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Necromancer Spells


Necromancer Spell Details; by Xena Dragon; updated by Stupid Miner
To use Necromantic Spells, the Necromancer must have the spell written in his Necromancy spell book, have the required Necromancy skill level and have access to the required Necromancy reagents: Bat Wing, Grave Dust, Daemon Blood, Nox Crystal and Pig Iron, all of which are available in Necromancy shops (such as the one in Umbra, Malas)

In the table below the Max Skill figure is that which is required to cast the spell 100% of the time.

Icon Name Mana Min/Max Skill Delay Info
Curse Weapon
An Sanct Gra Char
Pig  			Iron
7 0/40 1 Temporarily imbues a weapon with a life draining effect.

  • 50% of weapon damage is returned to caster as hitpoints.
  • Duration in Seconds = Caster’s Spirit Speak x 10 ÷ 34 + 1. (30 seconds at GM, or about 36 seconds at Legendary)
Pain Spike
In Sar
Grave DustPig  			Iron
5 20/60 1 Brings a jolt of temporary pain down upon your enemy. Damage is temporary and will wear off after 10 seconds.
Damage inflicted is DIRECT (bypasses any armor).

  • Versus Monsters: Damage = (caster’s Spirit Speak – target’s Resisting Spells) ÷ 10 + 30
  • Versus Players Damage = (caster’s Spirit Speak – target Resisting Spells) ÷ 100 + 18

If the spell targets someone already affected by the Pain Spike spell, only 3 to 7 points of DIRECT damage will be inflicted, and 2 seconds are added to the duration.

Corpse Skin
In Aglo Corp Yelm
BatwingGrave Dust
11 20/60 2 Transmogrifies the flesh of the target creature or player to resemble rotted corpse flesh, making them more vulnerable to Fire and Poison damage, but increasing their resistance to Physical and Cold damage.

  • Target receives -15 Fire resistance.
  • Target receives -15 poison resistance.
  • Target receives +10 physical resistance.
  • Target receives +10 cold resistance.
  • Duration is ((Casters Spirit Speak – targets Magic Resist) / 25 + 40 (skill values are without decimals, meaning GM, or 100.0, is 1000)).


Evil Omen
Pas Tym An Sanct
BatwingNox Crystal
11 20/60 1 Be it a strike from a sword or the sting of a spell, the next bad thing that happens to the receiver of this curse will be worse. The player affected by this spell:

  • Target receives +25% damage from next damage source, or
  • Will be poisoned one level higher by the next poison attack (to a max of level 5 poison), or
  • Wll only have 50% of their Resist Spells skill the next time they try to resist a spell.
  • Reduces Mysticism Stone Form Immunity by 30
Blood Oath
In Jux Mani Xen
Daemon Blood
13 20/60 1.5 Temporarily creates a dark pact between the caster and the target. Any damage dealt by the target to the caster is increased, but the target receives the same amount of damage.

  • Duration in Seconds = (Caster’s Spirit Speak – Target’s Resist) ÷ 8 + 8. Magic Resist will reduce the damage done by (Resist Spells x 10)/20 + 10 = percentage of damage resisted.
  • Reflected damage can be Evaded by Samurai.
  • Does not stack with the Reflect Physical Damage item property.
Wraith Form
Rel Xen Um
Nox CrystalPig  			Iron
17 20/60 4 Transforms the caster into an ethereal Wraith, lowering some Elemental Resists, while increasing their Physical Resist.

  • Caster receives ability to walk through people in Felucca without losing stamina/being revealed.
  • Caster receives the ability to cast the magery spell “Recall” 100% of the time if he has reagents.
  • Caster takes +25% damage from “Undead Slayers”.
  • Caster receives immunity to bleed attacks due to being undead.
  • Caster receives +15 physical resist.
  • Caster receives -5 fire and energy resist.
  • Duration is permanent until death or a transformation spell is cast.
  • Caster receives the ability to truely leech mana from a target’s mana pool (If the targets mana pool is empty then you leech nothing.)
    – The amount leeched is based upon your Spirit Speak skill and the damage you do to the target. It works with Magery and Weapon damage. Formula – Spirit Speak / 5
    – 8% at 0 SS
    – 20% at GM SS
    – 24% at 120 SS
Mind Rot
Wis An Ben
BatwingDaemon BloodPig  			Iron
17 30/70 1.5 The receiver of this curse has difficulty thinking, making all abilities that require Mana more expensive.

