King’s Council meeting, 19th October

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The second King’s Council meeting of the autumn term brought another good turnout with six governors present and Hugibear once again represented by Captain Sureno. This time around, the king allowed Sureno to occupy the Britain governorship seat. Ordinary citizens present included Deliliah the Mad, Elroi, Fartbarf, Grimlex, Kattasrophe, Luka Melehan, Rob, Rue Tor, Salp, Slugga, Suripiam ErgoSum, Texas Black and Tick.

The king began by reviewing the various requests from the previous meeting. He also mentioned that all cities had successfully deposited the required resources for their governor’s office and that construction of such would begin in the near future. Interestingly, one town, believed to have been Yew, dropped off a double allocation to cover any shortfall elsewhere.

The following is a summary of what he had to say about the September requests:

New Magincia [regarding town-owned vendors]: “The suggestion from the Governor of New Magincia is being looked into, but this will be a long, slow process.”

Minoc [regarding a new moongate]: “The suggestion from the Governor of Minoc is rejected for now. There are concerns that the delicate balance of the moongates could be disrupted should an additional permanent gate be added, unless another town should volunteer to give up their gate.”

In lieu of the moongate, Ladra asked if a pair of portals could be placed inside the bank. Blackthorn responded that this may be possible, but he wasn’t sure that the devices would operate outside a recognized house. He promised to consult with experts regarding the matter.

Skara Brae [regarding several abandoned houses on the outskirts]: “The request has been submitted for review, but a final determination has not been reached. Hopefully our demolition team will begin work soon.”

Trinsic [regarding crafting centre and additional banker near the docks]: “The request from Trinsic has also been submitted and is still pending final approval from the engineers. There is still the problem of finding a banker without a home who is willing to stand out in the weather, but we have not given up hope yet.”

Moonglow [regarding placement of a trash can at the bank]: “This request was met with shock and concern by the engineers, who question whether trash removal is something that the king should be dealing with or whether that should be up to the individual cities. Regardless, I have submitted it as a request.”

In regard to York’s request for lower fees from the trade associations, Blackthorn said that negotiations would require substantial work, but as the request had been heard from many quarters it was indeed under review.

The king next invited all governors to address the meeting with any news or fresh concerns:

Victim of Vesper
“I would simply like to thank the Crown for providing the new stable.”

Blackthorn said that he hoped to have the new building staffed soon.

Hoffs of Skara Brae
“Skara continues to run the Bardic Collegium trade deal and I would like to thank all those who are making financial contributions, especially Pirate Roberts. On a more general note, the annual Miss Siege beauty pageant is scheduled to take place at 2:30pm EST on Saturday, November 30th. As usual, we have a number of independent judges visiting for the event, including some senior members of the Stratics news agency, and Sosaria’s most famous cook! Hopefully many of our town governors will try and get someone to represent their fair city. Further details will be pinned on the noticeboards soon.”

Kelmo of Trinsic
“Well I have no vocal citizens. I will post up and offer some titles and ask what trade deal ya want. I will seek a Lt Gov’ner as I am a busy man. I will try to reach out to the citizens. I am working on a crafters assembly and hope to have a bitch and stitch circle soon. So there.”

Lord Blackthorn suggested that perhaps Kelmo should not consume so much rum at future meetings.

York of Moonglow
“ I would like to start by thanking the citizens for their valor during this troubling season. I of course speak of the diligence they have shown in crushing the recent uprising of warrior zombies and the butchers in the graveyard. The killer pumpkins have also shown to be no problem for these fine warriors. This has allowed the farmers to continue harvesting the crops without pause.

“A few successful smaller events have taken place since the last Council meeting. These have been scavenger hunts based on the trick or treating taking place in the town. The items were donated by a citizen that wishes to remain anonymous. In other event related news, all of the items have been collected to put on a harvest festival. The festival will include a feast prepared by Sosaria’s finest chefs, musical chairs, and more. Details on the date, prizes and location will be posted on the noticeboards within the next few days. Also, there is research currently being conducted on an event that will require honesty. This will commemorate the raising of Dagger Island.

“The town has received many generous donations and I would like to send out a special thanks to Lupe, Sara Dale, Jack Nickelson, Landra, Nevela, and Razzle Pendragon for their contributions. I hope I did not leave anyone out. It is also my pleasure to see that Moonglow was successful in raising the resources for the governor’s office. It will be a fine addition to the town and we eagerly await its construction.

“Other improvements to the town have been discussed and the top two changes would be fixing the broken teleporter and adding a few vendor stalls like those in New Maginicia, spread out through the town. The [reason for these vendors] is that there are many vacant buildings in guarded zones that are in danger of decaying. These vendors would be able to provide the much needed upkeep and provide reason for people to venture into these sections of the town. I understand this is a monumental request but I feel this change would give the town the greatest chance for success.”

Victim pointed out that the teleporter was deactivated due to the presence of the new Council of Mages base. York suggested that maybe it could be relocated to the zoo and Blackthorn said that further investigation would be required. He also mentioned that the placement of brokers within other towns would be a long-term project indeed.

Captain Sureno, speaking for Hugibear of Britain
“The state of Britain is fair. From Lord Hugi’s notes, it says that he has not made progress for a trade deal and wishes if ye be a citizen of Britain, to holla at him and he will work something out. I did want to personally thank everyone today who attended our chase. It ended well. Lord Victim saved the day and the Scalis was defeated.”

Ladra of Minoc
“The request for a portal is all.”

Morgan Ironfist of New Magincia
“New Magincia continues to run the Trade Deal with the assassin’s guild. I would like to thank Frost and Pirate Roberts for their huge contribution. Furthermore, I just want to remind you, my king, that New Magincia has the exclusive rights to broker stalls for the next two years until our renewal option comes up.”

Blackthorn denied knowledge of any exclusive deal and stated that the stalls were introduced to bring back life to a destroyed town.

Most of the remainder of the meeting was taken up with Buccaneer’s Den’s startling request for official recognition, as has been reported elsewhere.

Finally, the king opened up the floor to other citizens of Britannia. He was asked to address the various rumours circulating in the capital, apparently fuelled by a respected soothsayer forecasting terror and doom.

“I have also seen signs and omens that hint that all may not be well on the horizon,” replied Blackthorn, “This is also why I believe that unity is our best path moving forward. We must prepare for the worst as dark days may be on the horizon.”

Finally, Suripiam ErgoSum rose to announce the imminent opening of his book collection, located in Barter Town, to the public, and added that he would be glad to accept further donations. Blackthorn said that any institution that adds to the learning of his citizens would be a boon, and then went on to call the meeting to a close.

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