Thanksgiving on Legends or Cook Till It Hurts :)

November 27, 2011 By: Jeriicco Category: Legends News



Submitted by Guest Writer: Luc of Legends

Thanksgiving afternoon on legends was an eventful one. EM Miko called all the cooks to Jhelom gate from there he whisked us off to Nujelm.  Once in Nujelm, EM Miko asked the cooks to make a Thanksgiving Feast for Legends Shard. The one main item we had to make was 50 pumpkin pies.  We could make any side dishes we wanted but had to make 50 of that side.  Also it was asked of Miko that we pick a Chef Gordon Ramsey.  There was one nomination for Anne Rice to be Chef Ramsey by Luxon. With orders given and a Chef Ramsey appointed off the cooks went to their baking.  Miko left the cooks to make the feast.  There were pies of all type and description, meats, and so much other food.  After a bit Miko return to take stock of what we made.  Anne gave a list of food: Pumpkin pie, miso aka dressing, wasabi aka cranberry sauce, and fish, cook birds aka Turkey, quiche, meat pies, and more.



Miko took note of the banquet and chefs that were left at the feast. Miko asked if we wanted to have a pie eating contest. The cooks were up for the task but needed a lot Pepta’s tonic which Mercel kindly handed out.  Mysteriously, pies began to disappear and not from the hungry cooks.  With the feast prepared and eaten, Miko decided we need to work of that huge meal.  So we went to Jhelom farms for a game.  

Miko invited the whole shard to come join the game. We broke in to 2 groups, red and blue.  The object of the game was to see which team could wrangle and keep the most turkeys.  There were only 4 turkeys, 2 red and 2 blue.  After a long hard battle the blue team won.  With the night’s feast and the fatigue of the game wearing on everyone, we said our goodbye to head off to our respected houses.


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