  • 25% Increased Mana Cost
  • Duration in Seconds = (Caster’s Spirit Speak – Target’s Resist) ÷ 5 + 20
Summon Familiar
Kal Xen Bal
BatwingDaemon BloodGrave Dust
17 30/70 4 Allows the Caster to summon a Familiar from the selected list. A Familiar will follow and fight with its owner, in addition to granting unique bonuses to the Caster, dependent on the type of Familiar summoned. You cannot give a familiar orders like you can a pet. If the owner of a familiar goes invisible, so will the familiar. All familiars take 1 Follower slot.

  • Horde Minion
    Requires 30 Necromancy and 30 Spirit Speak.
    Abilities: Pack animal, picks up stuff, decent combat assistant.
    Health: 70; Dex 110; Combat Skill: 70-76
    Damage: 14-20, 100% Physical
    Resists: 50/50/0/25/25
  • Shadow Wisp
    Requires 50 Necromancy and 50 Spirit Speak.
    Abilities: Negative energy flare; periodically heals the mana of those friendly to the caster (and the caster) IF they have negative karma. The more negative the karma, the more mana received.
    (At -500 karma: 1-5 mana
    at -10,000 karma: 1-10 mana)
    Health 50; Dex 60; Combat Skill: 40
    Damage: 2-8, 100% Energy
    Resists 10/10/10/10/95 to 15/15/15/15/100
  • Dark Wolf
    Requires 60 Necromancy and 60 Spirit Speak.
    Abilities: +1 stamina every 2 seconds.
    Wolf mastery; allows you to tame any wolf as if it were a 0 difficulty tameable. Includes Bake Kitsune.
    Health: 60; Dex 90; Combat Skill: 85-90
    Damage: 15-33, 100% Physical
    Resists: 40/25/25/25/25 to 50/40/40/40/40
  • Death Adder
    Requires 80 Necromancy and 80 Spirit Speak.
    Abilities: Snake Charming. Allows caster to double click snakes and serpents in the area and target what they want them to kill.
    Very good figher that has a deadly poison attack.
    Health: 50; Dex 150; Combat Skill: 90
    Damage: 1-4, 100% Physical
    Greater Poison
    Resists: 10/0/0/100/0
  • Vampire Bat
    Requires 100 Necromancy and 100 Sprit Speak.
    Abilities: All melee damage it does will heal it’s master (You!) for an equal amount.
    Health: 90; Dex 120; Combat Skill: 90-100
    Damage: 7-21, 100% Physical
    Resists: 10-20 for all
Horrific Beast
Rel Xen Vas Bal
BatwingDaemon Blood
11 40/80 4 Allows you to transform into a terrifying form that grants great physical strength, at the cost of your mind.

  • Caster receives +2 hitpoints/second (equals 20 “Hit Point Regeneration”).
  • Caster receives +25% Damage Increase (item property).
  • Increased base hand damage
    from 1 – 6 to 5-15
  • Caster cannot cast any spells aside from necromancer transformation spells.
  • Duration is permanent until death or a transformation spell is cast.
Animate Dead
Uus Corp
Daemon BloodGrave Dust
23 40/80 1.5 Animates the targeted corpse, creating a mindless, wandering undead that will attack all creatures except humans. The strength of the risen undead is greatly modified by the Fame of the original creature.
You can have up to 3 at a time, they steadily lose health until they collapse, and they don’t require any control slots.See Animate Dead page for more details
Poison Strike
In Vas Nox
Nox Crystal
17 50/90 2 Summons a cloud of poison to strike down your enemy.

  • Minimum base damage is 32.
  • 38-48 damage at 100 Necro/SS
    44-55 at 120 Necro/SS
  • Also, affects a radius of 2 tiles around the target.
  • Creatures 1 tile from the Target take 50% damage
  • Creatures 2 tiles from the Target take 33% damage
Kal Vas An Flam
Grave DustNox CrystalPig  			Iron
23 60/100 1.5 Summons an evil, withering frost, damaging all nearby enemies — especially those who are good. Deals Cold Damage to all valid targets in a radius of 5 tiles centered on the caster.

