UO’s 17th Anniversary Party

September 24, 2014 By: Tamais Category: Lake Austin News

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Join me for a live, in-game event on TC1 September 25th 2014 at 7pm ET! Meet Richard “Lord British” Garriot and Starr “King Blackthorn” Long at Castle Blackthorn to celebrate Ultima Online’s 17th Anniversary!  

The anniversary parties are always a blast (Thanks to the Dark OverLady).  This year will be very special as both Lord British and King Blackthorn will join us.  If you can’t attend, it will be shown on  youtube .  It will also be streamed live on http://www.twitch.tv/stratics.


2 Comments to “UO’s 17th Anniversary Party”

  1. Concerned Player says:

    I thought Lord British was Killed by a player back in the day, in front of a large group of players… in real time…How can he be alive again?

    • While he was killed by a large fire field, the court mages were able to create a powerful spell ” An Corp”. Working together to cast this spell, they were able to resurrect him. To protect him from future assignation attacks, they put a spell of invulnerability around him. This spell lasted until Lord British left us.