Town Elections, Autumn 2013

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Yes folks, it’s election time again, so brace yourself for another couple of weeks of posturing, platitudes and puckering up as the governorships of all nine towns are now up for grabs. In addition to administering the affairs of their own towns, the successful candidates will be taking their places on the King’s Council to help our regent manage the lands of Britannia. Whilst the governors could perhaps be forgiven for a somewhat uncertain and chaotic first term, there is no doubt that the people will be expecting much more from those who take office for the autumn session.


This first week of the campaign is for nominations only. Anyone adored within the town they are a citizen of may put themselves forward as a candidate by etching their name on to the town stone at the bank. You then have twenty-four hours to get your nomination endorsed by another citizen, at which point you will become an official candidate. If you fail to have your name seconded in the allotted time, you will have to start the process again. Anyone who wishes to become a candidate but is lacking popular support can always try greasing the wheels of the local economy by donating goods to his trade minister at the docks. It is said that a contribution of twenty thousand boards and/or ingots will elevate a totally anonymous citizen to the status required to run for office.


Those elected as governors will have much responsibility. They will be in charge of administering the town funds and, if they so choose, to negotiate a trade deal that will benefit the local population. They may also assign honorary titles to citizens, which will be in addition to any title badges those people already wear. And of course they are expected, where possible, to attend the meetings of the King’s Council in Serpent’s Hold. Here, in consultation with their electorate, they can petition the King to make changes to their towns, such as naming streets or authorizing additional services.


Word on the street is that at least four of the incumbent governors will be running for office again, and it will be interesting to see who will be challenging them this time around. Back in June, the heaviest voting was in Britain, the only town with more than two candidates; Yew, where a locally unpopular candidate brought out the voters in their droves; and in the important trade hub of New Magincia. But for those not wanting to run against the status quo, there are plenty of political opportunities out there. Neither Jhelom nor Trinsic has a legitimate governor in office, and the absent governors of Minoc and Vesper are not expected to run again.


Naturally, this reporter will be watching developments with close interest and will strive to bring you regular updates during the whole election process. I’ll also be trying to get the thoughts and plans of the candidates themselves to help you to make an informed decision regarding your votes. So stay tuned…

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