesanna]: They are having an issue
[19:48:23] [Aornis of GL]: I apologize. From what I read of FLutter’s message on stratics
[19:48:34] [Aornis of GL]: it was for all greifing issues during elections
[19:48:38] [Mesanna]: and asked for a meeting with us to discuss it
[19:48:56] [Mesanna]: we will be more than happy to come to your shards and speak to you guys
[19:48:57] [Aornis of GL]: May we request a GL meeting as well?
[19:49:04] [Mesanna]: yes be happy to
[19:49:06] [Aornis of GL]: Please.
[19:49:08] [Aornis of GL]: Thank you!
[19:49:11] [Mesanna]: we will set it up
[19:49:14] [Mesanna]: but know this
[19:49:19] [Aornis of GL]: Wonderful, thank you so much.
[19:49:44] [Mesanna]: as I answered in email this
[19:49:51] [Mesanna]: we do not have unique names
[19:50:05] [Mesanna]: if a player is harrassing you then the bouncer behind me
[19:50:10] [Mesanna]: will take care of it
[19:50:15] [Mesanna]: he is very good at his job
[19:50:18] [Brutrin]: Indeed
[19:50:20] [Aornis of GL]: I have a point about the names, but I will share it on our GL meetings
[19:50:25] [Mesanna]: ok
[19:50:25] [Aornis of GL]: and he does look intimidating : )
[19:50:28] [Mesanna]: lol
[19:50:31] [Mesanna]: pretty huh
[19:50:37] [Aornis of GL]: Hehe, yes
[19:50:41] [Mesanna]: I am not trying to be rude here
[19:50:45] [Mesanna]: I am sorry Aornis
[19:50:49] [Mesanna]: we will set up a meeting
[19:50:53] [Aornis of GL]: Thank you for your time. And again, I apologize for the confusioin about the topics.
[19:51:19] [Mesanna]: oh I have two now
[19:51:23] [Mesanna]: nice
[19:51:24] [Aornis of GL]: hehe
[19:51:31] [Aornis of GL]: Thank you both
[19:51:33] [Mesanna]: thank you
[19:51:33] [Kyronix]: Thank you
[19:51:35] [Aornis of GL]: have a great evening.
[19:51:37] [Mesanna]: we will set up a date
[19:51:39] [Aornis of GL]: See you on GL, Mesanna.
[19:51:43] [Mesanna]: ok
[19:51:50] [Mesanna]: hi General
[19:51:56] [Kyronix]: Greetings!
[19:52:32] [General chaos]: sorry
[19:52:34] [General chaos]: lost con
[19:52:49] [General chaos]: sorry for the hold up
[19:52:57] [Mesanna]: no worries
[19:53:01] [General chaos]: im gona keep it short and to the point
[19:53:01] [Kyronix]: If you get removed from teh castle just head on back
[19:53:11] [Kyronix]: Not sure if you were out long enough to get auto removed
[19:53:14] [Crystal] Kyronix says: *smiles*
[19:53:27] [General chaos]: ok anyway
[19:53:45] [General chaos]: i was on the night during the last day to vote
[19:53:59] [General chaos]: and there was alot bashing
[19:54:05] [General chaos]: typical for general chat
[19:54:20] [General chaos]: i cant quote anyone to much extent
[19:54:25] [General chaos]: but i do remeber
[19:54:37] [General chaos]: that someone not giving any names
[19:54:45] [General chaos]: made a character
[19:54:51] [General chaos]: skankilicous
[19:55:04] [General chaos]: and called pandora a skank
[19:55:12] [General chaos]: and i did confront them
[19:55:27] [General chaos]: and they just ignored me and then it exploded in general chat
[19:55:28] [Mesanna]: thats what the harrassment feature is for
[19:55:42] [General chaos]: yes but that feature doesnt work
[19:55:55] [Mesanna]: ?
[19:55:58] [General chaos]: mutiple people have used it
[19:56:02] [General chaos]: and nothing happend
[19:56:03] [Mesanna]: Is it broke?
[19:56:05] [General chaos]: happens
[19:56:09] [General chaos]: not broke
[19:56:13] [General chaos]: no gms heere
[19:56:15] [General chaos]: here
[19:56:21] [Mesanna]: Psst
[19:56:23] [General chaos]: i have been back
[19:56:24] [Mesanna]: two right here
[19:56:30] [General chaos]: for 3 months
[19:56:38] [General chaos]: and u guys are the first ones to see
[19:56:40] [Mesanna]: and you won’t see a GM for that type of call
[19:57:06] [General chaos]: i understand people trash talk
[19:57:08] [General chaos]: its a game
[19:57:27] [General chaos]: but breaking peoples morals and stuff like ive seen
[19:57:34] [Mesanna]: General I am trying to get to the bottom of the issue here
[19:57:37] [General chaos]: uncalled for
[19:57:42] [Mesanna]: agreed
[19:57:46] [General chaos]: aye
[19:57:51] [Mesanna]: we are supposed to be adults
[19:57:58] [Mesanna]: or most of us are =)
[19:58:02] [General chaos]: i know
[19:58:27] [General chaos]: thats all i gotta say
[19:58:31] [Mesanna]: thank you
[19:58:36] [Kyronix]: Thank You
[19:58:37] [General chaos]: thank you guys
[19:59:03] [Mesanna]: dbl click the bell
[19:59:13] [Mesanna]: hi Parnoc
[19:59:22] [Parnoc]: Good Evening
[19:59:25] [Kyronix]: Hello!
[19:59:34] [Parnoc]: i just have a comment that i think may help
[19:59:55] [Parnoc]: I feel that this was done to make the cities more visited
[20:00:02] [Parnoc]: but it has done the opposite
[20:00:07] [Parnoc]: i feel that is
[20:00:08] [Parnoc]: if
[20:00:18] [Parnoc]: the buff were decided by each citizen
[20:01:52] [Parnoc]: it would not make the person switch his city that he has been loyal to for
[20:01:56] [Parnoc]: perhaps a long time
[20:02:15] [Parnoc]: and would make much more popular the city buff and loyalty for each city
[20:02:39] [Parnoc]: that’s it, thank you very much
[20:02:49] [Mesanna]: thank you
[20:02:53] [Kyronix]: Thank You
[20:03:00] [Mesanna]: hi Lucent
[20:03:03] [Lucent Dreher]: Hello
[20:03:06] [Kyronix]: Hello Lucent
[20:03:10] [Lucent Dreher]: I’d like to keep this short
[20:03:14] [Lucent Dreher]: as many are waiting
[20:03:23] [Lucent Dreher]: so excuse abruptness
[20:03:35] [Crystal] Mesanna says: *nods*
[20:03:49] [Lucent Dreher]: I feel that most people do not agree that the city system is for rpers and that it is useful to
[20:03:52] [Lucent Dreher]: all
[20:04:25] [Lucent Dreher]: I also would like to know exactly what the problem on catskills was
[20:04:33] [Mesanna]: me too
[20:04:40] [Mesanna]: I have heard many things
[20:04:41] [Lucent Dreher]: The election might have been a bit heated but it couldn’t be the worst
[20:04:46] [Mesanna]: but I hoped to hear it first hand
[20:04:54] [Mesanna]: but I haven’t
[20:05:11] [Lucent Dreher]: Sorry that’s about it
[20:05:17] [Lucent Dreher]: cya
[20:05:18] [Mesanna]: thank you
[20:05:28] [Mesanna]: hi Velvathos
[20:05:36] [Mesanna]: stop
[20:05:41] [Velvathos]: Greetings!
