September 08, 2012 By: Queen Mum Category: Sonoma News

Are you in search of a lost Soulstone? Have you found a lost Soulstone and want to help return it to its rightful owner?

Then head to the town of Zento (Tokuno) and go out the south road. On the west corner you will find the GARDEN of LOST SOULS!

If you are looking for one of your Soulstones check out all the floors in the Garden of Lost Souls and double click the stones to see if an unknown named one is yours or search for yours by name. When you double click the stone it will tell you if it is not bound to your account. If it is yours you will receive a menu asking what you want to do with the stone.

If you do find a Soulstone that belongs to you just leave a message on the bulletin board on how to reach you and the Guardian of the Soulstones will be in touch.

If you have found lost Soulstones there is a mailbox on the front steps where you can drop them off.

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