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Skill Training
Certain skills are taught by multiple types of NPC; some may even be learned from any NPC in the game. In order to train a skill, get the NPCs attention by greeting them and then type “train [skill name]”. The number of skill points that you will receive from training a specific skill will vary from NPC type to NPC type. For example, a “Farmer” NPC will teach you Resisting Spells if asked, but he may only teach you up to a skill level of 6.8, where as a “Mage” NPC could train you up to 30.0 when asked. Training a skill costs approximately 10 GP per skill point.
Skill Trained by “Teach” name
Alchemy Alchemist, Gypsy, Herbalist, Tinker, Tinker Guildmaster
Anatomy Artist, Bloodletter, Healer (Shopkeeper), Healer (Wandering), Healer Guildmaster, Sculptor, Priest of Mondain, Fortune Teller
Animal Lore Animal Trainer, Fur Trader, Rancher, Ranger, Ranger Guildmaster, Vegetable Seller, Veterinarian, Gypsy Animal Herder
Animal Taming Animal Trainer, Fur Trader, Ranger, Gypsy Animal Herder Taming wild animals
Archery Bowyer, Ranger, Ranger Guildmaster
Arms Lore Armourer, Blacksmith, Fighter, Warrior, Mercenary, Paladin, Weaponsmith, Weapons Trainer, Guildmaster
Begging Beggar, Gypsy
Blacksmithy Armourer, Blacksmith, Weaponsmith, Iron Worker Blacksmithing
Bowcraft/Fletch. Bowyer Making of bows and fletching of arrows
Bushido Samurai
Camping Brigand, Fur Trader, Gypsy, Healer(wandering), Ranger, Ranger Guildmaster, Shepherd
Carpentry Carpenter, Stonecrafter
Cartography Mapmaker Cartography and the making of Maps
Chivalry Keepers of Chivalry
Cooking Baker, Cook, Herbalist
Detecting Hidden Thief, Thief Guildmaster, *Guard Detect hidden
Discordance Bard, Bard Guildmaster
Evaluating INT Gambler, Holy Mage, Judge, Mage(Evil), Mage Guildmaster, Monk, Necromancer, Scribe, Priest of Mondain, Archmage
Fencing All Grandmaster Fencer NPCs, Keepers of Chivalry, Iron Worker Fencing and daggers
Fishing Fisher, Fisher Guildmaster, Healer (Wandering)
Focus Keepers of Chivalry, Gypsy Banker
Forensic Eval. Bloodletter, *Guard, Healer(Shopkeeper), Healer(Wandering), Healer Guildmaster, Judge, Fortune Teller
Healing Bloodletter, Healer(Shopkeeper), Healer(Wandering), Healer Guildmaster, Priest of Mondain, Fortune Teller Basic healing
Herding Rancher, Shepherd, Ranger, Ranger Guildmaster, Vegetable Seller Herding animals
Hiding Brigand, Gypsy, Ranger, Ranger Guildmaster, Thief, Thief Guildmaster
Imbuing Gargoyle Artificer, Royal City, Ter Mur
Inscription Holy Mage, Mage, Mage(Evil), Mage(Shopkeeper), Mage Guildmaster, Necromancer, Archmage Inscribing scrolls and books
Item ID Gambler, Gypsy, Jeweler, Merchant guildmaster, Miner Guildmaster, Vagabond Appraising and identifying items
Lockpicking Golem Crafter, Thief, Thief Guildmaster
Lumberjacking Carpenter
Mace Fighting All Grandmaster Warrior NPCs, Keepers of Chivalry, Iron Worker Clubs and maces
Magery Holy Mage, Mage, Mage(evil), Mage(shopkeeper), Mage Guildmaster, Priest of Mondain, Archmage
Meditation Wandering Mage, Mage Guildmaster, Necromancer, Holy Mage, Archmage
Mining Miner, Miner Guildmaster
Musicianship Bard, Bard Guildmaster
Mysticism Gargoyle Mystic, Royal City, Ter Mur
Necromancy Necromancer,
Ninjitsu Ninja
Parrying All Grandmaster Warrior NPCs, Priest of Mondain, Iron Worker Parrying attacks
Peacemaking Bard, Bard Guildmaster
Poisoning Brigand, Thief, Thief Guildmaster The deadly art of poisoning
Provocation Bard, Bard Guildmaster Provoking anger
Remove Trap Thief, Thief Guildmaster, Golem Crafter Disarm, Disarming, Remove, Removing

a minimum skill of 50 in both lockpicking and detect hidden is required for learning this skill
Resisting Spells All Grandmaster Mage NPCs, Necromancer, Holy Mage, Priest of Mondain, Gypsy Banker, Archmage Resisting magic spells
Snooping Beggar, Brigand, Gambler, Gypsy, Thief, Thief Guildmaster
Spirit Speak Bloodletter, Healer(Shopkeeper), Healer(Wandering), Healer Guildmaster, Priest, Priest of Mondain, Fortune Teller Spirit talking
Stealing Beggar, Brigand, Gambler, Gypsy, Thief, Thief Guildmaster
Stealth Thief, Thief Guildmaster a minimum hiding skill of 30 is required for learning this skill
Swordsmanship All Grandmaster Swordsman NPCs, Keepers of Chivalry, Iron Worker
Tactics All Grandmaster Warrior NPCs, Priest of Mondain, Iron Worker, Gypsy Banker Battle tactics
Tailoring Tailor, Weaver
Taste ID Alchemist, Cook, Herbalist, Cashual Food tasting
Throwing Gargoyle Bladeweaver, Royal City, Ter Mur
Tinkering Tinker, Tinker Guildmaster, Golem Crafter
Tracking Ranger, Ranger Guildmaster
Veterinary Animal Trainer, Rancher, Vegetable Seller, Veterinarian , Gypsy Animal Herder Veterinary healing / Veterinarian
Wrestling All Grandmaster Wrestler NPCs, Gypsy Banker Hand to Hand Combat and Wrestling
* “Guard” NPCs are able to teach some skills in theory, but most will not respond to training requests.

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