Welcome EM Balthazar

February 18, 2014 By: Aulbrey Category: Atlantic News

Monday Feb. 17th at 9:00pm eastern


Atlantic players gathered at the EM Hall for  a meet and greet. The night started with EM Bennu along with EM Taweret introducing EM Balthazar [the newest  member of the EM team] here on atlantic.  Balthazar a ten year veteran of ultima online will be splitting his time between  here on Atlantic and the rest of his time on Oceania.


Balthazar has  stated that he will be watching Bennu and the others to see how they run things here on Atlantic for a month before jumping in himself. The main topic of the evening was to get a feel for the type of events the people wished to see in the future.

Some of those  event ideas include the following:

More non-battle oriented events

Events involving mystery and chained quests

events that would raise a players status not only in a certain town but in all of Britainna

Scavenger hunt

Crafter oriented events

Other ideas include competitions like bag ball or archery

Deco and design competitions

Balthazar even ask the crowd about their thoughts on a horse race.

To best sum up the nights discussion Balthazar said that the events he plans on doing will range everything from crafting to fishing – archery and player death.  It will be interesting to see what we will see in the future. 

Welcome to Atlantic EM Balthazar!!!!

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