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Professions: The Archer
Archery FAQ, by Amidala
Updated April 2009 by Connor Graham
Skill Overview
Archery is influenced by:
  • Archery Skill – Adjusted skill level determines
    hit percentage
  • Tactics – Adjusts the damage of successful hits
    up to 150%
  • Anatomy – Adds a bonus of up to 20% damage at 100.0
  • Dexterity – Along with bow type, determines available
    stamina, which in turn determines rate of fire
  • Bow Type/Condition – Base Speed, Damage Increase and other bow qualities factor into the hit % and/or damage potential
Archery facts:
  • All bows are two-handed weapons
  • Ranged attack is limited to line-of-sight
  • You must be standing still to fire
  • You must have arrows (for bows) or bolts (for repeating crossbow/crossbow/heavy
    X-bow) in your pack or quiver and the appropriate bow type equipped
    to fire
  • Parry, or any Bushido spell requiring parry, does not work with archery
  • Use Best Weapon Skill bows no longer function

Note: Strength no longer
adds a bonus to Archery damage


Method to Gain
You will reach GM based on a few factors:
  • Shot Speed/number of successful hits
  • Difficulty of Target based on current skill level
  • Guaranteed Gain System (GGS)
A few tips for gain:
  • Combat foes in areas that give you room to move, and avenues
    of escape if needed
  • Raise stats first, low dexterity will mean longer time between
  • Use high hit chance percent jewelry. The more you successfully hit a target, the more chance you have to gain as gains are only calculated on successful hits.
  • ” Add Bushido to your template even if you don’t intend to keep it. The Bushido spell Lightning Strike provides 50% Hit Chance Increase along with increasing the amount of damage you can do
  • Use a repeating crossbow or magical shortbow, a bow with high swing speed increase, or both.
What, Where, &
When to Gain
What to shoot for Archery Gain?

Some are faster than others, generally, the bigger the risk,
the faster the rate of gain. Also, this typically means facing
High AR targets with plenty of hit points to survive your
endless rain of skill-gaining arrows/bolts.

A few player favorites are:

A great guide can be found in the Fame
& Karma Gain
section. As you ascend the scale of difficulty
for fame/karma gain, you generally can expect higher archery
gains as well.

Where can I GM Archery!

Here are some player favorites, for the “results-oriented”

When Should I Attempt tougher creatures to Maximize Skill

As with all skill, up to 80 the gains will be consistent
on anything, but a general guide is found below.

Archer Tips
  • Keep Stamina at full, by not over-weighting, and drinking
    Total Refresh potions or by casting Divine Fury (Chivalry spell)
  • Keep your weapons and armor fresh, in full-repair
  • Archers make great pack hunters, although some use them
    to good success in single-combat PvP
  • Always hunt while mounted (Armored Swamp Dragons are preferred for the 20% damage reduction they provide for their rider)
  • PvP: in groups if possible, stay together (but never block
    your team into a corner completely)
  • PvM: lure your targets, and always keep them at a distance
  • Measure shot time, and learn to walk/run in-between shots
    to maintain distance while sustaining fire
  • Always keep your quiver full, and check to be sure you’re carrying the right ammo for the bow(s) you’re planning to use

For more in-depth information consult the Player Essays or UO
Warrior Forum

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