An Amazing Garden – The Rescue of Thomas Evergreen

November 03, 2013 By: Flair Category: Atlantic News

An “Amazing Garden” is what was requested of Thomas Evergreen for Moonglow, and that’s what it was. After meeting Tazar in Moonglow adventurers where gated to the beginning of the garden with the hopes of locating Sir Evergreen who had become lost in his creation.
Innocent enough looking garden…. till you realize Sir Evergreen is lost somewhere in here… To give you a perspective of this monstrosity a few pictures…
There’s your prize…. simple enough right. Now take a look at this top floor to get the whole perspective…
This monstrosity took Tazar and Flair 30 hours to build each, and was 12 floors total. It took 3310 hedges, 1564 gozas, 24 house teleport tile sets, and 1 ladder. What else to say about this other then devious, diabolical, twisted, and so on…. I will let the screenshots speak for themselves….
Twelve floors of twisting and winding paths with each floor containing 3 tiles that kicked you out and made you start over, 5 pitfalls dropping you down floors, and then there was falling off the edge of the house, and all only to find the one teleport tile to advance you to the next floor. There where only 2 people to actually complete the maze, Soar(just over 3 hours) and Sinful Obsession(3 hours and 20mins).

Dalia and Alton Darkpick were given honorable third place for getting the next farthest along. We would also like to pass on a special thanks to Sinful Candy, Lady Lavender, and Queen Mum for helping with the hedges. Without their help the last floors wouldn’t have been completed. The houses are currently still public and can be reached through the teleport hub located just outside the South Gate of Luna across from the Fairgrounds(follow the red carpet). Find the one labeled Falling Waters Fortress and double click the statue. That takes you to the town banner and the first maze house is the 4th one south. I challenge all to go and give it a try and see if you can beat the 3 hour mark.

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