Story Time~A Cat’s Tail

September 15, 2011 By: Larisa Category: Origin News

Origin gathered this evening at The Cat’s Lair. A night of story-telling was on the menu and we all welcomed Asurti when he arrived.

Settling in, we sat in silence as Asurti started his tale;

“Three little kittens, they lost their mittens, and they began to cry..Oh Mother dear we sadly fear our mittens we have lost!”

Before he could continue, a large brown cat walked into the Cat’s Lair meowing loudly *Please…my kittens are lost!*

Everyone stared at the Mommy Cat, and Asurti got a very strange, worried look on his face..glancing at his book, then at the Mommy cat..”Excuse me..I am trying to tell a story here”

*but..but..* she meowed…

Asurti continued his story…
“What? Lost your mittens,
You naughty kittens.
Then you shall have no pie.”

The Mommy Cat once again inturrupted *But…please my kittens, they are lost!*

Asurti cleared his throat and again looked distraught, looking from his book to the Mommy Cat before continuing…
“The three little kittens,
They found their mittens,
And they began to cry,
“Oh, Mother dear,
See here, see here,
Our mittens we have found.”

The Mommy Cat again inturrupted, howling loudly “PLEASE sir, I beg of you, my babies! It’s just a game we play…they didn’t REALLY lose thier mittens, they know exactly where they are! They are usually only gone a few moments! But today…they…they never came home!”

Asurti looked very disturbed and stared at the Mommy Cat for a moment.

*Please I will show you! Please come!* the Mommy Cat said. Asurti sighed and closed his book and we all followed the Mommy Cat to the Blue Boar, which is where Mommy Cat and her kittens lived.

There was a bowl half full of cream and a slightly nibbled on fish fillet..but no sign of her kittens. Mommy Cat was very upset and begged us to help find her lost kittens.

We followed a trail of tasty kitty treats past The Blue Boar all the way to the entrance into Britians underground sewer system. It seemed someone had lured the kittens down into the tunnels! Quickly we all scrambled down into the sewers and were immediately confronted by hordes of feral cats.

I heard someone shout “I FOUND THE KITTENS!” but by the time we all made it through it was too late. We emerged into the bog and were confronted by a Deranged Evil Mommy Cat. She cackled loudly *I knew you would come..he said you all fell into my trap! Just like those pathetic little kittens did*
A Trap? HE? He who? We stood around bewildered, the Mommy Cat whimpering softly *My babies…who did this to my babies!*

The Deranged Mommy Cat called her minions and the fight was on! She threatened us with a painful death.

Tainted Catnip and Twisted Yarn surrounded our party!

Once the fight was over and the swamp was littered with corpses, the Deranged Mommy Cat was nowhere to be found. Mommy Cat cried softly as we all travelled back to The Blue Boar.
“We will seek revenge on whoever did this to your kittens!” the crowd cried out, and MommyCat curled up into a little ball and wept.

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