Ultima Christmas art contest

November 11, 2012 By: petra Category: Community News

This comes to us from Rupert Avery

In the spirit of Christmas and in anticipation for Ultima Forever, Ultima Gallery is running a Christmas Art Contest. I thought it would be fun to get everyone’s artist vibes going and see what we can get from what I know is a lot of talented Ultima Fans out there!

The Brief
Draw a Christmas scene with one major character from the Ultima series and their family on Christmas day. This could be the meal, opening presents or something you think the British family would do on Christmas day.
The scene should include your main character of choice, at least one other member of their family and at least 1 of the 8 Ultima virtues in the form of a symbol, word or played out in the scene you draw.
Some examples of characters you could base your scene on are:
Lord British
Lady British
King Blackthorn
The Gypsy

The Rules
The piece of art can be hand drawn or done digitally
It cannot be rude, vulgar or include something that is considered not suitable for PG13
One entry per person

How to Submit
Submissions will be accepted from November 16th until Midnight UK time December 3rd.
They will be displayed on Ultima Gallery within a few days of submission ending with no names attached.
You can upload your artwork via Ultima Gallery by going to this link http://ultima-gallery.com/index.php?/add_photos. You do not have to be registered to upload.

When you upload please press the “Set Photo Properties” link to add in the author Name of the picture and a description. In the author section add a name and an email address so that you can be notified if you are a winner.

When images are published there will be No Author or Email attached!

Voting, Winner, Selection & Prizes
Voting will be open around December 6th for 10 days. You can vote by giving your star rating for the submitted artwork whcih can be found http://ultima-gallery.com/index.php?/category/18. You do not have to be registered to vote. You can only vote once per image but you can vote for more than one image.

There will be 3 winners selected from the entries based on the best star rating. If there is a tie breaker A special judge will be called in to make the final decision. No names will be posted with the artwork.

The prizes are the choice of 1 of the 8 virtue cards signed by the original artist which have been generously supplied by Ultima Franchise Producer Jeff Skalski. The cards will be posted to the winners by Jeff. Arrangements to be made after the contest.
The winners will have their choice of card with 1st place choosing their card first. You can view all the virtue cards here http://ultima-gallery.com/index.php?/category/19

Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

If you want to sign up to have your chance at Ultima Forever Beta then head to http://ultimaforever.com/ or check out their facebook & Twitter http://www.facebook.com/UltimaForever

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