August Schedule for Ancient Treasures.

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Event: Town Council Meeting
Description: Meet King Blackthorn in Castle Blackthorn, to discuss matters of importance. Governors and all interested citizens welcome to attend and bring matters before the King.
Location: Skara Brae docks (Gate from Luna Bank)
Date: 8-16-14
Time: 8:00pm CST (9:00pm EST)


Event: Who leads the Blood Flagon? (Oracle Event)
Description: Though the Blood Flagon has requested a parlay, with the Spymaster; Dahlia has been able to find out little about who they will be meeting. When you meet with the Pirate Captain’s representative to set the meeting, try to trip him up and reveal his name. If you can find his real name, you may be able to take it to Finneas to better track the man’s movements.
Location: Meet Dahlia in Britain Hall before you head out to meet with the Blood Flagon representative.
Date: 8-16-14
Time: 8:00pm CST (9:00pm EST)


Event: The man called Tolivar Fence.
Description: Though keeping tabs on Merrick’s movement has been sketchy at best, due to his continued persistence in slipping tails. It has come to Dahlia’s attention that Merrick plans to meet with the man known as Tolivar Fence and she wishes to get there first.
Location: Britain Hall (Gate from Luna Bank)
Date: 8-23-14
Time: 8:00pm CST (9:00pm EST)


Event: The Alchemist.
Description: Merrick is willing to meet, and will send a gate to Luna Bank, to any who wish to help him.
Location: Unknown (Gate provided from Luna Bank)
Date: 8-30-14
Time: 8:00pm CST (9:00pm EST)

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