[20:05:44] [Kyronix]: Sorry!
[20:05:46] [Kyronix]: Wrong button
[20:06:00] [Velvathos]: Interestin’ look ye have there Mesanna, been bathing in charcoal again?
[20:06:15] [Velvathos]: Anyways!
[20:06:38] [Velvathos]: Onto the discussion! I believe voting
[20:06:40] [Mesanna]: you better be glad my slay button stalled out =P
[20:07:05] [Velvathos]: I believe that voting should be done once per shard somehow, like someone else suggested
[20:07:14] [Velvathos]: Tied to your house or something along the lines
[20:07:30] [Velvathos]: But I feel you should be able to use all your characters to vote to vote in multiple cities
[20:07:37] [Velvathos]: But only on one shard
[20:08:25] [Velvathos]: I believe that’s all for now then..
[20:08:30] [Velvathos]: I will send you an e-mail..
[20:08:32] [Mesanna]: thank you
[20:08:36] [Mesanna]: ok
[20:08:49] [Mesanna]: hi Brigantia
[20:09:05] [Brigantia]: Could we please have some way of earning lockdowns for our events? A tool with limited time set?
[20:09:19] [Brigantia]: Something that is not subject to the whims of EM’s?
[20:09:28] [Brigantia]: Spread out to all the cities?
[20:09:57] [Mesanna]: For what purpose?
[20:10:02] [Brigantia]: Events
[20:10:07] [Brigantia]: to combat griefers
[20:10:16] [Brigantia]: so they dont run off with all our decor
[[20:10:22] [Brigantia]: and ruin our events
[20:10:25] [Mesanna]: you mean like the market
[20:10:33] [Mesanna]: or a crafting center
[20:10:34] [Mesanna]: etc
[20:10:36] [Brigantia]: no like the Hoopla
[20:10:45] [Brigantia]: only Governors can do it
[20:11:01] [Mesanna]: ok so Kyronix and the team have talked about this
[20:11:07] [Brigantia]: something not subject to the whim of EMs
[20:11:09] [Mesanna]: and we talked to the EM’s
[20:11:37] [Brigantia]: something we can earn
[20:12:14] [Brigantia]: so its not just given out to 3 cites of 9 for example
[20:12:28] [Mesanna]: we are going to build a library of the areas
[20:12:40] [Mesanna]: that the governs can place for a limited time
[20:12:47] [Mesanna]: in specific areas
[20:12:57] [Mesanna]: but giving you the options to lock down items
[20:13:17] [Brigantia]: that will help greatly
[20:13:36] [Mesanna]: I think that will help you guys alot
[20:13:40] [Mesanna]: do the events you want to do
[20:13:47] [Mesanna]: and you can place them yourselfs
[20:13:56] [Mesanna]: and place the styles of set ups you want
[20:14:21] [Mesanna]: but thats in the future
[20:14:27] [Brigantia]: it will help with greifers and percieved favoritism
[20:14:40] [Brigantia]: i may consider running again if that is in place
[20:14:43] [Brigantia]: thank you
[20:14:50] [Mesanna]: your welcome
[20:14:52] [Mesanna]: thanks you
[20:14:55] [Mesanna]: thank you
[20:15:05] [Mesanna]: Poo Poo
[20:15:09] [Mesanna]: Hi
[20:15:13] [Kyronix]: Hello
[20:15:18] [Poo Poo Undies]: Hello
[20:15:23] [Crystal] Poo Poo Undies says: Are there any plans on the table to expand the role of the governorship…
[20:15:31] [Crystal] Poo Poo Undies says: or to provide a purpose to encourage players to interact with their town governor?
[20:15:40] [Crystal] Poo Poo Undies says: aside from the town buff.
[20:15:46] [Kyronix]: I think people are already doing that
[20:15:50] [Kyronix]: On a number of shards
[20:16:03] [Kyronix]: It’s about what you make it – we left i open ended for a reason
[20:16:06] [Poo Poo Undies]: Outside of roleplay?
[20:16:38] [Kyronix]: The main purpose is to provide a medium for interacting with events throughout the realm
[20:16:47] [Kyronix]: And bringing community leaders together and supporting them
[20:17:01] [Poo Poo Undies]: Ok. That is all I have to ask
[20:17:07] [Poo Poo Undies]: Thank you
[20:17:17] [Kyronix]: providing tools to accomplish that would be along the lines of something beyond the buff
[20:17:23] [Kyronix]: Thank you
[20:18:27] [Mesanna]: hi Aurelius
[20:18:29] [Aurelius]: Thank you for the chance to speak on Governor issues, i’ll try be brief…
[20:18:56] [Aurelius]: First I agree with most of what Pandora gave as reasons againt sht one vote per account, but ald
[20:19:23] [Aurelius]: I play characters, not accounts – by all means limit the account vote to one shard,
[20:19:42] [Aurelius]: but adding another gap between the player and the characters is not a good idea…
[20:20:04] [Aurelius]: It also led to an issue where someone appeared to stand on multiple – as in about 20 – shards
[20:20:23] [Aurelius]: As they were the only opponent to most governors they challenged, people were
[20:20:46] [Aurelius]: obliged to vote for that governor – only for the ‘pretender’ to withdraw a ady into the elections
[20:21:02] [Aurelius]: so effectively thos people lost any opportunity for a meaningful vote
[20:21:07] [Aurelius]: on their home shard.
[20:21:29] [Aurelius]: As for Felucca, and buffs … we do need something for the Fel people …
[20:21:44] [Aurelius]: As it stands, the Trammel only option is causing more divisiveness between the
[20:21:57] [Aurelius]: two groups of players, hwich surely can’t be the intention…
[20:22:07] [Aurelius]: A different, but parralel, system would be welcome.
[20:22:28] [Aurelius]: Regarding voting being ‘politics’ … yes, it is, in part
[20:22:45] [Aurelius]: but when it’s made cross shard polularity, it’s not in-game, shard specific, politics,..
[20:22:52] [Aurelius]: and again, surely that is not what is intended?
[20:23:18] [Aurelius]: The other thigns I had planned to say, seem inappropriate as I had
[20:23:34] [Aurelius]: uinderstood from theforums this was a general ‘Governor’s issues’ duiscussion …
[20:23:51] [Aurelius]: Perhaps we can arrange such a general, not shard specific, conversation in some way?
[20:23:57] [Aurelius]: And that’s about it ….
[20:24:03] [Mesanna]: thank you
[20:24:09] [Aurelius]: Thank you for your time
[20:24:12] [Kyronix]: Thank you!
