Interview With A Zombie And A Tour Of It’s Mausoleum

August 14, 2012 By: Amber Witch Category: Baja News

This interview kicks off, what I hope to be, a series of interviews of Baja’s wonderful and creative residents and a tour of their home. If there is someone that you would like to see interviewed please send me a PM.


A Zombie is one of those people who make this game just so much more interesting and tries to make this game fun for others. Below is a brief interview with Zombie. I hope you enjoy it.



What was the inspiration for the zombie Mausoleum?  

A place to keep brain museums.  Plus zombies need a place to call home too, ya know?  (OOC I just like doing things umm differently and  I wasn’t aware of another “mausoleum” in existence)   Also being placed in Felucca gives non-allied players a chance to “tap the zombie” so to speak .  That’s right, I’m speaking to you “real tough guy!”


You’re charging a one brain fee to enter. Do you have visitors that actually donate a brain? I find that rather odd.

 Funny thing is, there are about 20 brains in the box.  And odd is my middle name. Wesley Odd Zombie the 3rd.


Why do you have exhibits on the Town Guards and the Girl Scouts? 

To prove to all the other zombie wannabes out there that I am one bad mutha…..   I chose the Town Guards because they are my sworn mortal enemies, and I wanted to make an example of what happens to those who dare try to thwart the zombie.  And I chose the EVIL girl scouts out of begrudging respect.  Compared to them I am like the bud light of evil.  There is also the added bonus of managing to creep out our last two EM’s.   That in itself is worth the effort.


How did you become a zombie? Do you have a girlfriend?

1st part long story.

2nd part  No… 2 words … Dry Rot.  I did have a special she zombie friend a while back.  But she claimed I only loved her for her brain so it didn’t last.

OK so how I became a zombie …  I was alive once, a simple farm hand to a family of nobles.  I fell in love with the beautiful daughter, Buttercup, but I had no means to support her.  So off I went to make my fortune.

 I fell in as an errand boy to a somewhat incompetent necromancer.  This was a huge mistake, becoming an apprentice to someone who calls himself “The Slug” simply can’t end well.  After an unfortunate accident involving demon blood, nightshade, blackrock, mongbat testicles and a cauldron, I woke up feeling kinda funny.  As time passed I realized that my flesh was decaying, I stank horribly and I had developed a real taste for living brains. I had also been freed from the mortal views of “virtue” and good and evil. 

To make a long story even longer, I returned to my family of nobles, and of course, ate their brains.  I offered Buttercup the chance for immortality, but she declined, citing the fact that immortality was far too malodorous for her liking.  I left her alone, since her brain would not have made even a decent midnight snack.  I then built myself a mausoleum and starting slinking around Britain, thinking that there might might be a few decent sized brains left there .


Has the way you play the game changed since you first started playing UO? If so, why and how?

Kinda OOC but I’ll answer anyway.   

I’ve been around since ’97 (beta actually) off and on. The game has evolved, obviously, and so have I.  I have gone from being a wide eyed newbie myself (back when you you couldn’t set skills, there were no guilds and spellbooks weren’t even blessed) to pking newbies in chicken form, ( I had a mage named “a chicken” for a while)   Then I got involved in an anti-pk guild (simply called the Knights, then Elder Knights, then Great Horny Toads)   The Great Horny Toads still exist today, but only 4 or 5 real people left and I have no desire to re-grow the guild.   I attempted (key word being attempted) PvP up until about the time of Samurai Empire, when things got too complicated for me.  Since then a few large guilds, UG.K, AFK/UTB 2 stints in [email protected] and M!S for a short time.  (I am in the Town Guards now) But the drama and rules of being in a large alliance got to me so since then I have been more or less on my own with a small group of trusted friends.


Who do you hang with ingame now? Or should I be asking.. who hangs out with zombies ingame?

Hey that’s not nice !!   *hmph*    I even took a bath about 100 or so years ago! 

Needless to say I try to hang out with whoever has a brain, but for some reason, those with brains tend to avoid me or just run away.  *sighs*


Who are some of the people that inspire you ingame?

Anyone who does their own thing and goes their own way really.  Corporal Brackus is a major role model, I have nothing but respect for the way he plays this game.  Handalf, of course.  Mama Faith, Jocasta, Al, you Amber, Sally the Pie Girl, and many more that I have either forgotten or just too lazy to list.

What do you enjoy doing ingame?

 Just relaxing and having fun.  EM events are always fun, and doing pretty much anything with my alliance mates, or other like minded people .  I’m not a PvPer, RPer or anything else.  I’m simply me, that’s all.


Anything else I should be asking that I’ve forgotten or that you would like to say?  

*moans *    *spits*   *squish*    *flaps*   OK I think I about covered  it.


A Tour of Zombie’s Mausoleum