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June 14, 2014 By: petra Category: Community News

communityThis week Brianna Royce of ‘Massively’ waxes lyrical in her article Working As Intended: The forgotten fields of Green Acres

Personally I feel she’s under something of a misapprehension. The contact she’s regretting the loss of is still very much there in our game with our active EMs, frequent visits from Mesanna and the recent in game ‘meet the devs’ events.




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  1. Bellerophon says:

    Oh, I think not, I think she misses the getting away with it feeling of some-one knowingly using an exploit to their advantage and then being a bit chagrinned at getting caught, and mused in wonder why at least the main perp didn’t get banned. At the time I believe Origin ran the game but had to get permission from EA to do something like banning everyone with an illegal house, as that would cause a major revenue loss. UO was a very difficult game to play and advance in without a house, and the “legal” spots evaporated quickly until later expansions. Nothing was secure from thieves and murderers, unless you took extreme precautions loose your house key and you could loose it’s entire contents before you could rez and get back to it. What she was wistful about I don’t miss at all:)