[20:24:27] [Mesanna]: Hi Jirel
[20:24:35] [Jirel of Joiry]: Hello mesanna plz forgive my slow typing and abbr. I hava broken arm and only one hand 4 typing
[20:24:45] [Mesanna]: Oh I am sorry
[20:24:52] [Kyronix]: Hello! And feel better :(
[20:24:59] [Jirel of Joiry]: I wish to ask 4 a legends meeting
[20:25:06] [Mesanna]: ok
[20:25:11] [Mesanna]: we will do one for all shards
[20:25:16] [Jirel of Joiry]: ty kyronix
[20:25:17] [Mesanna]: think its a good idea
[20:25:37] [Jirel of Joiry]: ty we have had elections probs too
[20:26:09] [Jirel of Joiry]: ty 4 both of your time
[20:26:15] [Mesanna]: thank you
[20:26:16] [Kyronix]: Thank you
[20:26:27] [Jirel of Joiry]: sorry again 4 crummy typing
[20:26:32] [Kyronix]: No problem
[20:26:33] [Mesanna]: no worries
[20:26:39] [Mesanna]: dbl click the bell
[20:26:41] [Mesanna]: feel better
[20:26:48] [Jirel of Joiry]: ty mesanna
[20:26:59] [Mesanna]: hi Va’lis
[20:27:01] [Kyronix]: Hello Va’lis
[20:27:06] [Va’lis Razele]: Good evening.
[20:27:10] [Va’lis Razele]: Where to start where to start…
[20:27:27] [Va’lis Razele]: Well first…if you arent doing anything after this Mesanna…I know a lovely tavern in Nu’jelm
[20:27:39] [Va’lis Razele]: But that is besides the point
[20:27:40] [Mesanna]: asking me for a date?
[20:27:47] [Va’lis Razele]: Are you saying yes?
[20:27:59] [Mesanna]: we will talk later *winks*
[20:28:06] [Va’lis Razele]: Oh lovely.
[20:28:16] [Va’lis Razele]: Now, down to business
[20:28:27] [Va’lis Razele]: I have a few points I would like to bring up.
[20:28:38] [Va’lis Razele]: First… The griefing issues.
[20:28:53] [Va’lis Razele]: I was there for much of the final day of elections.
[20:29:16] [Va’lis Razele]: And to say it was heated well..
[20:29:35] [Va’lis Razele]: Name calling is one thing.
[20:29:46] [Va’lis Razele]: Some things were taken past that.
[20:29:50] [Va’lis Razele]: Such as this
[20:30:05] [Va’lis Razele]: One of many dropped throughout the towns
[20:30:34] [Va’lis Razele]: But.
[20:30:45] [Va’lis Razele]: People seemed very upset
[20:30:53] [Va’lis Razele]: About people using multiple accounts
[20:30:56] [Va’lis Razele]: That they pay for
[20:30:59] [Mesanna]: look at general chat please
[20:31:01] [Va’lis Razele]: To vote how they wished.
[20:31:37] [Mesanna]: Va’lis I am aware of all this and more actually
[20:31:40] [Mesanna]: but thank you
[20:31:43] [Va’lis Razele]: Ah lovely.
[20:31:50] [Va’lis Razele]: Second thing then.
[20:31:54] [Mesanna]: I did come informed
[20:32:00] [Va’lis Razele]: I am glad.
[20:32:17] [Va’lis Razele]: But…My next thing
[20:32:23] [Va’lis Razele]: Was on the topic of voting?
[20:32:44] [Va’lis Razele]: In RL, voting is restricted to those of age
[20:33:23] [Va’lis Razele]: Even gifts are restricted to those of age.
[20:33:29] [Va’lis Razele]: Why is voting not as well?
[20:33:36] [Va’lis Razele]: Just a thought.
[20:33:51] [Va’lis Razele]: And one final thing.
[20:34:02] [Mesanna]: Are you talking 30 days old?
[20:34:08] [Va’lis Razele]: 30,60,a year
[20:34:09] [Mesanna]: do you really think that would help?
[20:34:10] [Va’lis Razele]: Something
[20:34:14] [Va’lis Razele]: I think it would help
[20:34:15] [Va’lis Razele]: Yes
[20:34:23] [Va’lis Razele]: Now..I know..
[20:34:32] [Va’lis Razele]: That some would treat is they do with the gift xsharding
[20:34:39] [Va’lis Razele]: But it would help a bit.
[20:34:59] [Va’lis Razele]: I saw a few trial accounts opened
[20:35:04] [Va’lis Razele]: The young status dropped
[20:35:09] [Va’lis Razele]: Ingots donated
[20:35:12] [Va’lis Razele]: And they voted
[20:35:12] [Kyronix]: You can’t vote with a trial account
[20:35:23] [Va’lis Razele]: If they purchase the 1 month game time
[20:35:23] [Mesanna]: Brutrin you there?
[20:35:24] [Va’lis Razele]: They can.
[20:35:28] [Va’lis Razele]: I have in the past done it.
[20:35:35] [Va’lis Razele]: I admit it, I have.
[20:35:42] [Va’lis Razele]: Not for the most recent election
[20:35:45] [Va’lis Razele]: But in the past.
[20:35:55] [Kyronix]: At that point they have paid for their time just as anyone has
[20:35:55] [Mesanna]: Please divorce that person please
[20:36:11] [Va’lis Razele]: Then why are gifts not allowed instantly as well?
[20:36:21] [Va’lis Razele]: Merely my thoughts on the matter in regard to voting.
[20:36:30] [Kyronix]: We appreciate the feedback
[20:36:32] [Mesanna]: tell him to just change the name please
[20:36:34] [Va’lis Razele]: Last thing
[20:36:46] [Va’lis Razele]: The whole buff issue
[20:37:11] [Va’lis Razele]: I am one that agrees , that maybe the buffs should not be tied to the governorship
[20:37:21] [Va’lis Razele]: But maybe to the guild system
[20:37:27] [Va’lis Razele]: With a guild treasury
[20:37:56] [Va’lis Razele]: After all
[20:38:04] [Va’lis Razele]: Some players have their own towns
[20:38:13] [Va’lis Razele]: Or other things
[20:38:15] [Mesanna]: thank you Va’lis that they do
[20:38:25] [Va’lis Razele]: I think that is all I have.
[20:38:33] [Mesanna]: thank you
[20:38:34] [Va’lis Razele]: And Mesanna, I will be waiting for your answer.
[20:38:37] [Crystal] Va’lis Razele says: *winks*
[20:38:40] [Crystal] Mesanna says: *grins*
[20:38:47] [Gareth]: Man handle me
[20:38:49] [Mesanna]: Hi Gareth
[20:38:52] [Kyronix]: Hello Gareth
[20:38:52] [Gareth]: ‘Ello
[20:38:56] [Gareth]: I have some suggestions to deal with “Outer Shard Voter Fraud”
[20:39:05] [Gareth]: and this is coming from an owner of 26 Active UO Accounts
[20:39:11] [Gareth]: A way to deal with Outer Shard Voter Fraud during elections is to have each vote drain
[20:39:13] [Gareth]: your Characters Loyalty to say negative -10,000. This way the player would have to put
[20:39:20] [Gareth]: in the effort to build their rating back up to vote in every election. You could also cap
[20:39:29] [Gareth]: the amount of Ingots, Wood Etc. you can donate to gain Loyalty. This would also put a
[20:39:36] [Gareth]: wrench in the scripters machine so they can no longer mine unlimited sources of Loyalty.
