[News] Repairing the Moongate.

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Repairing the Moongate.

We all received a letter from Lord Blackthorn:

Dear folk of Drachenfels,

 I want to give you my sincere thanks for the help you gave.

Now it’s time to do the next step. I call all of you to help me with another issue which needs to be solved!

If you want to know what it is all about, please visit me in the quarantine village in Ter Mur (88°30°S; 2°15°W) coming Sunday.

A Moongate will be provided from the west bank of Britain.

With kind regards

 Lord Blackthorn

A letter from Lord Blackthorn himself asking us for help?

To be honest i don’t trust Blackthorn myself but like many other people i was curious what he had to say.

Many gathered around the West Britain Bank for the gate.

Right on schedule a gate opened and took us to the Quarantine area in Ter Mur.

There we found found the Lord himself.

There was a large crowd ,Blackthorn looked for a place to stand up so he could see everyone.

“Dear Folk of Drachenfels,today is the time to do the next step.

Today we came together to repair what needs to be repaired.

Today we going to repair the Moongate which was destroyed after the fight against Exodus!

I know a powerful magic which is able to rebuild the Moongate.

But to wave this powerful spell i need your help!

That’s the reason why i called you!

There are four rare reagents which that i need.

These reagents are obtainable on several places on Sosaria.

To get the reagents we need to fight and slay four different creatures which carry these reagents in them self!

It could be dangerous a,d i can’t guarantee that you come back healthy!

Now i am asking you all!

Are you willing to help me? “

While Blackthorn looked around most of the crows yelled yes!

I will help too… but not for Blackthorn… to help Sosaria.

“I knew the folk of Drachenfels is brave!

Let’s don’t waist more time!

Let’s go and win!

Before we go.

The creature we going to search now has a strong magical scale!

That’s the first reagent I need!”

A gate opened and took us near the entrance of Covetous.

Several Hydra’s attacked us from a passage in the mountain.

It was easy to fight this narrow passage so we had to lure them out.

When all hydra’s where slain Blackthorn cut of a piece of scale.

“That was not easy, but now i am able to take the scale.

And so we have our first reagent.

From the next creature we need a bone!”

A gate opened again and we found ourself on a island west of Buccaneer’s Den.

Skeleton Liches where waiting for us on the island.

It was not easy to fight on this jungle island.

Not only we had to deal with the skeleton liches, also some big serpents.

It took a bit longer then the Hydra’s but we killed all of them.

“Now we have the second reagent we need!”

*Shows the bone*

We need to go on fast, course as soon the reagents are out of the body of the creatures, they start to loose their power!

The next creature has an eye,which is one of the most powerful eyes on Sosaria!

No other eye is able to focus magic so intensive!”

A gate took us now Malas near the arena.

Several big spiders came from the west.

Inside the arena more spiders crawl from all direction to us.

It was not the first time we had to squash a lot of bugs!

“We obtained it! Very good!

Now we miss the last reagent!

This reagent is the most powerful of all!

And of course it will be the most dangerous to obtain!

We need the heart of one of the strongest dragons on Sosaria!

Please be careful now!”

Only a second when we stepped out of the gate we all knew this is was going to hurt!

We found ourself face to face with several Crimson Dragons!

This was one of those days i wished i was just a fisherman!

After a long and hard battle the last Crimson Dragon fell.

“That was a real hard and deadly fight!

But you are the best fighters of Drachenfels, we were able to win!

Now I have all what i need to prepare the magic spell!

Let’s go back to my laboratory!”

“I need a few minutes to prepare it.”

*places the magic reagents in the magic transducer box*

*starts to mutter a magic formula*

*starts to do some strange gestures*

“Eureka! It worked!

We have what we need!

We have to hurry, I feel that the reagent starts to lose power!”

One last gate opened and we found us standing near the broken Honor Moongate in Ilshenar.

“Now its time to bring back this important Moongate!”

Blackthorn started to cast the spell.

It was a long spell that went several times around us towards the broken Moongate.

But eventually after a big explosion the Moongate was repaired!

All was back to normal now.

“Its done!

We were able to repair the Moongate!

For today we did enough!

I need to get rest!

I wish you all a good night! “

Everyone slowly left trough the repaired Moongate.

I had one last look at the gate, feeling pleased the gate was repaired….. but i can not understand that it was done by Lord Blackthorn… Someone i still not trust.

Is he really good?

For now i stay vigilant, the future will tell,  i will let the Virtues guide me!

New Frarc, Drachenfels News reporter.

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