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Skill List


Regardless of skills chosen, all characters begin with a Book (blank), Candle, Dagger, Pants/Skirt, Shirt, Shoes and 1000 Gold.
Master Skill List
Ability Starting Equipment Title
Alchemy 3 each of 4 random Reagents, 4 Bottles, Mortar & Pestle, Robe (pink) Alchemist
Anatomy* 3 Bandages, Robe (brown) Biologist
Animal Lore* Robe (blue-green), Shepherd’s Crook Naturalist
Animal Taming Shepherd’s Crook Tamer
Archery 25 Arrows, Bow (Not available to Gargoyle characters) Archer
Arms Lore* random practice weapon Weapons Master
Begging* Gnarled Staff Beggar
Blacksmithy Half Apron (brown), Random Blacksmithing Tool, 2 Random Mining Tools, 50 Iron Ingots Smith
Bowcraft/Fletch. 14 Boards, 5 Feathers, 5 Shafts Bowyer
Bushido Book of Bushido, Hakama, Kasa Samurai
Camping Bedroll, 5 Kindling Explorer
Carpentry 10 Boards, Half Apron (brown), Random Carpentry Tool Carpenter
Cartography 4 Blank Maps, Sextant Cartographer
Chivalry Paladin
Cooking 2 Kindling, Raw Leg of Lamb, Raw Chicken Leg, Raw Fish Slice, Flour Sack (full), Water Pitcher (full) Chef
Detecting Hidden* Cloak (dark grey) Scout
Discordance Random Musical Instrument Demoralizer
Evaluating Int* Scholar
Fencing Kryss Fencer
Fishing* Fishing Pole, Floppy Hat (brown) Fisherman
Focus Robe (red), Dagger Driven
Forensic Eval.* Detective
Healing 50 Bandages, Scissors Healer
Herding Shepherd’s Crook Shepherd
Hiding* Cloak (dark grey) Shade
Imbuing Robe, Gnarled Staff Artificer
Inscription 2 Blank Scrolls, A Book (blank) Scribe
Item ID* Gnarled Staff Merchant
Lockpicking 20 Lockpicks Infiltrator
Lumberjacking Hatchet Lumberjack
Mace Fighting Club Armsman
Magery 3 random Scrolls from the first four circles, 30 of each Reagent, Spellbook with three spells for each of the first four circles Mage
Meditation Stoic
Mysticism Mysticism book with 5 spells, bag of 30 of each mysticism reagent Mystic
Mining Pickaxe or Shovel Miner
Musicianship* random Musical Instrument Bard
Necromancy Necromancy book with 5 spells, bag of 50 each necromancy reagent Necromancer
Ninjitsu Book of Ninjitsu, Hakama, Kasa Ninja
Parrying Wooden Shield Duelist
Peacemaking* random Musical Instrument Pacifier
Poisoning 2 Poison (Green) Potions Assassin
Provocation random musical instrument Rouser
Remove Trap you cannot select this as a starting skill Trap Specialist
Resisting Spells* Mage
Snooping 20 Lockpicks Spy
Spellweaving you cannot select this as a starting skill Arcanist
Spirit Speak* Cloak (dark grey) Medium
Stealing 20 Lockpicks Pickpocket
Stealth you cannot select this as a starting skill Rogue
Swordsmanship Katana Swordsman
Tactics Katana Tactician
Tailoring A Bolt of Cloth, Sewing Kit Tailor
Taste ID* 3 random Potions Praegustator
Throwing boomerang, robe (Gargoyle characters only) Bladeweaver
Tinkering Tinker Tools Tinker
Tracking Boots (brown), Skinning Knife Ranger
Veterinary 5 Bandages, Scissors Veterinarian
Wrestling Leather Gloves Wrestler

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