[20:39:43] [Gareth]: This would not negatively impact players who regularly play on the shard or those who
[20:39:50] [Gareth]: play on Multiple shards because if they truly play the shard
[20:39:53] [Gareth]: building their Loyalty Rating back up should be no problem.
[20:39:56] [Crystal] Gareth says: *Takes a breath*
[20:40:05] [Gareth]: And last, I’d like to call for a Producers election and wish to submit my candidacy
[20:40:08] [Mesanna]: macro that did ya?
[20:40:14] [Gareth]: Ctrl C V
[20:40:16] [Gareth]: :-)
[20:40:23] [Kyronix]: Heh
[20:40:38] [Gareth]: One day… *Shakes fist* One day
[20:40:55] [Mesanna]: have a nice day
[20:41:04] [Gareth]: I will
[20:41:11] [Gareth]: you too Krynoix
[20:41:17] [Crystal] Gareth says: *Evil eyes*
[20:41:30] [Kyronix]: Have a good one, enjoy!
[20:41:31] [Gareth]: You may man handle me out of here now
[20:41:40] [Mesanna]: you can do that yourself
[20:41:43] [Mesanna]: dbl click the bell
[20:41:53] [Mesanna]: hi Wildstar
[20:41:55] [WildStar of Baja]: Hello
[20:41:57] [Kyronix]: Hello WildStar
[20:42:06] [WildStar of Baja]: First
[20:42:24] [WildStar of Baja]: I think voting is already resisted to one vote per shard per vote
[20:42:40] [WildStar of Baja]: I think Pandora meant one vote per account
[20:42:57] [WildStar of Baja]: Second
[20:43:18] [WildStar of Baja]: Role-players and PvPers don’t have to be at each others throats
[20:43:32] [WildStar of Baja]: On baja, several PvP guild were providing the funds for the deals
[20:43:45] [WildStar of Baja]: so the two groups can work together
[20:44:12] [WildStar of Baja]: that was all I had to say
[20:44:20] [Kyronix]: Thank You
[20:44:20] [Mesanna]: thank you
[20:44:32] [Mesanna]: Hi Aedon
[20:44:36] [Kyronix]: Hello Aedon
[20:44:47] [Aedon Durreah]: Evening Mesanna and things who scare me
[20:44:54] [Stethun]: Roar and such.
[20:44:56] [Mesanna]: lol
[20:45:07] [Mesanna]: my pretties
[20:45:16] [Crystal] Mesanna says: *snickers*
[20:45:16] [Aedon Durreah]: First off, I have not seen any true devide in the community I am a part of,
[20:45:36] [Aedon Durreah]: I have dealings with those who sit in taverns and those why wild wildly through the old lands
[20:45:55] [Aedon Durreah]: This election showed that coming together
[20:46:04] [Aedon Durreah]: We had candidates from all walks
[20:46:17] [Aedon Durreah]: Was there some mud slinging, most likely
[20:46:38] [Aedon Durreah]: I myself dropped leaflets telling voters how untrustworthy I am
[20:46:44] [Aedon Durreah]: And yet, I did win
[20:46:52] [Mesanna]: lol
[20:47:00] [Mesanna]: I am sorry
[20:47:00] [Kyronix]: I guess that’s one way to do it
[20:47:03] [Aedon Durreah]: I have also had folks from all walks call me names
[20:47:04] [Mesanna]: I shouldn’t laugh
[20:47:12] [Aedon Durreah]: indeed
[20:47:30] [Aedon Durreah]: And i could make a long list of insults and hurt feelings, but to what end?
[20:47:40] [Aedon Durreah]: Elections are dirty work
[20:47:53] [Aedon Durreah]: And not for those easily hurt or insulted
[20:48:19] [Aedon Durreah]: I have a lot of respect for what we are building in these lands
[20:48:28] [Mesanna]: You have made some very good points
[20:48:39] [Kyronix]: Indeed
[20:48:47] [Aedon Durreah]: And hope that no actions will be taken to disrupt the unity of the community at large
[20:49:01] [Mesanna]: thank you
[20:49:04] [Aedon Durreah]: Thank you for your time and not killing me
[20:49:09] [Kyronix]: Thank you Aedon
[20:49:10] [Mesanna]: I would not kill you
[20:49:16] [Mesanna]: I just enjoy killing Gareth
[20:49:23] [Crystal] Kyronix says: *snickers*
[20:49:23] [Mesanna]: Hi Flutter
[20:49:29] [Kyronix]: Hello Flutter
[20:49:31] [Flutter]: Hello Lady
[20:49:37] [Flutter]: And Hello Ladys minions
[20:49:44] [Flutter]: Im sorry this is taking so long
[20:49:50] [Flutter]: Id like to address a fact
[20:49:55] [Flutter]: with the audience
[20:50:07] [Flutter]: Mesanna has my permission though she doesnt need it im sure
[20:50:13] [Flutter]: to go through all of my accounts
[20:50:21] [Flutter]: and hunt down meanly named characters
[20:50:28] [Flutter]: that may hurt someones feelings
[20:50:48] [Flutter]: The Dark Lady has had my credit card information for months
[20:50:56] [Flutter]: certainly she is free to look at my accounts
[20:51:06] [Crystal] Mesanna says: *LAUGHS*
[20:51:13] [Crystal] Kyronix says: *chuckles*
[20:51:22] [Mesanna]: trusting soul
[20:51:24] [Flutter]: I have no “issues” and dont know why anyone would unless they are sensitive
[20:51:36] [Flutter]: I do understand some people are
[20:51:51] [Flutter]: And I do know that certian folk have blamed me for their “issues”
[20:52:03] [Flutter]: I assure you I have not encouraged anyone to be ugly
[20:52:11] [Flutter]: Aint nobody got time fo dat
[20:52:19] [Flutter]: But My Lady I beg of you
[20:52:28] [Flutter]: Dont limit our voting to once per shard period
[20:52:33] [Flutter]: I do play multiple shards
[20:52:44] [Flutter]: I do enjoy the company of many people herre and abroad
[20:52:59] [Flutter]: I do not believe there to be one person elected to Catskills
[20:53:04] [Flutter]: that does not role play in some way
[20:53:16] [Flutter]: be it insufficient for those with “issues” i cannot help that
[20:53:22] [Flutter]: some of us enjoy all apsects of the game
[20:53:36] [Flutter]: But to say that we are not a tignly knit community is wrong
[20:53:51] [Flutter]: Even I and the lovely Devin Ashley have mended fences
[20:53:54] [Flutter]: and if that is possible
[20:53:57] [Flutter]: all else is as well
[20:54:03] [Flutter]: But limiting votes
[20:54:07] [Flutter]: to once per account
[20:54:14] [Flutter]: only hurts the poor fellow with only one account
[20:54:17] [Flutter]: who wants to run
[20:54:32] [Flutter]: versus the grroup that has what has been called “70+”
[20:54:42] [Flutter]: its a lock in win for that person
[20:54:46] [Flutter]: and everyone
[20:54:51] [Flutter]: even the one with one account only
[20:54:54] [Flutter]: should have a chance
[20:54:56] [Flutter]: if they wish
[20:55:03] [Flutter]: Thank you so much for taking the time
[20:55:06] [Flutter]: to listen to everyone
[20:55:15] [Mesanna]: No problem
[20:55:22] [Kyronix]: Thank You Flutter
[20:55:22] [Flutter]: And I aologise if there was a misunderstanding as to what the conversation is supposed to be abou
[20:55:31] [Mesanna]: thank you
[20:55:33] [Flutter]: I hope whoever had the issue does come forward
[20:55:47] [Mesanna]: hi Thom
[20:55:52] [Kyronix]: Hello Thom
[20:55:54] [Thom]: Evening.
