(Player Event) Second Dart Tournament!

September 15, 2011 By: Frarc Category: Drachenfels News

Second Dart Tournament.

It has been a while since the first tournament in the “Zum Zechenden Troll” tavern.

I got a new invitation from Anselm the tavern keeper and i looked forward to try to beat my own record from last time.

Here are the results of the first tournament:

1. Place – Bi-La Kaifa with 223 Points.

2. Place – Queenie with 204 Points.

3. Place – QuaiGong with 182 Points.

4. Place – Lana with 165 Points.

5. Place – New Frarc with 159 Points.

6. Place – Horkan Bladebite with 98 Points.

7. Place – Spirit with 92 Points.

Read my full report here :Darts!

Now just like last time i arrived first.

So again i was to start trowing first.

My first ten trows where a lot better then at previous game!

Eight players step up this time , one more drunk then the


After a short break it was time for round two.

One by one we stepped up.

I think i did better then before but some people where trowing
there best with more alcohol in there bloods.Some even tried to trow over there shoulder.

Maybe i should stop drinking water next event!


Gath Farlin trowed a mazing two bullseyes in a row!

Anselm took notes of the points of the trows and was ready to announce the results:

1. Place – Gath Farlin with 240 Points.

2. Place – Faenwen The Shade with 190 Points.

3. Place – Kleiner Matz with 176 Points.

4. Place – New Frarc with 174 Points.

5. Place – Alyson The Bowyer with 112 Points.

6. Place – Ken Masters with 101 Points.

7. Place – Lady Ophiusa with 98 Points.

8. Place – Nicodemus with 87 Points.


Nicodemus had to leave early so was only to do one round!

Congratulations go to Gath Farlin as winner with a new Dart Record of 240 Points!

It was another lovely evening and i thank Anselm for the invitation.

Maybe next time i can be in the top three!


New Frarc, Drachenfels News reporter.


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