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Freja’s Interview -An Open Discussion Of Siege- Part 2, NEW2
One Player’s frank & personal perspective on Siege’s history, current circumstances and how we might improve it all. Thanks to Freja’s thoughtful and detailed responses, this is broken into three parts: The Early Years, NEW2, and the Ideal Siege.
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“A wish to bring more life to Siege”

DeadBob: What does NEW2 mean to you?

A reason to play
A wish to bring more life to Siege
Joy from seeing new players make it here

Most of my time on Siege, I had been helping young players. First I was running a sister guild to The Dark Outlaws, TDO, it was named The Dark Merchants, TDM and was made at same time as Luxor made the first NEW. The dark merchants was a guild of crafters and newbies. TDO was protecting them.

Then we had a year with power hour and Luxor took down NEW and I took down my guilds to try something different, I joined a PK guild, The Undead Lords. I had fun with them but then we got RoT back and we did again need a NEW guild. Someone was speaking about restarting it, but as I believed NEW need to be neutral with support from both the blue and the red community, just like old NEW and my TDM, did not believe the guy could handle it and I decided to do it, as Luxor had offered me to take over NEW before he took it down.

At that time, we still had old guild stones and there could only be one guild leader so I made a new account to hold the guild and the guildhouse. The house was donated of a red named Hel and the UDL donated a mill to help me get started. Money was a lot more worth at that time.

I found 4 players, who was willing to help me and gave them access to the account, so when we found a new player, we could login the account to join them. I was only running NEW a year, then my mother got sick and later died. When she was sick, I handled the guild to Shalimar. She was running it for several years.

When I was back in game, I did wish to get NEW back but Shalimar did love the guild as much as I do and we had no deal about giving it back to me so she decided to keep it. We tried to run it together but we did not agree about how to run it and she ended with kicking me as co-leader.

I was still emotional out of balance after losing my mom so I could not handle it and made a new guild, NEW., called NEWdot. That started a drama, some was supporting me and some Shalimar and some sure tried to put wood on the fire. After a while, Shalimar and I got a good talk and we could see, who it was, who wanted to ruin both hers and my reputation and take over NEW. I took down NEWdot and I tried once more to help her run NEW but even when I this time did let her take the lead, it did not work for me.

I got TDO up running again and we was doing well until factions arties again killed the shard. I was picking up young players, and added them to TDO and we was helping them get started.

Then a year ago, Shalimar stopped playing and old NEW was abandoned. Again some was speaking about making a new guild, forgot who but I did not feel good about it and again I choose to restart NEW, this time as NEW2.

I try to do it as good I can, but I do not have as many hours a day, as Shalimar had and I have hard with finding leaders, who can take over when I’m not there. I believe one of the problems are, I demand NEW2 to be neutral and I want the reds as well as the blue to feel they have part in the project. I think, for most, it’s easier to choose side, good or evil.

Helping players is what keep me playing. Some on the shard remember the part about NEWdot, but many do not know about that part. When I restarted NEW2, I feared the old drama should start again but I made it and I’m not emotional out of balance now, so the ones who tried, gave up and accepted, that I am running it now. I don’t know, if I will let Shalimar take over again, if she get back, I’m not sure I can take NEW2 down but I also know, 2 NEW guilds are hard to have as it will be hard to make the shard support both without taking side. I will have to speak with Shalimar if she comes back.

Next: Part 3 of the interview concludes with Freja’s “ideal Siege.”

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