[20:56:26] [Thom]: I’m not sure what the specific complain was about this last election
[20:56:35] [Thom]: but i was around for most of the week of elections
[20:56:52] [Thom]: And I was watching the Britain election a good bit
[20:57:23] [Thom]: I’m sure there was more to it then what I saw
[20:57:44] [Thom]: but from what I saw people that were not running were causing the issues.
[20:57:48] [Thom]: Personally
[20:58:05] [Thom]: I feel that if you run for governor you open yourself up to a certain amount of comments
[20:58:16] [Thom]: And grief from other people
[20:58:29] [Thom]: And if you can not handle that in an appropriate manner
[20:58:48] [Thom]: then perhaps you can best benefit your chosen city in a way that doesn’t involve running for office.
[20:59:04] [Thom]: It doesn’t require the governor office to run events or better the cities, and people can work with
[20:59:08] [Thom]: the elected people to get things done.
[20:59:25] [Thom]: There isn’t a person elected on Catskills that i’m aware of that wouldn’t work with someone in their city
[20:59:38] [Thom]: To get things done
[21:00:22] [Thom]: The other thing
[21:00:31] [Thom]: That I wanted to say was about the trade deals
[21:02:02] [Thom]: I am looking forward to the things that you have mentioned tonight as coming to the system to help
[21:02:20] [Thom]: and feel that the deals benefit everyone equally whether they rp, pvp or strictly pvm
[21:02:47] [Thom]: The governor system does a good job of getting people involved in rp that wouldn’t normally
[21:02:55] [Thom]: participate in it. And that’s a good thing
[21:03:33] [Mesanna]: Thank you Thom
[21:03:39] [Thom]: Thank you.
[21:03:41] [Kyronix]: Thank you!
[21:03:45] [Thom]: For taking the time to listen to us.
[21:04:04] [Mesanna]: hi Shenzin
[21:04:11] [Shenzin]: Hello Mesanna and Kyronix, and thank you for this visit.
[21:04:16] [Kyronix]: Hello!
[21:04:35] [Shenzin]: I stand before you to speak to the voting
[21:04:57] [Shenzin]: I observed both the Vesper and Brit voting
[21:05:13] [Shenzin]: and the Vesper vote was ell handles
[21:05:18] [Shenzin]: handled
[21:05:23] [Shenzin]: but
[21:05:35] [Shenzin]: dear friends of Catskills
[21:05:50] [Shenzin]: I was ashamed of ghe Brit voting
[21:06:15] [Shenzin]: to watch newbie players come for who knows where
[21:06:37] [Shenzin]: and recieve ingots from a packy to gain voting rights?
[21:06:45] [Shenzin]: is dead wrong
[21:07:09] [Shenzin]: I hope I never witness this shamfulness again here
[21:07:27] [Shenzin]: I trust you wil addreess this
[21:07:38] [Shenzin]: thank you
[21:07:42] [Kyronix]: Thank You
[21:07:51] [Mesanna]: thank you
[21:07:59] [Mesanna]: hi Tobias
[21:08:04] [Tobias Cardont]: Hello.
[21:08:08] [Tobias Cardont]: And thank you.
[21:08:09] [Kyronix]: Hello
[21:08:19] [Tobias Cardont]: Just two sort of quick things
[21:08:42] [Tobias Cardont]: First, as a role-player, I’d like to think that role-playing is something that incorporates all kinds of playstyles.
[21:08:45] [Tobias Cardont]: PVP, PVM, etc.
[21:09:04] [Tobias Cardont]: I don’t think separate but equal is ever a good idea, and hope that approach isn’t adopted.
[21:09:21] [Tobias Cardont]: Second, I was watching the election here very closely.
[21:09:29] [Tobias Cardont]: Including in and out of game communications with both sides.
[21:09:40] [Tobias Cardont]: Both sides attacked credibility. Both sides recruited cross-shard voting.
[21:09:49] [Tobias Cardont]: They more or less used the same tactics.
[21:10:00] [Tobias Cardont]: And I don’t thin kthere’s anything wrong with that.
[21:10:11] [Tobias Cardont]: People should be free to use their accounts to vote how they wish.
[21:10:15] [Tobias Cardont]: We all pay money for them.
[21:10:34] [Tobias Cardont]: Lastly, when something is a big public spectacle.
[21:10:41] [Tobias Cardont]: A lot of people are going to come out of the woodwork.
[21:10:54] [Tobias Cardont]: I don’t think it’s fair to blame either side for everything that someone decided to say.
[21:11:09] [Tobias Cardont]: Some people enjoy griefing some people might have had an unrelated axe to grind with one of the candidates.
[21:11:25] [Tobias Cardont]: In general, I don’t really even understand the need for this meeting because I’ve seen worse elections in UO.
[21:11:32] [Tobias Cardont]: but I do appreciate you taking the time to organize this meeting.
[21:11:46] [Tobias Cardont]: And hope that it helps in the future.
[21:11:50] [Tobias Cardont]: Thanl you and that’s all.
[21:11:56] [Tobias Cardont]: Thank you even.
[21:12:05] [Mesanna]: Thank you
[21:12:29] [Tobias Cardont]: How do I escape?!
[21:12:30] [Mesanna]: Tobias dbl click the bell
[21:12:34] [Kyronix]: The Bell!
[21:12:35] [Tobias Cardont]: Thanks!
[21:12:40] [Mesanna]: hi Jac
[21:12:47] [Jac Singleton]: My Lady, My Lord, good Beasts…Good evening.
[21:12:52] [Kyronix]: Hello!
[21:12:58] [Jac Singleton]: i would like to tell you that this is going to be very brief,
[21:13:03] [Mesanna]: silent type =)
[21:13:06] [Jac Singleton]: so short in fact that you may not even realize that i have stopped speaking by the time this is
[21:13:16] [Jac Singleton]: but i wanted to be sure that you were well aware that i am a man of few words, and that I will
[21:13:22] [Jac Singleton]: keep my thoughts incredibly short…
[21:13:35] [Jac Singleton]: because i believe that if i keep my speech short, it will be better understood in a very quick mann
[21:13:39] [Jac Singleton]: er
[21:13:45] [Jac Singleton]: and to be concise, i want to remind you that i’ll be quick about this…
[21:13:53] [Jac Singleton]: thank you for this brief meeting…
[21:14:00] [Jac Singleton]: That being said…
[21:14:13] [Jac Singleton]: I wish to remind everyone that behaviors speak louder than words…
[21:14:21] [Jac Singleton]: and this in the end is purely entertainment.
