Thursday Nights Still Hopping At MOA

January 27, 2013 By: Lady Lava Category: Great Lakes News

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Thursday Nights Still Hopping At  MOA



moa workers


DJ Scorp and Dame Melian were running the MOA auction house without a glitch as usual this past Thursday evening. It had been many months since I last attended an auction. Lady Lava did not even make it to the festive annual MOA Christmas event. That was a first.

It was great to see the place full of excited patrons including Lord Eldenward, Lord Red, Malcolm MacInnes, Veronica Lynn, Artimis Fowl, FREMMEL, WhiteGirlWasted, Kathrina, Baxter, Lady Emily, boni hami, Lord Galen, Lord Chex, WILLIAM WALLACE, A Cup A Suga, Sully, Shumer, Ebony Northstar, Evista, T-Bone, CrEaPoR, Laretta, Jakob, Mommy Kitty, Lady Bruce, Iggy The Great and Zombie Cheddar to name a few.


moa first trivia


The evening started with trivia and a gold give away as it usually does. It was a hot night of bidding with such items as a forge set, origami set, runic hammers from a current IDOC, power scrolls, undertaker’s staff, cream pies, statues, a full set of potted plants, phoenix red pigment, a crimmy, rubble and much much more hitting the block.

This player run event happens most Thursday evenings through out the year and gates are provided from the Luna Bank and often the Brit Bank. One can always ask in General Chat also.

Thank you MOA for keeping this long history of player run events on Great Lakes alive.

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