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Skill Titles & Order by Wolfheart Dragon, edited by Xena Dragon & Beans Baxter
Skill titles consist of two parts, the first indicates the level of competence, the second is the professional title.

Skill Titles
Skill Title Base Skill Needed
Legendary 120
Elder 110
Grandmaster 100
Master 90
Adept 80
Expert 70
Journeyman 60
Apprentice 50
Novice 40
Neophyte 30
No Title 29 or below


When a character has one skill over 30 (and believe me, you have to try very hard to get all of your skills under 30 ;-), the character is assigned a professional title that indicates their primary skill. This title is not shown to other players until you reach a higher level of fame, but there is a sense of satisfaction when one achieves the title they have been looking for. There is also certain amount of pride that goes along with saying “I’m a merchant” and having the professional title to prove it.

This chart outlines all of the professional titles associated with their skills. The skill that is displayed in your paperdoll is, by default, the highest skill that you have that is marked up (to raise the skill). You can choose which of your skills is shown by selecting ‘open titles menu’ from your character’s context menu.

Titles Menu, Context

You will notice that most of the list is sorted alphabetically, but that some skills seems to be in the wrong place. This is because the list is sorted according to the “original” skill script name that was used in the early Beta days of Ultima Online. For example: “Animal Taming” is sorted as if it said “Tame” and “Provocation” is sorted as if it said “Incite”. Also, some skills have been added at a later stage (such as Meditation, Remove trap and Stealth). Those skills have been added to the bottom of the list.


Original list
Skill Professional Title Original Name
Alchemy Alchemist Alchemy
Anatomy Biologist Anatomy
Animal Lore Naturalist Animlore
Item Identification Merchant Appraise
Arms Lore Weapons Master Armslore
Parry Duelist Battle Defense
Begging Beggar Begging
Blacksmithy Smith Blacksmithing
Bowcraft & Fletching Bowyer Bowyer and Fletcher
Peacemaking Pacifier Calm
Camping Explorer Camping
Carpentry Carpenter Carpentry
Cartography Cartographer Cartography
Cooking Chef Cooking
Detecting Hidden Scout Detcthid
Discordance Demoralizer Entice
Evaluating Intelligence Scholar Evaluate
Healing Healer First Aid
Fishing Fisherman Fishing
Forensic Evaluation Detective Forensic
Herding Shepherd Herding
Hiding Shade Hides
Provocation Rouser Incite
Inscription Scribe Inscribe
Lockpicking Infiltrator Lockpicking
Magery Mage (Focused Mage*) Magic
Resisting Spells Mage Magic Defense
Tactics Tactician Melee Fighting
Snooping Spy Peek
Musicianship Bard Play Instrument
Poisoning Assassin Poisons
Archery Archer Ranged Weapon
Spirit Speak Medium Seance
Stealing Pickpocket Stealing
Tailoring Tailor Tailoring
Animal Taming Tamer Tame
Taste Identification Praegustator Taste
Tinkering Tinker Tinkering
Tracking Ranger Tracking
Veterinary Veterinarian Veterinarian
Skill Professional Title Original Name
Swordsmanship Swordsman Melee Fighting
Mace Fighting Armsman Melee Fighting
Fencing Fencer Melee Fighting
Wrestling Wrestler Melee Fighting
More Additions
Skill Professional Title Original Name
Lumberjacking Lumberjack Bladed
Mining Miner Bladed
Recent Additions
Skill Professional Title Original Name
Bushido Samurai
Chivalry Paladin
Focus Driven  Stoic
Imbuing Artificer
Meditation Stoic
Mysticism Mystic
Necromancy Necromancer
Ninjitsu Ninja
Remove Trap Trap Specialist
Spellweaving Arcanist
Stealth Rogue
Throwing Bladeweaver

* This title is obtained by focusing only in magery. ie no mysticism, necromancy or spellweaving skill

Setting Shown Titles

The titles menu allows you to set both paperdoll and overhead displays.

titles menu open

Paperdoll Prefix Paperdoll Suffix
Over Head Prefix Over Head Suffix
Overhead Name – Skills Overhead Name – Guild
Overhead Skills Overhead, Guild
Subtitle – Skills Subtitle – Guild
Subtitle - Skills Subtitle - Guild
Applying Paper Doll Suffix Applying Overhead Name – Skills
Apply title - paper doll suffix apply overhead skill title

The overhead title and suffix each allow you to choose either skill or guild information but not both. The images used in the above table show the range of titles available to the character used to demonstrate this function.

Last modified: January 7, 2014

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  1. I have a title not on your list. I have the option to be a “Novice Driven”, and I can’t for the life of me figure out what “Driven” is supposed to mean. The character is a newb healer, and the other title options are for biologist, healer and medium. But I can’t seem to find any information about “driven”. This list is the first I’ve found, and is extremely helpful…except that it doesn’t solve my mystery. XD


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