[21:14:26] [Jac Singleton]: Thank you.
[21:14:31] [Mesanna]: thank you
[21:14:32] [Kyronix]: Thank You
[21:14:42] [Mesanna]: Hi I
[21:14:43] [I SUCK UP]: Hello
[21:14:44] [Kyronix]: Hello
[21:14:47] [I SUCK UP]: First Time Speaker, Long Time ULTIMA player
[21:14:53] [I SUCK UP]: I have just one question in 7 parts.
[21:14:54] [Mesanna]: welcome
[21:15:04] [I SUCK UP]: I’d just like to start off with saying; What a great job you have done in sept hold’s on Atlantic.
[21:15:12] [Mesanna]: thanks
[21:15:15] [I SUCK UP]: 1. Will there ever be a stop to one person being Governor on (X) number of shards
[21:15:22] [I SUCK UP]: Sorry 1min phone.
[21:15:32] [Mesanna]: excuse me
[21:15:43] [Mesanna]: we just got put on hold I think
[21:15:46] [Mesanna]: hrm
[21:15:56] [Crystal] Mesanna says: *looks at watch*
[21:16:25] [I SUCK UP]: sorry
[21:16:32] [Mesanna]: lol
[21:16:34] [I SUCK UP]: I have more inportant things
[21:16:42] [Mesanna]: ok
[21:16:48] [Mesanna]: hi James
[21:17:07] [James]: Hello! *Smiles cheerfully*
[21:17:40] [James]: Well, I don’t consider myself much of a citizen of any of the cities…I live in the Freehold.
[21:17:58] [James]: I did become a member of Yew though, so I could vote to make Aedon king.
[21:18:39] [James]: I was originally thinking of being part of Britain though, but none of the candidates I heard of
[21:18:49] [James]: Wanted to burn down the city.
[21:19:27] [James]: Which brings me to why I was standing in line, as I found out as I got near the front
[21:19:32] [James]: was to talk about voting.
[21:20:09] [James]: I never cared much for it, or took it too seriously..
[21:20:14] [Crystal] Kyronix says: *nom*
[21:20:40] [James]: I’m more in favor of having a king, duely chosen, by seeing which of possible royals
[21:21:19] [James]: would probibly complain the most if they didn’t get their way
[21:21:26] [James]: then you put them in charge so they’d stop it.
[21:21:46] [James]: That’s about all I have to say about voting.
[21:22:04] [James]: By the way, aren’t you the lady who made all those pies?
[21:22:16] [Mesanna]: Nope not me
[21:22:19] [Mesanna]: never
[21:22:20] [Kyronix]: Mesanna’s pie making skills are known throughout the realm
[21:22:25] [Kyronix]: She’s just being modest
[21:22:27] [Crystal] Kyronix says: *nods*
[21:22:40] [Kyronix]: Thank you James
[21:22:48] [Mesanna]: Thank you =)
[21:22:55] [James]: I like those pies, much better for throwing then most of the other ones.
[21:23:17] [Crystal] Mesanna says: *grins*
[21:23:42] [Mesanna]: dbl click the bell to escape
[21:23:51] [James]: Alright then
[21:23:57] [Mesanna]: thank you
[21:24:02] [Mesanna]: hi Tserim
[21:24:05] [Kyronix]: Hello
[21:24:08] [Tserim Arryth]: My lady!!
[21:24:14] [Tserim Arryth]: I must say, you are looking particularly evil today
[21:24:22] [Mesanna]: Why thank you
[21:24:24] [Tserim Arryth]: I have two comments and of course a humble suggestion
[21:24:32] [Mesanna]: compliments will get you everywhere!
[21:24:39] [Mesanna]: of course
[21:24:43] [Tserim Arryth]: Firstly, I caution against voting requirements rules which have been suggested
[21:24:55] [Tserim Arryth]: One vote per account, acount age, and so forth
[21:25:15] [Tserim Arryth]: There will always be a sense of unfairness in large elections
[21:25:26] [Tserim Arryth]: For there will always be someone with many accounts, or a lot of gold or a lot of friends
[21:25:38] [Tserim Arryth]: What matters, in the end, is that the governor does their job
[21:25:48] [Mesanna]: agreed
[21:25:49] [Tserim Arryth]: As I understand it, King Blackthorn has the authority to remove ineffective governors
[21:26:10] [Mesanna]: that he does
[21:26:17] [Tserim Arryth]: As for mud slinging, so long as all live within the rules of Sosaria, it matters little
[21:26:26] [Tserim Arryth]: I’ve wrestled bears with fouler mouths!
[21:26:32] [Tserim Arryth]: My second comment…
[21:26:51] [Tserim Arryth]: I feel that the governors bear too much of a burden with trade deals
[21:27:09] [Tserim Arryth]: I think that it help to find a way to spread the love of paying for these trade deals
[21:27:15] [Tserim Arryth]: But more importantly:?
[21:27:32] [Tserim Arryth]: Smaller shards with smaller populations, cannot so easily get these deals themselves
[21:27:59] [Tserim Arryth]: For this reason I think it might be better to have different costs for different deals
[21:28:21] [Tserim Arryth]: Or at least some way for smaller towns to access some kind of deal
[21:28:36] [Tserim Arryth]: Maybe the cost could scale to the number of citizens or the number of people that use the deal
[21:28:47] [Tserim Arryth]: Finally, my humble suggestion
[21:29:02] [Tserim Arryth]: There is an up and coming industry in these great lands of Britannia
[21:29:11] [Tserim Arryth]: I feel they are being left out of the city trade deals
[21:29:19] [Tserim Arryth]: I speak, of course, of the Donut Bakers Association.
[21:29:32] [Tserim Arryth]: I feel they have a lot to offer to the great cities of Britannia!
[21:29:37] [Kyronix]: Donuts are tasty
[21:29:43] [Tserim Arryth]: Yes!!
[21:29:58] [Tserim Arryth]: If there is one thing we need in these harrowing times, my lady, it’s more donuts
[21:30:09] [Mesanna]: wewill take that under advisement
[21:30:14] [Tserim Arryth]: I feel that the recent election could have avoided much of its drama with more donuts.
[21:30:22] [Mesanna]: I will see what we can do
[21:30:23] [Tserim Arryth]: In any case, that is all I have to say about that!
[21:30:32] [Kyronix]: Thank You
[21:30:32] [Tserim Arryth]: Toodles!
[21:30:36] [Mesanna]: thank you
[21:30:43] [Mesanna]: Hi Tazar
[21:30:47] [Kyronix]: Hello Tazar
[21:30:47] [Tazar]: Greetings My Lady,
[21:30:56] [Tazar]: I’ll try to keep this short:
[21:31:05] [Tazar]: Thank you for providing the governor’s system.
[21:31:20] [Tazar]: We all know that nothing is perfect, and that no matter how it is designed, someone will figure out ways to take advantage, etc.
[21:31:41] [Tazar]: But as a whole, I’d say the program has been a success.
[21:31:54] [Tazar]: Some have complained about what EM’s and/or you can or won’t do for them.
[21:32:06] [Tazar]: but it really boils down to what the Governor can do.
[21:32:19] [Tazar]: I was governor for 2 terms on Atlantic and had a great time with it.
