Buc’s Den in official recognition shocker

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What was shaping up to be a fairly routine meeting of the King’s Council in Serpent’s Hold turned into a shocking one after the people of Buccaneer’s Den apparently ended their decades of lawlessness and rejection of the Crown and petitioned for a seat on the Council.

In an address to the assembly, Marcus Rotgut, representative of the people of Buc’s, said that the support (such that there was) from Britannia’s citizens during the recent spider attacks had left a debt of gratitude that needed to be repaid and, in consultation with the town elders, they had decided to seek proper admission to the King’s realm.

“For ages now, Buccaneer’s Den has been a lawless city of those who chose to live outside of the Kingdom. We now recognize that our isolation deprives us of the protection that we need and also deprives the crown and citizens of Britannia of our skills and knowledge. We have therefore decided that it is time for us to give up our isolation and join with the people of the Kingdom and to become true citizens of Britannia and loyal servants of the Crown.”

Rotgut went on to say that his town would swear an oath of fealty in return for a seat on the Council so that they may be fairly represented in deliberations on the realm.

Initial reaction to the request was somewhat muted, with may governors apparently being too stunned to offer much opinion, although Hoffs, Kelmo and Morgan Ironfist all displayed some degree of suspicion towards the application. The others were more amenable, though, with Victim and York being most enthusiastic at the prospect. “Mages were once disliked too,” ventured the Moonglow governor, “However, a second chance by the Crown has shown it to be a fruitful relationship ever since.”

There was quite a vocal reaction from some members of the gallery, but mostly on the side of caution. “It’s a trap,” shouted Luka Melehan, a descendant of the famous naval lord, Ackbar.

After much further deliberation, it was suggested that there should be some kind of trial period both to access the town’s commitment and to ensure that Rotgut was speaking for the majority of its citizens. In the end, it was left to King Blackthorn to give an official response, “Understand that ancient enmity will not heal overnight. Though you may be accepted to the Council, individual members will still have concerns and may possibly resent your addition. Are you prepared to be patient and work with them regardless?”

“…we will abide by your wisdom,” responded Rotgut.

“Then we shall accept this offer on a short-term trial basis,” announced the king, “We shall remain wary and watchful while the citizens of Buccaneer’s Den work to prove their benefit to the realm. We shall reserve a final opinion to be based on the mutual benefits we all seek. Let it be noted that as of today, Lord Rotgut is installed as governor of the city of Buccaneer’s Den.”

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