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Homes and Castles
  • New Governors Appointed May 16, 2014Tamais Impatiently King Blackthorn looked again at the long list of Cities without Governors.  For too long the cities of Moonglow, Skara Brae, Trinsic, Yesper and Yew had been without leadership.  Considering the  advise of  Governors Nails Warstein of Britian and Garion of Jhelom , he decided a meeting of the council was in order.   As the King’s bard, I was sent to fair ...
  • (Player Event) Siege Estates House Deco Contest Winner Announcement March 15, 2014FlairHello all, As announced last week by, Lord Grimlex, we have a winner of our first Siege Estates House Decoration Contest. The winner is Ilexia and she was awarded a 1 million gps check for her decoration finesse. Congratulations Ilexia. We would like to thank all the contestants that partook in this test run of the Siege ...
  • The Sosarian World Christmas Decor Long Program December 11, 2013Andrasta It gives me great pleasure to announce on behalf of UO Guide, Kayhynn’s UO Home Decor, The Stratics Network & Goodman’s Rune Library… “The Sosarian World Christmas Décor Long Program!” Inspired by the Sosarian World Winter Olympic Games, the World Christmas Décor Long Program is the foremost Shardwide Christmas Decor Contest. To Qualify your Creative Space must be ...
  • Community Village Celebrates 10 Years of Service! February 16, 2013QueenMumThe Lancermane Family Village celebrates 10 years of Sonoma community shopping service … consist of real life ‘family’ members, some who started out on the Beta side and recruited other family members to join because of the fun and connection it offers. Enjoying all aspects of the game from fighting to crafting, the family got together ...
  • Spirit of the Season December 4, 2011petraDiscovered on his travels by John II SRC of Europa this village scene seems to really capture the spirit of the season. Our intrepid reporter travelled to the spot, just off the west bridge from Umbra, to see for herself. She stopped to read the house sign: After which she ventured inside to find Santa busy at ...

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