[21:32:35] [Tazar]: As Governor, I hosted events, and I never really requested anything of the EM’s and never received anything
[21:32:51] [Tazar]: except King’s Guards attacking everyone near my house and killing all my neighbors… *grins*
[21:33:05] [Tazar]: But it was fun all the way through from start to finish.
[21:33:18] [Tazar]: I do however recommend Term Limits be it overall terms allowed, or consecutive terms.
[21:33:35] [Tazar]: This system should not really be dominated by a few but should be shared by all.
[21:33:52] [Tazar]: I, for one, appreciate the time you and your Dev/EM Team have put into this.
[21:34:04] [Tazar]: Like UO itself, you’ve added another level to the sandbox and left the system open for us to play with and take it where we will.
[21:34:23] [Tazar]: You can’t please everyone, but I think you all have done a great job.
[21:34:27] [Kyronix]: Thank You Tazar
[21:34:33] [Tazar]: Thank you.
[21:34:34] [Mesanna]: Thank you Tazar
[21:34:41] [Tazar]: Now…
[21:34:47] [Tazar]: Will you kill Flair for me?
[21:34:51] [Tazar]: <<<<<<<<<<< *grins*
[21:35:11] [Mesanna]: Flair has not said a word all night long =P
[21:35:17] [Kyronix]: Hello
[21:35:17] [Mesanna]: hi Kodoz
[21:35:23] [Kodoz]: Good evening to all four of you
[21:35:35] [Kodoz]: First I’d like to apologize for taking up your night this way, so I will try to be brief.
[21:35:50] [Kodoz]: Second, I’d like to say we all appreciate the fine jobs you do on a consistent basis for us
[21:36:08] [Kodoz]: Third, I’d like to say that I’ve heard and been witness to a lot of things with…
[21:36:20] [Kodoz]: These elections, and that there is one recurring theme that everything falls back to.
[21:36:31] [Kodoz]: What has been done to make them fair has been done, to my knowledge
[21:36:48] [Kodoz]: Short of insane measures that would be profoundly ridiculous to implement
[21:36:54] [Kodoz]: And incredibly time consuming if they were possible
[21:37:01] [Kodoz]: There are few things that could improve it
[21:37:08] [Kodoz]: Changing to veterans only discourages new players or new accounts
[21:37:25] [Kodoz]: And nobody wants that.
[21:37:43] [Kodoz]: However, the recurring problem to me is that there is a profound lack….
[21:37:49] [Kodoz]: Of perspective.
[21:37:57] [Kodoz]: These positions, while In Character
[21:38:05] [Kodoz]: Are not some end all be all to our shard or any other.
[21:38:17] [Kodoz]: They are merely another tool that you have graciously provided us with
[21:38:47] [Kodoz]: And any tool can be used by the wielder for a variety of jobs
[21:38:59] [Kodoz]: I appreciate the freedom that you have given us with this versatile tool
[21:39:15] [Kodoz]: Both as a member of PGoH, a Citizen of Trinsic, and a proud fighter
[21:39:40] [Kodoz]: Finally, the only advice I have for all involved
[21:39:49] [Kodoz]: Is that there is only one person who can choose how these elections
[21:39:53] [Kodoz]: or anyones words
[21:40:00] [Kodoz]: Or anyones actions, short of being in fel and getting PKed
[21:40:04] [Kodoz]: can affect you;
[21:40:07] [Kodoz]: And that person is yourself.
[21:40:14] [Kodoz]: It is your choice to react in a certain way
[21:40:22] [Kodoz]: It is your choice whether to take things personally
[21:40:30] [Kodoz]: And it is your choice to continue on in the face of adversity
[21:40:37] [Kodoz]: Or give up, walk away, and start anew somewhere else.
[21:40:46] [Kodoz]: Nobody owes it to anyone else to coddle them
[21:40:52] [Kodoz]: We are adults, and we should all act like it
[21:41:00] [Kodoz]: Once again, I am profoundly sorry that you have had to take time out
[21:41:02] [Kodoz]: Once again
[21:41:06] [Kodoz]: To deal with Catskills problems
[21:41:18] [Kodoz]: I hope that I will once again see you all, but under far more favorable circumstances.
[21:41:26] [Kodoz]: Thank you for your time, and I apologize for being a bit long.
[21:41:29] [Mesanna]: thank you
[21:41:31] [Kyronix]: Thank You
[21:41:40] [Mesanna]: hi Sugar
[21:41:41] [Kyronix]: Hello
[21:41:48] [Sugar Smacks]: a few things to say so ill get to it
[21:41:52] [Sugar Smacks]: I have had an opportunity to test this system and have had mixed results i would like to share
[21:42:01] [Sugar Smacks]: several of the problems i encountered involved this very shard Catskills
[21:42:18] [Sugar Smacks]: The problem being is the vote is no representation of the shard being voted on
[21:42:38] [Sugar Smacks]: I found in my election the people voted on GL brit and Atl Brit and Catskills brit
[21:42:42] [Kyronix]: From what I understand you attempted to misrepresent yourself as Dot Warner on Great Lakes
[21:43:01] [Sugar Smacks]: i think mesanna can verify there is no dot warner on my acct
[21:43:23] [Sugar Smacks]: i in fact had no knowledge of these events until the time of them and yes im aware of it now
[21:43:31] [Sugar Smacks]: and yes i find it amusing
[21:43:40] [Sugar Smacks]: but please back to the actual problems
[21:43:57] [Sugar Smacks]: you literally have 1 group speaking for ALL shards if they please at this moment
[21:44:14] [Sugar Smacks]: They may say they dont do it or wont do it but the fact is they CAN do it
[21:44:26] [Sugar Smacks]: I voted and everyone i know voted on catskills
[21:44:36] [Sugar Smacks]: none of us play catskils much!
[21:44:43] [Sugar Smacks]: should i be able to vote?
[21:44:51] [Sugar Smacks]: it was the same everywhere
[21:45:07] [Sugar Smacks]: now you might take this as a sign of me caring of losing
[21:45:24] [Sugar Smacks]: but i guess me laughing at that isnt convincing enough
[21:45:34] [Sugar Smacks]: it was a test of something new
[21:45:46] [Sugar Smacks]: and i warn you if this isnt happening it will happen
[21:45:56] [Sugar Smacks]: because i will make it happen when i can achieve enough people
[21:46:18] [Sugar Smacks]: so i warn 1 vote per account period when you take it farther it will not be pleasant
[21:46:33] [Sugar Smacks]: you will not have a community you have a group speaking for all communities
[21:46:39] [Sugar Smacks]: and no diversity
[21:47:05] [Sugar Smacks]: now if you fix it
[21:47:07] [Sugar Smacks]: great
[21:47:09] [Sugar Smacks]: if you dont
[21:47:10] [Sugar Smacks]: LOL
[21:47:12] [Sugar Smacks]: either way
[21:47:14] [Sugar Smacks]: i told you
[21:47:25] [Kyronix]: Thank You
[21:47:30] [Mesanna]: hi Devin
[21:47:33] [Kyronix]: Hello
[21:47:36] [Devin Ashley]: Hello
[21:47:47] [Devin Ashley]: I have one suggestion which a lot will not like
[21:48:01] [Devin Ashley]: While the system was invented for the player to vote , its not working
[21:48:14] [Devin Ashley]: so why not use the RNG
[21:48:30] [Devin Ashley]: everyone who wants to run does, and the RNG picks the winner
[21:48:41] [Devin Ashley]: that way noboday can complain it was unfair
[21:49:02] [Devin Ashley]: That is all and Thank You
[21:49:09] [Mesanna]: thank you
[21:49:18] [Mesanna]: hi Wild
[21:49:33] [Wild]: hi!
