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Skill Limitations
Under the Guaranteed Gain System, you can always gain a skill point if the skill delay timer allows you to.
Skill Difficulty Based? Scroll of Power available? Movement or Target limited? Skill Delay
Alchemy Yes No N/A None***
Anatomy No Yes Target 1 Second
Animal Lore No Yes Target 1 Second
Animal Taming Yes Yes Target None***
Archery Yes Yes N/A None***
Arms Lore No No Target 1 Second
Begging No No Target None***
Blacksmithy Yes No N/A None***
Bowcraft/Fletch. Yes No N/A None***
Camping No No Movement None***
Carpentry Yes No N/A None***
Cartography Yes No N/A None***
Chivalry Yes Yes N/A None***
Cooking No No Movement None***
Detecting Hidden Yes No Movement 1 Second
Discordance Yes Yes Target 1 Second
Evaluating Intelligence No Yes Target 10 Seconds
Fencing Yes Yes N/A None***
Fishing No No Movement None***
Focus No Yes ? None***
Forensic Evaluation No No Target 1 Second
Healing Yes Yes Movement None***
Herding No No Target 10 Seconds
Hiding No No Movement 10 Seconds
Inscription Yes No N/A None***
Item Identification No No Target 1 Second
Lockpicking Yes No Target None***
Lumberjacking No No Movement None***
Mace Fighting Yes Yes N/A None***
Magery Yes Yes Movement None***
Meditation No Yes Movement 10 Seconds
Mining Yes No Movement None***
Musicianship No Yes Movement None***
Necromancy Yes Yes Movement None***
Parrying Yes Yes N/A None***
Peacemaking Yes Yes Target 5/10 Seconds**
Poisoning Yes No Target 10 Seconds
Provocation Yes Yes Target 10 Seconds
Remove Trap Yes No Target 10 Seconds
Resisting Spells No Yes Movement None***
Snooping No No Target None***
Spellweaving No No Movement None***
Spirit Speak No No Movement 1 Second
Stealing Yes No Target 10 Seconds
Stealth No No Movement 10 Seconds
Swordsmanship Yes Yes N/A None***
Tactics Yes Yes N/A None***
Tailoring Yes No N/A None***
Taste Identification Yes No Target 1 Second
Tinkering Yes No N/A None***
Tracking No No Movement 10 Seconds
Veterinary No Yes Target 10 Seconds
Wrestling Yes Yes N/A None***
* You will not receive any normal skill gains in these skills inside a player owned house at higher levels.
** 5 second delay on sucess, 10 on failure.
*** There is no delay before you can use another skill, though there may be other limitations on skill usage.

Last modified: February 20, 2012

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