[Fiction] Spies Like Us

November 27, 2011 By: Kayne Category: Europa News

Nathan Hawke sat and pondered recent events and his own reaction to them. It had been a bad mistake to run for Lord Protector and a worse mistake to play the election game. At least he had not got himself tied down too much in the recent election debates. Thankfully the work of a spy is seldom over. There is always someone, somewhere plotting something. And now was no different.

The conversation between Nathan and Monica had gone as well as it could have. Monica had been travelling en route to a meeting with Nathan when she had been ambushed. Nathan raised an eyebrow at this but let it pass, Monica was well known as a mistress of disguise and she had never let herself fall into enemy hands before.

Monica’s rescue had been well handled and the Cipher Code book had been recovered, but of course its contents had now been compromised.

Nathan dismissed Monica and ordered her to take a month’s leave of absence and to disappear for that time. He then stood and looked out of the window. It wasnt all bad. Whoever had stolen the Cipher Book could only decode messages written using that specific cipher and of course, if they used that cipher in their messages they were easily decoded.

But why would an organisation kidnap Monica, remove the cipher book and yet leave her alive and tied up, of all places, in the Exodus dungeon?

Nathan discussed his ideas with Skaros who kept very quiet. Finally Nathan handed Skaros the cipher book who looked it over very carefully before placing it on his desk.

Source: Spies Like Us

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