  • Against a Neutral karma opponent:
    42-50 damage at 100 Necro/SS
    48-56 damage at 120 Necro/SS
  • Approx +13 to +17 damage against Level 5 Karma
In Bal Nox
Daemon BloodNox Crystal
29 65/105 2.5 Temporarily chokes off the air supply of the target with poisonous fumes, doing more damage as their Stamina drops. The power of the effect is equal to the Caster’s Spirit Speak skill divided by 10. The minimum power is 4. The power number determines the duration and base damage of the Strangle effect.
Each point of power causes the Strangle effect to damage the target one time. The first round of damage is done after five seconds. Four seconds later, the second round hits. Each round after that comes one second more quickly than the last, until there is only 1 second between hits.
Damage is calculated as follows: The range of damage is between power – 2 and power + 1. Then the damage is multiplied based on the victim’s current and maximum Stamina values. The more the victim is fatigued, the more damage this spell deals. The damage is multiplied by the result of this formula: 3 – (Cur Stamina ÷ Max Stamina x 2.

  • With 100 SS. Against a target with 70 poison resist.
    • Against a target with 100% stamina:
      Avg 3 damage per tick for 10 ticks, 30 total.
    • Against a target with 50% Stamina
      Avg 6 damage per tick for 10 ticks, 60 total.
    • Against a target with 0% Stamina
      Avg 9 damage per tick for 10 ticks, 90 total.
  • With 120 SS. Against a target with 70 poison resist.
    • Against a target with 100% stamina:
      Avg 3 damage per tick for 12 ticks, 36 total.
    • Against a target with 50% Stamina
      Avg 7 damage per tick for 12 ticks, 84 total.
    • Against a target with 0% Stamina
      Avg 10 damage per tick for 12 ticks, 120 total.
Lich Form
Rel Xen Corp Ort
Nox CrystalDaemon BloodGrave Dust
23 70/110 4 Transforms the caster into a lich, increasing their mana regeneration and some Resistances, while lowering their Fire Resist and slowly sapping their life.

  • Caster receives +1.3 mana/second (equals 13 “Mana Regeneration”).
  • Caster receives +10 cold resist.
  • Caster receives +10 poison resist.
  • Caster receives immunity to bleed attack (due to being undead).
  • Caster takes +25% damage from “Undead Slayers”.
  • Caster takes -10 fire resist.
  • Caster loses 1 hitpoint/2 seconds (equals -5 Hit Point Regeneration)
  • Duration is permanent until death or a transformation spell is cast.
Ort Corp Grav
Nox CrystalGrave Dust
40 80/120 2 Requires 100 Spirit Speak.
Relocates any player ghosts around the caster to a shrine on that facet. The spell will only work in a champion spawn region and will not affect players who have a corpse on the same subserver.
Vengeful Spirit
Kal Xen Bal Beh
BatwingGrave DustPig  			Iron
41 80/120 8 Summons a powerful revenant to slay a chosen foe. A revenant requires 3 control slots.

  • Revenants are incredibly persistent and can track their quarry, even when hidden.
  • Duration in Seconds = (Caster’s Spirit Speak x 80) ÷ 120 + 10
  • Dispelled easily by Paladin’s Dispel Evil spell.
Vampiric Embrace
Rel Xen An Sanct
BatwingNox CrystalPig  			Iron
23 99/120 4 Transforms the caster into a powerful Vampire.

  • Caster receives 20% life drain on every hit.
  • Caster receives immunity to poison levels 1-4.
  • Caster receives “Mana Regeneration 3″.
  • Caster receives “Stamina Regeneration 15″.
  • Caster receives +25% damage from “Undead Slayers”.
  • Caster receives -25 fire resist.
  • Caster is damage when casting a spell consuming garlic (17-23 damage) and cannot drink garlic based (cure) potions.
  • Duration is permanent until death or a transformation spell is cast.

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edited by Petra Fyde July 2013. With thanks to Kelly O’Brian for corrections.

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