(EM event/Asuka)Welcome to the Halloween party?

October 30, 2012 By: semmerset Category: Asian News

Happy Halloween!
What are you doing? Check pumpkin or get candy or transformation?
Koharu with halloween custum was travelling the house.
“Trick or treat!
Yay!! I get candy! Next one!”

Tear the young dragon worried,she collect cooking materials.
“I hold a party… However what do sweets Koharu happy?”

Krave the dragon was peeping into her from a wall.
“That’s sweet for me?! …..nothing…”

Invitation of the Halloween party has reached you. Please be careful to ghosts and trick dragon.

Date:10/31/2012, Wednesday, 10:00pm JST(09:00am EST)
Meeting place: Zanto bank (34o 38′N, 38o 6′W), Tokuno Makoto-shima.
Channel:Asuka EM Event

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