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Necromancer Spells
Necromancer Spell Words and Reagents; by Xena Dragon
To use Necromantic Spells, the Necromancer must have the spell written in his Necromancy spell book, have the required Necromancy skill level and have access to the required Necromancy reagents: Bat Wing, Grave Dust, Daemon Blood, Nox Crystal and Pig Iron, all of which are available in Necromancy shops (such as the one in Umbra, Malas)
Icon Name Words Bat Wing Grave Dust Daemon Blood Nox Crystal Pig Iron
Animate Dead Uus Corp
Blood Oath In Jux Mani Xen
Corpse Skin In Agle Corp Ylem
Curse Weapon An Sanct Gra Char
Evil Omen Pas Tym An Sanct
Exorcism Ort Corp Grav
Horrific Beast Rel Xen Vas Bal
Lich Form Rel Xen Corp Ort
Mind Rot Wis An Ben
Pain Spike In Sar
Poison Strike In Vas Nox
Strangle In Bal Nox
Summon Familiar Kal Xen Bal
Vampiric Embrace Rel Xen An Sanct
Vengeful Spirit Kal Xen Bal Beh
Wither Kal Vas An Flam
Wraith Form Rel Xen Um

Last modified: March 31, 2011

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