Ancient Treasure Day 10 part 3

September 30, 2014 By: Tamais Category: Lake Austin News

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When we found Whitebeard, it was obvious that he had been drinking.  Whitebeard  started laughing, ” Did you see… see that getup she… had on…Ridiculous”  I shook my head, just as I feared he is drunk.  ” I’m a Pirate. *Hic* You should be careful with that one…” ” Why?” I asked. ” You likely don’t know about her… she doesn’t rob towns, or… *hics* trade ships. Steals from other Pirates… *takes another drink* Pretty good at it too, saw her… *hic* take out two Galleons at once on sea, a lot of treasure… it looked… shiny… but… *hic* I sailed the other way. Huh, why? Oh, eh, part of her gig. *hics* robs other pirate ships, so the Navy doesn’t come after her. And if she does get caught… *hic* No one knows her actual hair color, she slips on by as an “injured capture” and claims to be scared and want to go home. *hics* It’s pretty clever.

“So why are the pirates shielding her?” I asked  “Oh,” Whitebeard replied slyly. “They are not… *hic* But, I thought it was worth the risk, since the Royal Guard were going to be there. You all wouldn’t let good ol’ Whitebeard down.” Grinning at me. No we have given you are word of protection but be warned the King will only stand for so much.” I said stiffly. Not noticing, Whitebeard continued. “You think, that’s the first time she’s bragged about it?  You know… how easy it is too fool some poor sloppy drunk guard *hic*  I honestly, think she’s been trained by some… *hic* Thief. She’s, pretty good with… those disu… gu… disguise, kits. Those things. What’s so weird about her. *hics* She thinks it’s funnier to rob us, and get the treasure, while we get thrown in a cell.”

Looking around hopefully, “Someone buy me another drink? I left my  *hic* change purse on board ship.”  Hoping to learn more, I bought him another drink. “What do you know of Merrick?” I asked, handing him the ale. ” Tamais, lass, what a good friend. *hic* “So… Merrick, he tried to warn me… some years ago… What was it… Something… treasure…Oh, the Ancient Treasure! I wouldn’t listen, thought he was trying to edge me out of profit… boy was clever on his own.  So he said, you get trapped, he says, by this treasure… *hic* “His treasure.” Whitebeard mumbled. Said you’d get stuck in some weird sort of limbo, you get to the treasure, but you can’t leave. He said, some girl warned him…He tried telling Tolivar too… But, I think he believed it less than I did.  I’m starting to think, maybe he wasn’t wrong.”   “What girl, a Noble?” I asked. As Whitebeard began to slid down the wall.” *hic*  No, some pretty lass…Says she appears every so often. We got drunk, a week ago… Merrick was rambling. I think he thought he could find a way to save her? Was begging me for the clues I had. *hic* Problem… *hic* I only ever had… two clues, and you’ve got ’em both.” Whitebeard began to laugh wildly. “So, I wanted to help… but I can’t. *hic*.  Angerly I looked at him, remembering those who had been killed.  “So you sent us on a merry chash.” “yep, I felt bad… I lied to the boy, but he was siding with Tolivar. *hic* Couldn’t let him know, I told him everything I knew. *hic*

Whitebeard was looking a bit green, *  I don’t… feel so good…”  I knew the time was running out to gain information. “Did you know that Merrick has turned himself over to the royal guards”  “Nope…I heard, about something… *hic* Some rumor of  sorts, can’t remember what it is, I wrote it down somewhere. *hic*  In an old log book, I’ll try and see… *hics* if I can remember where it is when sober.” *hic* “Woah, is the world spinning for you too? I think, I need to go la… lay down.” Knowing I didn’t have much time to gain information, I asked about the treasure. “What do you think the ancient treasure is?” *seeing things blurry* Whitebeard looked puzzled. ” gold?” “You mean you don’t know that it is?” I asked in surprise. ” Why look for it then?  “You… you don’t think treasure… treasure is worth it??? I hear gold and, that’s all I need to wake up.  You should see my treasure sta… Err… No, maybe you shouldn’t. Cause it’s mine. I… I’m going to go lay down, before It ell you where… where ? it is. Can’t let you have my treasure!” *Kal Ort* he stumbled almost falling. …Kal Ort Por* After listening to Whitebeard, I decided I needed an ale. I sat down and took a drink. How to compose my report for the King? I took another drink. Then  remembering Whitebeard’s condition. I put the drink aside.  Perhaps a walk in the cool air, will be a better help.

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