[21:49:37] [Mesanna]: Tucker is the last one tonight
[21:49:45] [Mesanna]: hi
[21:49:50] [Kyronix]: Hello
[21:50:01] [Wild]: i bascially want to say that nabin’s idea was reasonable in that a player must put forth some wor
[21:50:08] [Wild]: work
[21:50:13] [Wild]: in order to gain the ability to work
[21:50:28] [Wild]: to have a certain amount of acheivment
[21:50:32] [Wild]: accomplished
[21:50:43] [Wild]: that way at least everyone will have “earned” there right to vote
[21:50:54] [Wild]: no matter whom they vote for, they have earned their right
[21:51:11] [Wild]: also i think the one vote per account thing is on the right track
[21:51:27] [Wild]: because it limits the amount of potential “corruption”
[21:51:46] [Wild]: in the fact that hose with many many accts will not be able to manipulate every elctions
[21:51:51] [Wild]: just a lesser amount
[21:51:55] [Wild]: its not perfect
[21:52:01] [Wild]: but s tep in the right direction
[21:52:14] [Wild]: and i think that with adding accomplishment to voting rights
[21:52:29] [Wild]: will lesson the “misuse” of voting
[21:52:48] [Wild]: that and the guys idea about donuts
[21:52:55] [Mesanna]: lol
[21:52:55] [Wild]: but to include cake in such measures
[21:53:07] [Kyronix]: I’m in favor of more treats
[21:53:08] [Wild]: we will NOT excude cake on catskills
[21:53:11] [Crystal] Kyronix says: *nods*
[21:53:15] [Wild]: exclude*
[21:53:18] [Wild]: thats it
[21:53:21] [Wild]: have a good night
[21:53:28] [Mesanna]: hi Tucker
[21:53:46] [Tucker]: hhi
[21:53:51] [Kyronix]: Hello!
[21:54:06] [Tucker]: I was wondering if it is possible to do term limits
[21:54:16] [Tucker]: based on account
[21:54:40] [Kyronix]: I think that might be too limiting to some of our smaller population shards
[21:55:24] [Tucker]: or a way to make sure that
[21:55:46] [Tucker]: the govenor actually serve the office
[21:55:53] [Callista]: Dium Prostra
[21:55:55] [Callista]: Dium Prostra
[21:56:17] [Kyronix]: We do have checks in place to make sure a Governor is a no show
[21:56:19] [Tucker]: and not just run to get a special title
[21:56:25] [Kyronix]: Governors serve at the pleasure of the King
[21:56:32] [Kyronix]: And the King can remove them from office if the need arises
[21:56:59] [Tucker]: would the people have a chance to remove
[21:57:08] [Tucker]: I mean
[21:57:21] [Kyronix]: If citizens have concerns they are encouraged to bring it to the attention to the King
[21:57:35] [Kyronix]: This way its not just a blind removal process where someone can falsly remove someone
[21:57:52] [Tucker]: ok that’s all thanks
[21:57:56] [Kyronix]: Thank You
[21:58:06] [Tucker]: good night
[21:58:10] [Kyronix]: Thank You Tucker
[21:58:29] [Kyronix]: Whew! Thank you everyone for coming out and providing feedback
[21:58:39] [Kyronix]: I encourage everyone to continue the conversation both within the realm and outside
[21:58:47] [Kyronix]: Send us your thoughts if you have something you wish to give us feedback on
[21:59:07] [Kyronix]: We got a lot of great info tonight and will keep it all in mind as we move forward with changes
[21:59:15] [Kyronix]: And additions to the Governorships
[21:59:17] [Kyronix]: Thanks again!
[21:59:34] [Mesanna]: Hi guys
[21:59:51] [Mesanna]: We came here tonight because there was a request for a meeting
[21:59:59] [Mesanna]: because of a issue you guys were having
[22:00:05] [Mesanna]: due to the elections
[22:00:23] [Mesanna]: I reseached what I could
[22:01:38] [Mesanna]: I read the forums
[22:01:44] [Mesanna]: I read the emails
[22:02:00] [Mesanna]: and I listened to many people before coming here tonight
[22:02:12] [Mesanna]: hoping I could get to the bottom of the real problem
[22:02:19] [Mesanna]: but honestly
[22:02:28] [Mesanna]: I am a bit confused
[22:02:43] [Mesanna]: I see a group of people some RP’ers
[22:02:46] [Mesanna]: some not so much
[22:02:51] [Mesanna]: some maybe just trying
[22:03:01] [Mesanna]: but all are playing the way the want to play
[22:03:10] [Mesanna]: maybe things got out of hand
[22:03:21] [Mesanna]: I was not here so I have to say maybe
[22:03:47] [Mesanna]: I find it hard to believe that a shard as big as Atlantic
[22:04:00] [Mesanna]: with as many different types of people as they have can play together
[22:04:11] [Mesanna]: and enjoy the elections
[22:04:20] [Mesanna]: as much as possible
[22:04:29] [Mesanna]: and we can’t do it here
[22:04:41] [Mesanna]: what I heard tonight was some good suggestions
[22:04:44] [Mesanna]: some good feedback
[22:04:57] [Mesanna]: I head a few personal complaints
[22:05:08] [Mesanna]: that GM’s could and should have been called on
[22:05:42] [Mesanna]: what I did come up with though from this tonight
[22:05:52] [Mesanna]: is I want to start a open forum night
[22:05:57] [Mesanna]: so its not restricted
[22:06:09] [Mesanna]: of course I might have to limit it in time =)
[22:06:18] [Mesanna]: or we will never get thru all the shards
[22:06:47] [Mesanna]: but as Kronix said we do appreciate your feedback
[22:06:57] [Mesanna]: we do take harrassement serious
[22:07:33] [Mesanna]: and I hate getting calls on Sunday about people on Cats being upset and wanting to quit
[22:08:04] [Mesanna]: so if I have missed something we have not discussed
[22:08:17] [Mesanna]: if we did not touch base on something
[22:08:22] [Mesanna]: I am asking you to email me
[22:09:02] [Mesanna]: I know your squelched and can’t talk
[22:09:24] [Mesanna]: thank you all for coming
[22:09:35] [Mesanna]: I will be posting the Meet the Dev times on your shards
[22:09:42] [Kyronix]: Thanks again for coming!
[22:09:59] [Mesanna]: so watch for it
[22:10:02] [Mesanna]: Wild
[22:10:10] [Mesanna]: stay alive =)
[22:10:18] [Kyronix]: G’nite Everyone!
[22:10:24] [Mesanna]: good night Everyone
[22:10:37] [Mesanna]: email me at [email protected]